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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Teach Me, Great Warrior Quest Guide

Jarrod Garripoli

After cleaning up the Gongaga Reactor events in Chapter 9 of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, your next destination will be "Cosmo Canyon" iconCosmo Canyon. This will also unlock a few quests in Gongaga, one of which is Teach Me, Great Warrior. This quest will ask you to help train a member of the youth coalition.

Sotetsu wants you to help him train to become stronger.

Teach Me, Great Warrior Location

As briefly mentioned above, you will need to wait until the end of Chapter 9 to be able to start this quest. Once you return to Gongaga after doing the events at the reactor there, two new quests will become available. For this one, head to the southern gate and exit from there. As soon as you see the path leading up to another gate, take it and stop when it begins heading southward. If you look at your enlarged map, the normal path out of the southern gate goes underneath an arch.

That arch is actually the little cliff where you’ll find the youth coalition member. Go on top of the arch and you will see the member at the end of it, so speak to him to begin the quest. He introduces himself as Sotetsu and wants you to help make him into a better warrior. Yuffie, with her hunger for materia, decides to help out the youth coalition member.

Yuffie’s First Lesson

The basic premise to this quest is to simply help with the lessons at each spot. There will objectives to fulfill for each lesson, which you must complete in order to carry on with the quest. If you fail, then you have the option to retry by holding down the Triangle button. All of the lessons will have you make sure that Sotetsu doesn’t fall in battle, which is the utmost importance.

(1 of 2) Each of the lessons will have some objectives you will need to fulfill.

Each of the lessons will have some objectives you will need to fulfill. (left), You can easily pressure the Frightflower by using Fire on it. (right)

For the first lesson, you will be facing off against some "Amphidex" iconAmphidexes and a "Frightflower" iconFrightflower. The objectives are to let Sotetsu strike enemies three times, and pressure an enemy. The first thing you should do is allow Sotetsu to hit enemies three times, since you want to make sure the enemies don’t get defeated too quickly. You can also quickly use a fire-based attack on the Frightflower, since that will pressure it (and fulfill that objective).

Yuffie’s Second Lesson

The second lesson will pit you against some Amphidexes and two "Gagighandi" iconGagighandis. The frogs are more annoying than anything and considering they die quick, it’s best to just get rid of them. Your objectives here are to stagger an enemy and pressure enemies twice. What you want to do is wait until the Gagighandis use their Ambush, then perform a "Focused Thrust" iconFocused Thrust with Cloud. If done right, the move should be powerful enough to instantly pressure them. If it doesn’t also stagger them, build up ATB to quickly perform another one.

(1 of 4) Use something like Braver when the Gagighandis are using Ambush.

Yuffie’s Third Lesson

The third lesson might be the hardest one, since you will be facing two "Chimera Mimic" iconChimera Mimics and two "Grandhorn" iconGrandhorns. Not only do you have to stagger enemies twice, but you will also need to defeat all four enemies within the two-minute time limit. Of the enemies in this battle, the "Chimera" iconChimera Mimics are probably the easiest to stagger, since you don’t need to worry about anything but just attacking them with strong abilities. Preferably, you will build up your ATB on the Grandhorns, then use Focused Thrust on the Mimics.

As for the Grandhorns, attack them until they start guarding, which is your opportunity to unleash strong attacks on them. Doing this should pressure them, which is then your cue to use stagger-building abilities on them. If you fail to stagger the Mimics, then you can try to utilize similar tacts on the Grandhorns. There is one more lesson to be taught to wrap up this quest.

Yuffie’s Final Lesson

At the final spot, you will be facing off against two "Mastodon" iconMastodons, which are a variation of an enemy you’ve fought before, the "Elphadunk" iconElphadunk. The only objective for this lesson is to simply keep Sotetsu alive. Thus, you want to try and keep the enemies away from him at all times. You can use fire-based attacks to draw their ire, but they won’t get pressured like this, unlike their counterparts. Instead, you need to wait until they are resting and once they are, that is when you unleash your abilities for pressuring and staggering.

(1 of 3) Use Fire on the Mastodons to draw their attention to you.

It’s probably best to concentrate on one Mastodon at a time, so you limit the potential for disaster. If you see that Sotetsu’s health is going down, then try to rescue him and draw the attention of the enemy away from him. After defeating both enemies here, you can return to Gongaga to finish up the quest.

Teach Me, Great Warrior Rewards

As with most of the quests in the game, you will receive Party EXP, as well as experience for your characters. Additionally, you will improve your relationship with Yuffie for completing the quest. The tangible item you will receive here is the Secrets of the Ninja Vol. IV, which grants 10 SP for Yuffie. Lastly, you will unlock The Spice of Life quest back in Gongaga.

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