The roof and walls are amongst the most prominent features of your house.


These are located against the back wall of Nook’s Homes, next to the pavements.

**Name** **Price** **(Bells)** **Theme**
Astro Roof 5200 Stylish/Science/Hobby
Black Roof 5200 Horror
Black Shingle Roof 5200 Natural/Antique/Horror
Black Straw Roof 5200 Horror/Natural/Oriental
Black Tile Roof 5200 Oriental/Horror
Blue Roof 5200 Hobby
Blue Shingle Roof 5200 Natural/Antique
Brown Roof 5200 Oriental
Concrete Roof 5200 Stylish/Science/Hobby
Fairytale Roof 5200 Fairytale
Fuchsia Roof 5200 N/A
Golden Roof HRA reward Antique/Hobby
Grass Roof 5200 Oriental/Natural
Green Roof 5200 Hobby
Green Tile Roof 5200 Oriental
**Name** **Price** **(Bells)** **Theme**
Light Purple Roof 5200 Fairytale
Mermaid Roof 5200 Fairytale
Metal Roof 5200 Science/Horror
Mint Fairytale Roof 5200 Fairytale
Modern Black Roof 5200 Stylish/Science
Straw Thatched Roof 5200 Natural/Oriental
Pink Roof 5200 Fairytale
Purple Roof 5200 N/A
Purple Shingle Roof 5200 Natural/Antique
Ranch Roof 5200 Natural
Red Roof 5200 Oriental/Hobby
Shanty Roof 5200 Oriental/Antique/Horror
Simple Blue Roof 5200 Natural
Simple Green Roof 5200 Stylish/Science
Simple Grey Roof 5200 Stylish/Science
**Name** **Price** **(Bells)** **Theme**
Stone Roof 5200 N/A
Sweets Roof 5200 Fairytale
Uneven Stone Roof 5200 Oriental/Antique/Horror
White Roof 5200 N/A
Yellow Roof 5200 Hobby

Exterior Walls

These are located against the back wall of Nook’s Homes, second from the right hand side.

**Name** **Price** **(Bells)** **Theme**
Astro Exterior 5600 Stylish/Science/Hobby
Black Exterior 5600 Natural/Stylish/Horror
Blue Chalet Exterior 5600 Fairytale
Blue Exterior 5600 N/A
Brick Exterior 5600 Stylish
Brown Brick Exterior 5600 Antique/Stylish
Cabana Exterior 5600 Oriental/Natural
Cabin Exterior 5600 Natural
Chalet Exterior 5600 N/A
Cobblestone Exterior 5600 N/A
Concrete Exterior 5600 N/A
Cyan Exterior 5600 Oriental/Stylish
Earth Exterior 5600 Antique
Exotic Exterior 5600 Oriental
Fairytale Exterior 5600 Fairytale
**Name** **Price** **(Bells)** **Theme**
Fancy Exterior 5600 Fairytale
Garden Exterior 5600 Fairytale
Golden Exterior HRA reward Antique/Stylish/Hobby
Kiddie Exterior 5600 Oriental
Melon Exterior 5600 Fairytale/Hobby
Mermaid Exterior 5600 Fairytale
Orange Exterior 5600 Oriental/Stylish
Pink Exterior 5600 Stylish/Fairytale
Red Barn Exterior 5600 N/A
Regal Exterior 5600 Antique/Fairytale
Rock Exterior 5600 Antique/Horror
Rock and Earth Exterior 5600 Horror
Shanty Exterior 5600 Science/Horror
Simple Exterior 5600 Stylish/Science
Stone Exterior 5600 Stylish/Science
**Name** **Price** **(Bells)** **Theme**
Stucco Exterior 5600 N/A
Sweets Exterior 5600 Fairytale
Vertical Plank Exterior 5600 Oriental/Natural
White Brick Exterior 5600 Stylish
White Exterior 5600 Natural/Antique
Wooden Frame Exterior 5600 Natural/Antique
Yellow Exterior 5600 Oriental/Natural
Zen Exterior 5600 Oriental


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