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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

O Chicken, Where Art Thou Quest Guide

Jarrod Garripoli

You will run into a number of different side quests in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, some of which are a little unusual. In Chapter 9 of the main story, you will visit Gongaga and investigate the appearance of Whispers at the reactor. After completing it, you will have a number of new side quests in Gongaga itself, including the O Chicken, Where Art Thou one. This page will give you tips on how to successfully complete this quest.

Kazhra wants you to help her track down her chickens, who have escaped.

O Chicken, Where Art Thou Location

As mentioned above, you will need to complete all of the events at the Gongaga Reactor in Chapter 9 before this becomes available. Once you have, you’ll return to Gongaga and the next course of action is to find your way to "Cosmo Canyon" iconCosmo Canyon. Upon regaining control, go towards the chicken coop in the middle of the village to find Kazhra, who needs your help in finding her lost chickens.

All of the noises that happened from the reactor have spooked her chickens and they ran off. Ever so worried about them, she decides to enlist your help in bringing them back to her. She will hand over a red can that she mentions her chickens love the sound of, so you will be able to lure them with that.

Luring the Chickens

Thankfully, you won’t need to hunt down the chickens themselves, as "Red XIII" iconRed XIII will lead you to each of them. You will be using the can given to you to bring them back, with the game giving you a brief tutorial.

(1 of 3) Your mission is to use the feed clanger to lure each chicken back to Kazhra.

First Chicken

The first chicken will be pretty close to the pens and is the easiest of the bunch to get. When you are in the vicinity of the chicken, you toss out the clanger by pressing up on the D-Pad. The goal here is to make sure the chicken doesn’t reach the clanger. If they get too close, then you can press L2 to yank it back out of the bird’s reach. Otherwise, as you move backwards, the clanger will move with you. There is nothing special about the first chicken, so move straight back until the lady retrieves the animal.

Second Chicken

When you get to the second chicken, a new mechanic will be added to the mix. Sometimes, you will see a question mark appear, which indicates the chicken is distracted. If this happens, you need to stop moving and just wait until the symbol changes back into an exclamation point. Other than this, the same strategy you used with the previous chicken will work with this one.

(1 of 3) The second chicken onwards will get distracted, so stop moving at all until they stop.

Third Chicken

The third chicken will introduce one more little gimmick, which will occur whenever you see a red bubble appear above the chicken. When you see this, that means the chicken will charge straight at the clanger, so you will need to use L2 to yank it before the bird just gets to it. Of course, this chicken will also do the distracted thing, similar to the second one, so be aware of that. This will make things a little more complicated, since you need to watch the bubble above the chicken’s head carefully, so you can adapt to what you have to do.

Fourth Chicken

The last chicken will be a good ways away from the village, as Red points out. Follow him all the way to the spot, where you will finally find Pippily. This feels like it will be really annoying, as the location is far from the village. As you get the chicken a little bit away from its initial position, you should notice a fiend shows up. The "Levridon" iconLevridon is like a miniboss, but it shouldn’t be all too challenging.

It is weak to ice, so make sure you have access to those attacks. Be aware of its leaping attacks and dodge/block accordingly. At some point, it will use Amp up, which will increase its movement, so you will want to be careful in not wasting precious MP, only to have the creature dodge. Eventually, it will use Electric Discharge, which is a fairly strong move that hits in a big enough area. It can be blocked, but it’s better to back away and avoid it altogether.

(1 of 3) The Levridon’s leaping attacks can sometimes be difficult to dodge.

Staggering the Levridon will remove the charge, so it might be a good idea to try and do that. Once you’ve defeated the enemy, Red will speak with the chicken and tell you it’s going home on its own. Return to Kazhra in the village to finish the quest and receive your rewards.

O Chicken, Where Art Thou Rewards

For completing this quest, you will receive the usual experience for your characters, as well as Party EXP. In addition to this, your relationship with Red XIII will change and you’ll also bag a Lucky Amulet.

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