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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Exploring the Gold Saucer

Shane Williams

You’ll adventure through The "Gold Saucer" iconGold Saucer in Chapter 8 of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and you’ll be able to take some much needed rest until Barrett causes some problems for the group. On this page, we’ll provide you with the necessary tips to acquire Sylkis Greens and win the Chocobo Race.

Yuffie is enjoying her time at the Gold Saucer.

Gilded Paradise

Once you’ve managed to work your way through Mount Corel you’ll find yourself at the Gold Saucer. Follow the path around until you reach the welcome area, then you’ll find yourself going against Dio in a match of "3D Brawler" icon3D Brawler. To beat him, all you need to do is dodge his attacks by pushing the analog sticks in the directions of his attacks and then press the triggers to attack back when he has an opening. After the battle has come to a close, head further into the Gold Saucer and follow Barrett to the Haunted Hotel.

(1 of 2) Watch Dio’s movements to judge if you should attack

Watch Dio’s movements to judge if you should attack (left), or dodge. (right)

Aerith’s Bedroom

Interact with the bell and then head up to the Tonberry Suite via the elevator and hop into bed to trigger a flashback segment. Here you’ll find yourself temporally in control of Zack so interact with the materia on the stall, Aerith, and the bookshelf, then exit the room and make your way downstairs to trigger a cutscene. Cloud will now be woken up by someone knocking at the door, so open it up and the character with the highest affinity will invite you to see what the Gold Saucer has to offer.

Paint the Town Red

Its now time to see what minigames are on offer, so you’ll want to visit to the Chocobo Square, Skywheel Square, and Battle Square. The first stop on your tour is the Chocobo Square and this is home to the Chocobo Racing Minigame. If you’re looking for tips on how to win the races, then check out our Chocobo Racing: Grade III Races page, just be aware that you’ll need to wait until later in the game before you get access to it. You’ll now want to visit The Skywheel Square, but you don’t have any minigames this time around.

Meet Your Mount

Next up, you’ll want to go over to the Battle Square and enter the Musclehead Colosseum to investigate the crime scene, then follow "Cait Sith" iconCait Sith to the Dustbowl. From here, follow the path around and you’ll be ambushed and taken down to the Solemnitude Manor. Be sure to open the Chest the following morning for a new weapon for Cloud and then you’ll be brought to Piko who is unfortunately injured and is in dire need of some chocobo feed to get back on her feet. You can acquire these by participating in various activities around the Dustbowl.

Queens Blood

You can acquire some Sylkis Greens via beating three opponents at Queens Blood in the Corel Prison. These players shouldn’t cause you too much of a problem if you use our Best Early Queen’s Blood Cards guide.

Desert Rush

The "Desert Rush" iconDesert Rush Minigame can be found on the western side of Corel Prison and will also offer you some Sylkis Greens. The main goal of this minigame is to break boxes with Cloud to score points, but this can be difficult if you don’t know the optimal route. If you’re having trouble getting the top score, then check out our Desert Rush Minigame Guide . Be aware that there’s also a new weapon for Tifa on offer here.

(1 of 2) Win Queens Blood

Win Queens Blood (left), and beat the Desert Rush minigame to earn some sylkis greens. (right)

The Bartenders Untended Garden

Head over to the bar in the Corel Prison area and speak with the Bartender to acquire the "Cliffside Key" iconCliffside Key. Use this key to unlock the gate at the northernmost point of this area and then you’ll need to chase the "Cactuar" iconCactuar to its lair. Take them all down using AoE attacks to retrieve the Sylkis Greens.


Head down the path opposite the bar and you’ll notice some suspicious men and then slowly walk down the path and they’ll ambush you when you reach a dead end. Clear them out by using attacks like Triple Slash or "Fire" iconFire Spells and then you’ll be rewarded with some Sylkis Greens.

Swindling Seminar

Crawl through a small passage on the eastern side of the Dustbowl to find an NPC that will offer you Sylkis Greens, if you can tell which of the five NPCs near him is telling the truth. Check out our Swindling Seminar Guide for the correct answers.

Beast Battleground

You’ll find a ladder in the bottom right corner of the Swindling Seminar area which leads to the Beast Battleground. Winning all three matches will reward you with a Sylkis Greens. Check out our Beast Battleground Guide for tips!

Chocobo Racing

Once Piko is rejuvenated, speak with Garth and then follow Esther to the Jockey Lounge. We recommend making use of the Racing Simulator to get used to the minigame before participating in the race. For this, you’ll want to equip the Shinra Avian Helmet, Merc Overall Breastplate and any choice of legs for the best overall setup. Winning the race itself shouldn’t be overly difficult as long as you make sure you have 10 speed on you at all times and you save the speed burst for shortcuts. Finally, climb down the ladder after the race and follow the path along until you reach southern corel.

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