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How to Get a Girlfriend

Jarrod Garripoli

Girlfriends are special NPCs which CJ can date, with there being a total of six of them throughout your adventure. Two of the six will be met during missions, while the other four have to be found while exploring the game’s world. Three of the four can be found once you unlock San Fierro, while the final of the four will have to wait until you unlock Las Venturas. Of course, just like in real life, each of the women have different tastes, so they aren’t all going to like just any CJ. Some prefer CJ being a little fat, while another might like him to be quite muscular.

Dating a Girlfriend

Once you’ve established a base with a Girlfriend, you can begin going on dates with them. The Girlfriends are only available during a specific timeframe, so they won’t always be at home. Note that you will also need to keep up your appearances during dating her, since they can deny your date if you happen to get out of the appearance range. To get back on track, you can usually go on three different kinds of dates with a Girlfriend - food date, dance date, and a driving date. As you might expect, all of the women have their own preferences for all three kinds of dates.

Upon a successful date, your progress with a Girlfriend will increase. Whenever your progress with a Girlfriend reaches a certain point, they may ask you to come into their place for “coffee.” Continue doing this until your progress hits around 35-50%, depending on the woman, which is when they will give you access to their vehicle. Once your progress reaches the max it can, you will be given a unique outfit. In addition to the normal dates above, each of the women have a special date, which will fall outside of the norm. For example, Denise will want to do some drive-bys on rival gangs as her special date.

You will be required to maintain your relationship with a Girlfriend, as if you don’t go on dates with them often enough, your progress with them will decrease. However, there is one caveat to this, as if you are outside of the Girlfriend’s general area, then you don’t have to worry about your progress decreasing. For example, if you are not in Los Santos, then your status with Denise will remain stable and not decrease. If you return to the general area, though, the progress with them will continue as before.

Jealous Girlfriends

If you happen to be seeing more than one Girlfriend, you may run into a scenario where another one will get jealous. This jealousy scene will only happen when you are bringing back a Girlfriend after a successful date. You will see a short scene that says there is a jealous girlfriend, then she will pursue you and your date. If you happen to get too close to the jealous Girlfriend, then another scene will play out, resulting in the date being over. You will then lose progress with the jealous Girlfriend. Should you not get too close, you have an opportunity to evade the jealous Girlfriend.

There are certain criteria that have to happen before a jealous Girlfriend will appear. If none of them happen, then they will not appear at all. The criteria is as follows:

  • Must not go on a date with any Girlfriends until he has more than one
  • Must not evade any Girlfriends to where they despawn
  • Must not get caught by any jealous Girlfriends


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