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Early Weapons and Armor

Jarrod Garripoli

Starting out in a Grand Theft Auto game can be rough, as you generally don’t have access to good weapons, or even armor to help you survive. This is the case with San Andreas, too, as you are left with only $350 at the start of the game and nothing else. In fact, the first few story missions of the game don’t offer much in the way of rewards, besides some low cash amounts and just respect. However, there are weapon pickups located throughout Los Santos, meaning it’s possible to get by without needing any money.


You will find this weapon pickup on top of Sweet’s house on Grove Street. To climb onto it, you will need to do so from the house in between yours and Sweet’s. To get on top of that house, find the little path next to your garage that lets you go behind your house. There should be a wall here that you can climb on top of, which will allow you to reach the top of the house between yours and Sweet’s. From there, it’s a simple method of walking across that roof, then jumping to Sweet’s roof, where you will find the Tec-9.

(1 of 2) Use this wall to get on top of the house right next to it

Use this wall to get on top of the house right next to it (left), allowing you to reach the top of Sweet's house with the weapon pickup (right)


You will find that getting the Shovel is really simple, as it is behind Ryder’s house. If you don’t know where Ryder’s house is located, it’s next to yours and right before the overpass that leads out of Grove Street. It will be floating next to the rear wall of the actual house, so it’s easy to spot.

Brass Knuckles

As you leave Grove Street, you will go underneath an overpass. As you pass under it, stop your movement and look to the south (according to the map) to find the Brass Knuckles in the grassy area, right next to the wall.

You can find Brass Knuckles underneath the bridge by your house

9MM Pistol

This is yet another weapon that is located in the vicinity of Grove Street itself. For this one, go behind Sweet’s house and follow the back wall until you are behind the other houses next to Sweet’s place. In the corner behind the second house from Sweet’s, you will find the pistol pick-up.

Micro Uzi

For this pick-up, and the following, you will be going into the large drain area behind your house. Head behind your house and you should see an opening that allows you to reach the large drain area. As soon as you pass through the opening, drop down over the ledge to reach a raised area below you. The Micro Uzi will be located at the end of this little walkway here.

(1 of 2) Go through this opening behind your house

Go through this opening behind your house (left), then look under the bridge right next to it to find this weapon pickup (right)

Body Armor

Head behind CJ’s house again and look for the opening that brings you to the large drain area. Instead of falling down to the lower ledge this time, take the ramp and follow that until you go underneath the bridge. As soon as you are underneath it, head up the incline and look in the corner for the Body Armor.

(1 of 2) Head north of the previous bridge from the Micro Uzi

Head north of the previous bridge from the Micro Uzi (left), to find an Armor pickup under the second bridge (right)

Spray Paint Can

The last little pick-up you will probably want, especially after you finishing the Tagging Up Turf mission in the early part of the game, is a spray paint can. For this, you will need to get on top of your house, which can be done by ascending to the roof of the house next to it. Use the method described under the Tec-9 pick-up, then jump onto the roof of your garage first. From there, you can easily climb to the roof of your house, where you can then look for the building that’s adjacent to it on the next street over. After hopping onto the roof of that adjacent building, you will see the spray paint can. Note that you can also find a spray paint can in the one room upstairs in your house on Grove Street.


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