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In Lockstep

Bypass the delta-level security lock in Mako Reactor 5.

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Game: Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade
Type: Bronze
Rarity: % (Ultra Rare)
Tags: Puzzle

Near the end of Chapter 7 you’ll find a door you have to bypass by synchronously pulling levers. Once such pull is enough to allow you to continue on, but if you want access to the vault (and this trophy) you’ll need to do this several times. Tifa will count down (and automatically pull) the levers she’s standing in front of, leaving you to move the analog sticks up or down (as indicated on-screen) to cause Barret and Cloud to move their levers in the right direction and in time with Tifa. There’s no penalty for failure, so you don’t really need to be competent here, just persistent. We had more luck putting the controller down on a table to move the analogs, as the game seems pretty picky about the direction as much as the timing. Manage to get into the vault and you’ll get this trophy, not to mention some Magic Up Materia and other goodies depending on choices you made earlier in the chapter.

Pull some levers synchronously to open the way forward - and perhaps to some treasure.


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