The following furniture can be purchased from the Nookling’s store in Main Street, obtained from your villagers or by shaking trees in town.

**Furniture** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Mahjong Table Hobby, Oriental Rock 4200
Makeup Case Fairytale Fancy 1200
Mama Bear Fairytale, Hobby Fancy 1600
Mama Panda Fairytale, Hobby, Oriental Fancy 960
Manhole Cover None Rock 1000
Marshmallow Chair Fairytale Fancy 1200
Massage Chair Science Old 2400
Medicine Chest Horror, Science Crazy 2280
Men’s Toilet None Safe 1600
Merry-Go-Round Fairytale, Hobby Fancy 640
Metal Guitar Stylish Rock 1800
**Furniture** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Metronome None Safe 1000
Mic Stand None Rock 1800
Microscope Science Safe 1600
Microwave Science Safe 2300
Milk Can None Safe 980
Milk Case Oriental, Science Old 1800
Mini Circuit Hobby Sporty 1600
Mini Dharma Oriental Fancy 800
Mini Lamp Science Safe 1280
Minimalist Bed Stylish Safe 1000
Minimalist Chair Stylish Safe 2000
Minimalist Clock Stylish Safe 3500
Minimalist Dresser Stylish Safe 2500
Minimalist Lamp Stylish Safe 1000
Minimalist Minitable Stylish Safe 2500
**Furniture** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Minimalist Ottoman Stylish Safe 1500
Minimalist Sofa Stylish Safe 1500
Minimalist Table Stylish Safe 2000
Minimalist Vanity Stylish Safe 3000
Minimalist Wardrobe Stylish Safe 3000
Mixer None Traditional 1000
Mobile Hobby Fancy 1200
Mochi Pestle Oriental Traditional 1400
Modern Bed Stylish Modern 2320
Modern Cabinet Stylish Modern 2580
Modern Chair Stylish Modern 1500
Modern Desk Stylish Modern 2480
Modern Dresser Stylish Modern 2250
Modern End Table Stylish Modern 1900
Modern Lamp Stylish Modern 1400
**Furniture** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Modern Sofa Stylish Modern 2620
Modern Table Stylish Modern 1800
Modern Wall Clock Stylish Modern 2000
Modern Wardrobe Stylish Modern 2560
Modern Wood Bed Natural Fancy 1680
Modern Wood Chair Natural Fancy 1200
Modern Wood Chest Natural Fancy 1480
Modern Wood Clock Natural Fancy 1400
Modern Wood Closet Natural Fancy 1600
Modern Wood Lamp Natural Fancy 1680
Modern Wood Shelf Natural Fancy 1840
Modern Wood Sofa Natural Fancy 1600
Modern Wood Stool Natural Fancy 1480
Modern Wood Table Natural Fancy 1980
Modern Wood TV Natural Fancy 1800
**Furniture** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Mop None Formal 900
Mountain Bike None Sporty 3380
Mountain Standee None Fancy 1200
Mr. Flamingo None Fancy 1530
Mrs. Flamingo None Fancy 1530
Music Stand None Safe 1280
Neon Sign Hobby Crazy 2400
Neutral Corner None Sporty 5500
Ninja Sword Antique, Horror, Oriental Traditional 9600
Odd Clock Antique, Oriental Old 1800
Office Chair None Formal 1100
Office Desk None Formal 1600
Office Locker None Formal 1200
Ogre Mask Antique, Horror, Oriental Traditional 1600
Oil Barrel None Rock 800
**Furniture** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Oil Lamp Horror, Science Formal 680
Old Sewing Machine None Old 1350
Orange Cone None Rock 600
Outdoor Bath Oriental Traditional 4900
Oval Clock None Traditional 800
Owl Clock Fairytale Old 1300
Painting Set Hobby Fancy 680
Pantheon Post Antique, Horror Old 3600
Papa Bear Fairytale, Hobby Fancy 2200
Papa Panda Fairytale, Hobby, Oriental Fancy 1920
Paper Lantern Horror, Oriental Old 800
Paper Tiger Oriental Traditional 680
Paper Wall Lamp Horror, Oriental Old 800
Partition Screen Stylish Traditional 1600
Patchwork Chair Fairytale Fancy 1600
**Furniture** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Patchwork Dresser Fairytale Fancy 1800
Patchwork Lamp Fairytale Fancy 1480
Patchwork Sofa Fairytale Fancy 1800
