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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - The Definitive Edition

Burning Desire

Jarrod Garripoli

Tenpenny has a job for you, as he sends you to take care of another gang guy across town, emphasizing that he shouldn’t even be leaving town in a box. Upon exiting the donut shop, you see that Tenpenny has hidden some molotovs in an alleyway in Downtown Los Santos. Note that even if you already have molotovs, you still need to pick these up, so just head to the blip on your map and grab them. The reason you will be needing molotovs is to torch the house of the gang member Tenpenny sent you to kill. Once you have them, drive yourself to the gang house to continue with the mission.

(1 of 2) Even if you have Molotovs, you will still need to pick these up

Even if you have Molotovs, you will still need to pick these up (left), It might take a bit to get the power correct for the throw into the windows (right)

Molotovs are in the Thrown category of weapons, meaning the more you hold down the button to toss them, the further they will go. Thus, there will be a little bit of experimenting here, especially if this is your first opportunity with this type of weapon. Your goal for this part of the mission is to toss a molotov into each of the five windows. Get a feel for the strength you need to use to properly toss the molotovs into the windows, noting you can go to the backyard if you run out of them. There might also be some Vagos nearby, so take care of them, too, if they decide to harass you.

Once you’ve hit all five windows, you will witness a little scene of a woman being trapped upstairs, so CJ decides to rush in to save her. A meter will appear on your screen, indicating the girl’s health, so you are on a timer here. Quickly make your way to the entrance and go inside, where you see that the fire is raging. As already mentioned, the girl is upstairs and while you can go up there, you will need something to put out the fires. So, instead of heading straight for the second floor, go straight to the back of the house and turn right to enter the kitchen, where you’ll find a fire extinguisher.

If you are holding something and can’t pick it up, use the designated button to replace it. With that in hand, head back into the previous room and look for the opening in the back, which are the stairs leading to the second floor. Make your way to the blue marker to find the girl, but you have to put out a fire to reach her. As the game states, aim the extinguisher at the base of the fire to put it out. Go inside the room to get the girl, then you’ll have retrace your steps to get back to the first floor, although the main hallway is blocked by some debris now.

(1 of 3) The fire extinguisher will be in the kitchen

So, your path will need a little detour, with two fires blocking your way back to the stairs. You want to make sure that the girl is following you at all times and is right behind you. Back on the first floor, start heading towards the front door, putting out the one fire that is impeding your progress, then exit the building. The girl thanks you for saving her life and asks you to bring her home. It turns out she lives close to Grove Street and she was in the Vagos house because she likes to “live dangerously.” Upon dropping her off, she introduces herself as Denise Robinson and offers you to stop by whenever, bringing an end to the mission.

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