When you start the game, the best way to make money is to collect shells from the beach, shake objects from trees, catch bugs with your net and fish with your rod.

You can purchase the net and rod from Timmy and Tommy’s store in Main Street. Simply sell your findings to Reese in Re-Tail to rake in the profit.

You can also sell extra fossils you have once you’ve had them assessed by Blathers. Once you’ve spent some more time in your town, you’ll be able to make money using other, more fruitful, methods.

Slowly… slowly…


Not only do some trees bear fruit (which we’ll discuss in depth in the next page), some randomly drop money or release a beehive, which can be sold for bells.

The best way to catch bees is to run north from the hive once it falls and open your inventory with Y. This will freeze the game giving you a chance to equip the net which will also turn your character to face the bees.

As soon as the bees appear on screen, hit A to catch the bees. Remember to pick up the hive as well to maximise your earning potential.

If you didn’t manage to catch the bees and were stung instead you can remove the sting in two ways. Firstly you can use the medicine you can buy from Timmy and Tommy’s shop or you can save, quit and reload the game.


When catching bugs you can hold down A to prep your net and creep up to your target. Once you’re in close proximity, let go of A to drop the net down and hopefully over your precious insect. This will stop some of the more sensitive bugs from running away.

For the super-sensitive bugs, like giant stags, as well as holding down A, we recommend nudging the circle pad slightly out and not all the way out, as this will reduce your walking speed further and allow you to approach the bugs without scaring them away.


When fishing use A to cast your line just in front of the head of the fish. After a moment the fish will either touch the line or bite, dragging the line down.

When the fish bites, that’s your cue to hit A to reel it in! If you reel in before the fish bites, you may lose the fish instead. Fish will teasingly touch the line up to 4 times before biting, so watch your itchy trigger finger!

Reel in too late and you’ll end losing the fish too, so a lot of concentration is needed. Our tip is to increase the speaker volume until it’s loud, then close your eyes and listen for the sound of the fish biting instead.

When you hear the “dunk” sound, press A as soon as you can to reel in your prize. This method helps greatly for catching sharks and other tough-to-catch fish.

Deep Sea Diving

To go deep sea diving you’ll need to buy a wet suit from Tortimer’s Island using medals you win from tours. Use the A button to jump into the water and Y to dive underwater.

While in the water head towards the shadows and dive to catch sea creatures. Your character will automatically catch the creature if you dive into the shadow at the right time.

Beware that if a sea creature reaches the shoreline or the edge of town, you’ll lose them. Also, if you take too long to catch them, they can leave the water too.


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