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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - The Definitive Edition

Madd Dogg's Rhymes

Jarrod Garripoli

OG Loc continues his work on doing his rapper thing, with CJ suggesting looking for a writer to do his lyrics. Loc has an idea to steal Madd Dogg’s rhyme book, from his home up in the hills. As you’re driving to Madd Dogg’s mansion, you will want to know that the entrance you will be using is on the lower level, so it’s better to approach from that area. If you approach from the upper section, then you will have to do some climbing or other ways to get to the front door. Once inside the mansion, you will be introduced to the stealth mechanics of the game.

(1 of 2) You have to make your way to the studio for the Rhyme Book

You have to make your way to the studio for the Rhyme Book (left), You will want to utilize stealth during the first bit (right)

If you’ve ever played a game that involved stealth, then you should be pretty accustomed to how things will play out here. For the first portion here, you will only be equipped with a knife, so it’s imperative that you remain hidden and not get seen by the guards at all, as they have guns. Crouching while moving will cause you to make less noise, so you should be pretty much crouching during this mission. Thankfully, the game sets up a little tutorial for you, as the first guard just ahead has his back turned, so he won’t be able to see you. Sneak up behind him, target him like any other enemy, then press the indicated button to perform a stealth kill.

In the next area, a guard will be patrolling around the swimming pool. In cases like this, you should observe the movement of the enemy to see when is a good time to strike. However, for right now, you can quickly move up to him while crouching to get another easy kill. As you continue along, you will be introduced to hiding in the shadows, as a guard is approaching your location. The game points out the little room to the side, and when you’re hiding in the shadows well enough, your cursor on the minimap will turn blue. This means that the enemy will not see you here, if you haven’t already been seen, that is.

Reach the bar area and crouch here, as you will be seen by the guard behind the bar. It’s perfectly fine if you ignore this guard, too, since it’s tough to get a stealth kill on him (and for another reason in a little bit). It’s also a good idea to ignore the guard on the couch watching TV. Sneak into the small room that has Body Armor on, which will also allow you to stealth kill the last guard here. From there, you can easily steal the Rhyme Book, but doing this will spawn a bunch more guards. At this point, you will be retracing your steps back to the front door, and you can simply go through with guns blazing, if you want (you gain back access to all your arsenal now).

(1 of 3) Stealth kills are pretty easy to pull off

However, if you wish to still do things silently, wait in the Body Armor room until a guard comes through it, then try to get a stealth kill on him. He will drop a Silenced Pistol, so pick it up, as it makes things a lot easier now. As you backtrack through the mansion, you can silently kill all of the guards with the Pistol, but it’s a good idea to manually aim for headshots. After the bar area, you will want to be a little careful with the final two guards, as they will be moving. Wait for them to have their backs turned before trying to kill them. Once you finally reach the exit, leave the place, grab a vehicle and return the rhyme book to OG Loc to finish the mission.

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