Patchwork Table Fairytale Fancy 2000
Paulownia Closet Natural, Oriental Old 1300
Pawn Hobby Modern 1100
Peacock Chair None Gorgeous 3600
Pear Dresser Natural Fancy 1600
Pear Wardrobe Natural Fancy 1400
Pendulum Clock Antique Safe 1600
Pepper Mill None Safe 800
Phone Box None Traditional 2400
Phonograph Antique Old 1840
Pickle Jar None Safe 800
Picnic Table None Fancy 1390
**Furniture** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Pinball Machine Hobby Rock 1960
Pine Chair Natural Fancy 1800
Pine Table Natural Fancy 2280
Pineapple Bed Natural Fancy 1990
Pink Velvet Stool None Modern 1400
Pipe Organ None Traditional 3600
Pipe Stool Science Safe 1000
Polka-Dot Bed Stylish Fancy 2400
Polka-Dot Chair Stylish Fancy 2400
Polka-Dot Clock Stylish Fancy 2400
Polka-Dot Closet Stylish Fancy 2400
Polka-Dot Dresser Stylish Fancy 2400
Polka-Dot Lamp Stylish Fancy 2400
Polka-Dot Low Table Stylish Fancy 2400
Polka-Dot Sofa Stylish Fancy 2400
**Furniture** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Polka-Dot Stool Stylish Fancy 2400
Polka-Dot Table Stylish Fancy 2400
Polka-Dot TV Stylish Fancy 2400
Pop-up Book Hobby Fancy 1000
Popcorn Machine Hobby Fancy 3200
Portable Toilet None Crazy 2000
Pot Rack None Safe 980
Potbelly Stove None Old 2000
Potted Ivy Natural Safe 800
Potty None Safe 1200
Pyramid Antique, Horror Old 3800
Raccoon Figurine Oriental Fancy 2000
Radiator Science Safe 2380
Ranch Armchair Natural Safe 2000
Ranch Bed Natural Safe 2300
**Furniture** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Ranch Bookcase Natural Safe 2000
Ranch Chair Natural Safe 1400
Ranch Couch Natural Safe 2400
Ranch Dresser Natural Safe 2720
Ranch Hutch Natural Safe 2560
Ranch Table Natural Safe 1700
Ranch Tea Table Natural Safe 1800
Ranch Wall Rack Natural Safe 2400
Ranch Wardrobe Natural Safe 3050
Range Science Old 1800
Raven Pole Natural Traditional 1400
Record Player None Old 1400
Red Corner None Sporty 6800
Red Vase Antique, Oriental Old 2450
Reel-to-Reel Science Old 2000
**Furniture** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Refrigerator Science Safe 1200
Regal Armoire Antique, Fairytale Gorgeous 3820
Regal Bed Antique, Fairytale Gorgeous 3120
Regal Bookcase Antique, Fairytale Gorgeous 3120
Regal Chair Antique, Fairytale Gorgeous 2100
Regal Clock Antique, Fairytale Gorgeous 3360
Regal Dresser Antique, Fairytale Gorgeous 3520
Regal Lamp Antique, Fairytale Gorgeous 2400
Regal Sofa Antique, Fairytale Gorgeous 3100
Regal Table Antique, Fairytale Gorgeous 2540
Regal Vanity Antique, Fairytale Gorgeous 3200
Regal Wall Lamp Antique, Fairytale Gorgeous 3600
Retro Fridge Antique Old 2300
Retro Stereo Antique Old 5500
Retro TV Antique Old 1600
**Furniture** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Reversi Piece Hobby Traditional 1200
Revolving Spice Rack None Safe 800
Rice Cooker None Modern 2000
Right Platform Science Formal 1600
Righty Desk None Safe 1240
Ringside Table None Sporty 1320
Robo-Bed Hobby, Science Rock 2000
Robo-Chair Hobby, Science Rock 1600
Robo-Clock Hobby, Science Rock 1400
Robo-Closet Hobby, Science Rock 2400
Robo-Dresser Hobby, Science Rock 2560
Robo-Lamp Hobby, Science Rock 1800
Robo-Sofa Hobby, Science Rock 2000
Robo-Stereo Hobby, Science Rock 2200
Robo-Table Hobby, Science Rock 2200
**Furniture** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Robo-TV Hobby, Science Rock 2360
Robo-Wall Clock Hobby, Science Rock 2000
Rock Guitar Stylish Rock 1800
Rocket Hobby, Science Crazy 2400
Rocking Chair Natural Old 1400
Rocking Horse Fairytale, Hobby, Natural Fancy 600
Rook Hobby Modern 2800
Round Clock None Safe 960


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