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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Cactuar Caper Minigame Guide - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Jarrod Garripoli

You will unlock a myriad of minigames in Chapter 6 of Final Fantasy Rebirth, upon visiting Costa del Sol in the main story. After getting the swimwear for Cloud, you will be in control of Tifa and Aerith, who will also need some swimsuits. One of the minigames you will be able to play to get a Companion Card is Cactuar Caper. It will involve finding four Del Sol Cactuars hidden around the town, using the camera given to you. This page will detail all four locations of the Del Sol Cactuars and how to photograph them.

Cactuar Caper is one of the minigames you will be able to play in Costa del Sol.

Where to Find the Del Sol Cactuars for Cactuar Caper

As mentioned above, when you gain control of just Aerith and Tifa in Costa del Sol, you will need to procure some swimsuits for them. You will need to get Companion Cards from participating in minigames, with one of those being Cactuar Caper. You can start this minigame on the eastern side of the town, on the level right above the Card Carnival. You will see a familiar face there, the Shinra Middle Manager, and he will be a part of the minigame, too.

The goal of the minigame is to find the four Del Sol Cactuars hidden around town. They are basically like stickers found on walls and other fixtures. You will receive a camera, which you can press with the Up button on the D-Pad. You also have a basic map of the town that shows the relative locations of all four Cactuars, so you’ll need to cross-reference this with the normal map. Once you’ve found a Cactuar, frame it so the reticle is green, as that is when the picture will count.

(1 of 3) You will get a map of their rough locations to help.

If you are having trouble finding the Cactuars, you will always find the Shinra Middle Manager near each one, so look for him. Also, you will know you’re in the correct spot, as a camera icon will appear at the top of the screen. Should you see that icon disappear, then you’ve gone too far.

Del Sol Cactuar 1 Location

The first Cactuar on this list will be found on the docks right behind the person who gave you this minigame. This is the same dock where the Card Carnival is located. There will be two piers here, one of which is at a higher elevation than the other. Go to the end of that one and look at the rocks for the Cactuar.

(1 of 5) The location of the first Cactuar on the map.

Del Sol Cactuar 2 Location

For the second one, head south from where you got the minigame, past the noticeboard. Not too far past there, you should see a small ramp that puts you on the wall and eventually an upper section of the town, by the main bridge that you can pass under to leave town. Look for the large barrel that has “Costa del Sol” on it and go behind it. There are three fire hydrants back here and the Cactuar will be on the side of the southernmost one.

Del Sol Cactuar 3 Location

To find the third Cactuar, go to the Run Wild minigame location. Just a little south of that, you should see a rock formation and if you look at it, the Cactuar will be on the rocks. You might need to stand back to get a good shot of it, for it to count.

(1 of 4) The location of the third Cactuar on the map.

Del Sol Cactuar 4 Location

The final Cactuar can be found towards the northern side of Costa del Sol. The place where you head to the beach has a large sign on top of it, with Surf & Suntan written on it. Stand back a little and look at that sign to spot the Cactuar on the left side of it.

Upon snapping photographs of all four hidden Cactuars, report back to the lady who gave you the minigame to receive a Companion Card for Aerith. You can exchange this for a swimsuit, one of which is needed to progress the main story in Chapter 6.

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