Your villagers sure know how to partay.

Villagers also have birthdays and as mayor you’re expected to drop by on their birthdays and bring them gifts. Before a villager’s birthday, he/she will send you an invitation in the mail.

This chapter outlines each villager’s favourite style and colour so you know what gift to get for their big days!

**Villager** **Birthday** **Favourite Style** **Favourite Colour**
Agent S July 2 Sporty Black
Agnes April 21 Rock White
Al October 18 Safe Pink
Alfonso June 9 Safe Green
Alice August 19 Fancy Purple
Alli November 8 Gorgeous Blue
Amelia November 19 Gorgeous Red
Anabelle February 16 Fancy Green
Anchovy March 4 Crazy Colourful
Angus April 30 Rock Green
Anicotti February 24 Crazy Pink
Ankha September 22 Old Yellow
Annalisa February 6 Traditional Red
Annalise December 2 Formal Purple
Antonio October 20 Safe Aqua
**Villager** **Birthday** **Favourite Style** **Favourite Colour**
Apollo July 4 Rock White
Apple September 24 Fancy Red
Astrid September 8 Rock Grey
Aurora January 27 Formal Pink
Ava April 28 Formal Brown
Avery February 22 Traditional Brown
Axel March 23 Sporty Colourful
Baabara March 28 Gorgeous Brown
Bam November 7 Sporty Aqua
Bangle August 27 Gorgeous Orange
Barold March 2 Old Aqua
Beardo September 27 Formal Brown
Beau April 5 Safe Beige
Becky December 9 Gorgeous Purple
Bella December 28 Rock Black
**Villager** **Birthday** **Favourite Style** **Favourite Colour**
Benedict October 10 Old Yellow
Benjamin August 3 Old Beige
Bertha April 25 Traditional Grey
Bettina June 12 Formal White
Bianca December 13 Modern White
Biff March 29 Crazy Green
Big Top October 3 Safe Blue
Bill February 1 Sporty Green
Biskit May 13 Safe Orange
Blaire July 3 Formal Orange
Blanche December 21 Formal White
Bluebear June 24 Fancy Blue
Bob January 1 Crazy Colourful
Bonbon March 3 Fancy White
Bones August 4 Old Aqua
**Villager** **Birthday** **Favourite Style** **Favourite Colour**
Boomer February 7 Old Brown
Boone September 12 Traditional Colourful
Bree July 7 Formal White
Broccolo June 30 Crazy Colourful
Broffina October 24 Crazy Black
Bruce May 26 Rock Blue
Bubbles September 18 Sporty Orange
Buck April 4 Sporty Brown
Bud August 8 Sporty Colourful
Bunnie May 9 Fancy Pink
Butch November 1 Sporty Black
Cally September 4 Formal Green
Camofrog June 5 Rock Blue
Canberra May 14 Sporty Orange
Carmen January 6 Modern Brown
**Villager** **Birthday** **Favourite Style** **Favourite Colour**
Caroline July 15 Fancy Colourful
Celia March 25 Fancy Pink
Cesar September 6 Old Brown
Chadder December 15 Formal Yellow
Charlise April 17 Sporty Orange
Cheri March 17 Sporty Yellow
Cherry May 11 Rock Purple
Chester August 6 Safe Green
Chevre March 6 Fancy White
Chief December 19 Traditional Grey
Chops October 13 Gorgeous Grey
Chow July 22 Crazy Brown
Chrissy August 28 Fancy Pink
Claudia November 22 Gorgeous Purple
Clay October 19 Old Beige
**Villager** **Birthday** **Favourite Style** **Favourite Colour**
Clyde May 1 Crazy Colourful
Coach April 29 Sporty Red
Cobb October 7 Formal Grey
Coco March 1 Traditional Beige
Cole August 10 Modern Black
Colton May 22 Gorgeous Beige
Cookie June 18 Fancy Green
Cousteau December 17 Traditional Red
Cranston September 23 Modern Red
Croque July 18 Traditional Red
Cube January 29 Fancy Colourful
Curlos May 8 Rock Yellow
Curly July 26 Safe Red
Curt July 1 Traditional Brown
Cyrano March 9 Traditional Yellow
**Villager** **Birthday** **Favourite Style** **Favourite Colour**
Daisy November 16 Safe Brown
Deena June 27 Modern Grey
Deirdre May 4 Old Orange
Del May 27 Sporty Blue
Deli May 24 Traditional Purple
Derwin May 25 Formal Beige
Diana January 4 Traditional White
Diva October 2 Gorgeous Purple
Dizzy July 14 Safe Black
Doc March 16 Formal Aqua
Dora February 18 Traditional Purple
Dotty March 14 Modern Black
Drago February 12 Traditional Red
Drake June 25 Modern Brown
Drift October 9 Crazy Orange
**Villager** **Birthday** **Favourite Style** **Favourite Colour**
Ed September 16 Crazy Black
Egbert October 14 Old Red
Elise March 21 Formal Colourful
Elmer October 5 Safe Green
Eloise December 8 Formal Green
Elvis July 23 Gorgeous Grey
Erik July 27 Safe Aqua
Eugene October 26 Rock Black
Eunice April 3 Safe Black


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Animal Crossing: New Leaf sees you crowned mayor as a result of a bit of an accident. When you arrive, Isabelle the town clerk will reveal that you’ve been given the post and from there you can do whatever you please! Use your powers as the mayor to shape the town however you wish, whether this means building bridges, creating public works projects or laying down laws (or ordinances as they are known). With all this freedom, you could soon have the home and town of your dreams!

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