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Demon's Wake Scosglen Dungeon

In-Game Description

The keep still burns in the wake of Lilith’s attack.


  • Destroy the Idol of the Shaman x2
  • Travel to the Ravaged Barracks
  • Slay all enemies in the Ravaged Barracks
  • Slay the east


The dungeon entrance areas has a small square area, with plenty of trash to kill. It also has two Idol of the Shaman Elites to beat as part of the objective before you can continue. Engaging these Idols will spawn additional elites as well.

Once the square area is deal with, you can unlock the door, descent the ramp and enter the final main area. This area has lots of packs you can bring into another pack, and beat two birds with one stone. Moreso, there’s typically an elite every three or four packs, with others spawning as part of guarded chests, or in packs themselves. There’s also Shrine events you can do too. The room is also a large rectangle, making it easy to find and scoop mobs up too.

To complete this dungeon, we highly recommend using a Flask of Demon Slaying, as it offers more damage against the "Fallen" iconFallen type foes, which occupy like 90% of the mob count in this dungeon.


"Fallen Shaman" iconFallen Shaman Fallen
"Burning Dead" iconBurning Dead Skeletons

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 10754 Y: 7030
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