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Just Business

Jarrod Garripoli

Just Business is the final mission for Big Smoke’s line of missions and it can be a frustrating one, since they throw a lot of enemies at you and you’re not used to that yet. Smoke has another errand to run, with this one “being for the homies” this time, instead of another cop one. He does mention that some heavy stuff is about to go down, which is fair considering the number of enemies present in this mission. Drive to the blip on your radar and park in the red marker for a little scene before things get started. Once you’re inside the building, you will see a lot of Russians firing at you.

(1 of 2) Continue hiding behind the planter to take out the Russians in the first room

Continue hiding behind the planter to take out the Russians in the first room (left), There is some armor opposite the entrance, should you need it (right)

You start out crouched behind a barrier, so you should stay there and pick off the targets you can see right away. You shouldn’t really need anything more than the normal lock-on, although some enemies may be behind some cover. The game will likely say something about using the manual aim here with the enemies behind cover, although you should be more than fine just changing locations to get a better shot at them. Once you’ve cleared the room, you can meet up with Smoke by the exit, but before that, there is some Body Armor behind the cover on the opposite side of where you entered.

Meet up with Big Smoke to go outside, where some more Russians will be there to greet you, with bullets. As before, you should be more than fine with dealing with them, since they aren’t all too accurate with their shots, plus you can use the various pieces of cover to hide. When that is over, Smoke will be driving a bike, while you’re on the back of it. Of course, the Russians aren’t finished with you, as there will now be a chase. You will be in charge of taking them down, with the bike’s health represented by the bar on your screen. If it depletes to zero, then your bike blows up and you will be wasted, spawning at a nearby hospital and losing all of your current weapons, and also failing the mission.

You will be dealing with men on motorbikes, as well as in cars. Those are the only two things you have to worry about, with the bikes being one of the bigger problems. At one point, you will see a large truck coming after you, but you can completely ignore it, as you can’t do anything to stop it and the truck doesn’t hurt you at all. After going off the little jump near the beginning, you will stop and have a few enemies firing on you. Try to aim for the vehicles to blow them up, if you can, instead of concentrating on the actual Russians. You will enter the waterway after this, where you will be chased by more motorbikes and cars.

(1 of 2) You can safely ignore the big truck, as it does nothing

You can safely ignore the big truck, as it does nothing (left), The biggest problems in this part will be the bikes, so you should focus on them (right)

When the cars are in view, you should be aiming for the drivers, as that will stop them from pursuing you farther. Eventually, Smoke will use the back ramps of the truck to jump off of it. Upon this happening, there will be a car parked in front of you, with some goons standing outside of it. This is about the point where Smoke will enter a tunnel on the right side, with two more Russians in front of it, as well as a fence gate blocking the entrance. Shoot the enemies, then the gate, and Smoke will enter the tunnel. This will be the home stretch here, with just a few more bikes following you. Get rid of them and after a little more driving, you will be clear. The mission will end after CJ gets off of the bike.


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