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Robbing Uncle Sam

Jarrod Garripoli

Ryder now has the plan to rob the army to get a lot of weapons for the gang. Get in the van and start driving, with your destination being the Ocean Docks. The only way to get to the Ocean Docks area is via bridges, so look at your map to plan the route accordingly. Once you reach the marker, you will learn this is the National Guard Depot. The front gate is locked, however, so you will need a way in, as well as a way to let Ryder inside the place. Thankfully, you don’t have to go searching for long, as you can simply climb over the wall right next to the gate. As soon as you land on the other side of the wall, immediately turn right and take out the guard by the gate.

(1 of 2) Climb over the front wall to get inside the compound

Climb over the front wall to get inside the compound (left), The switch circled above is what opens the front gate for Ryder (right)

Now, you can let Ryder inside by shooting the switch right by the gate on this side, but you can do some things to prepare for an easier time for the second portion of the mission. Go around and clear out any other guards in the area, of which there should only be two more. The warehouse directly across from the front gate is the next objective, which has a switch on the front side to open it; shoot the switch to open the warehouse door (there are more enemies inside the warehouse). Inside will be a Forklift, along with four crates, with those crates being the goal of the mission. You will need six crates in total, with more being located outside of the warehouse.

Now, whenever you do let Ryder into the compound, he will back up the truck so the back is in front of the warehouse. You will need to use the Forklift to pick up each crate and place it in the back of the truck. Some people might have trouble controlling the Forklift, though, but it moves normally like any other vehicle. However, to operate the lift portion, you use the right analog stick. Basically, have the lift at ground level, line up the crate and drive the Forklift into it, then lift the crate off of the ground. Once you do let Ryder inside the compound, there will be an endless supply of guards that appear while loading the truck.

(1 of 2) Be mindful of the enemies inside the warehouse when you open it

Be mindful of the enemies inside the warehouse when you open it (left), It's pretty easy loading up each crate on the forklift (right)

If Ryder dies, then you will fail the mission, with his health bar appearing on your screen. The best thing to do is put a crate on the Forklift, check the surroundings to see if there are any enemies, then go back to load it in the truck. Unfortunately, the enemies don’t appear on your minimap, so you will need to keep an eye on Ryder’s health to see if he’s getting hit, as well as an ear open to hear any shooting. Upon loading the sixth crate, Ryder will hop in the back of the truck and you will need to get behind the wheel. The spot to drop off the crates will be in Willowfield, but you aren’t getting away from the guards just yet, as they will chase you in some Patriots.

(1 of 2) Enemies will periodically show up outside while loading the crates into the truck

Enemies will periodically show up outside while loading the crates into the truck (left), There will be two more crates right outside the warehouse when you need them (right)

Thankfully, Ryder has a plan on dealing with the pursuers. If you honk your horn, Ryder will toss a crate out of the back of the truck, which are explosive. Note that the truck you’re driving will not take damage from the explosions. So, the best advice here is to wait until a Patriot is right behind you before honking your horn (push in the left analog stick to do this), which makes it much easier to hit them. Once you reach your destination, park in the red marker to finish the mission.


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