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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

All Grasslands Active Intel Locations

Jessica Dillon

In order to easily find points of interest, you will need to unlock the Active Intel points in each area. These are Renmawave Towers that extend into the sky and generally have smaller enemies guarding them. The guide below goes over where to find all the Renmawave Towers in the first open area of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the "Grasslands" iconGrasslands.

You can activate a tower in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth by finding its switch.

Grassland Active Intel Renmawave Towers

Intel Towers are located around the open maps of Final Fantasy VII, which you can activate to gain more intel in the area. These will show you where new points of interest are located so that you won’t be stuck wandering around the large maps with no direction. The towers are easy to see from a distance, thanks to their large size. There are six Renmawave Towers in the Grasslands, all of which can be quickly assessed with the help of your Chocobo.

Some activation points for towers are located at the base, while others will be near the middle or top. Each tower is guarded by some weaker enemies, such as wolves, but in the Grasslands, it shouldn’t take much to clear them out. Make sure to climb to the top of each tower and smash the boxes there to get some extra items.

Active Intel Remnawave Tower #1

After recovering Piko the Chocobo, you will meet with Chadley. He will take you to the first Remnawave Tower next to Bill’s Chocobo Farm. Here, you will be given a device that activates the tower. All you need to do is plug it in, and Chadley will explain more about intel in detail. If you’re looking for more information on the different types of intel, check out our helpful guide here.

(1 of 2) Bill’s Farm tower.

Bill’s Farm tower. (left), Bill’s Farm tower map location. (right)

Active Intel Remnawave Tower #2

The second tower is the Eastern Seaboard Tower. It’s east of Bill’s Farm. The tower is right off the main road, so it will be easy to access.

(1 of 2) Eastern Seaboard Tower.

Eastern Seaboard Tower. (left), Eastern Seaboard Tower Map Location. (right)

Active Intel Remnawave Tower #3

The third tower is the Swamp Lands Tower. It’s located southeast of Bill’s Farm near the edge of the Grasslands. This is another easy-to-reach tower that you can see from afar.

(1 of 2) Swamp Tower.

Swamp Tower. (left), Swamp Tower Location. (right)

Active Intel Remnawave Tower #4

The fourth Remnawave Tower is northeast of Bill’s Farm. This is the Plains Tower and is across a small river.

(1 of 2) River Tower.

River Tower. (left), River Tower Location. (right)

Active Intel Remnawave Tower #5

This next tower is up north, right beside the city of "Kalm" iconKalm. It’s on the east side of the city, and you will need to follow some old steps and go around a mountain path. This tower is tucked up near the map limits, so it’s easier to miss.

(1 of 2) Kalm Tower.

Kalm Tower. (left), Kalm Tower location. (right)

Active Intel Remnawave Tower #6

The final tower is the Wastelands Tower. This is southeast of Kalm in a desolate area.

(1 of 2) Wastelands Tower.

Wastelands Tower. (left), Wastelands Tower Location. (right)

Once you have all the towers unlocked, you should be able to locate a majority of the other intel locations in the Grasslands.

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