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Wrong Side of the Tracks

Jarrod Garripoli

One of the more infamous missions in the game, Wrong Side of the Tracks can be one of the more frustrating missions you have faced thus far. As before, you find that both Tenpenny and Pulaski exit Smoke’s house as you arrive, but Smoke deflects the one question, as he mentions he wants you to go on a ride with him. Get in the car with Smoke and drive to Unity Station, which is where the Lowrider Challenge took place during the Cesar Vialpando mission, if you did that one already. Park in the red marker and you will learn that the San Fierro Rifa are meeting with the Vagos.

Big Smoke will be shooting at the Vagos during the entire mission if you're close enough

Of course, they’ve seen you and jump onto a moving train, so you will have to give chase with a nearby bike. Unfortunately, due to the difference in height, you won’t be able to actually shoot them while driving the bike, but Big Smoke will be taking shots at them. Unfortunately, while Big Smoke will be hitting them, the Vagos have more health than usual, so it takes a number of hits in order to take them down for good. You have four enemies to deal with while on the moving train, although some of them seem to die along the way even if Smoke doesn’t kill them, and there will be other obstacles along the way. As an example, not long after taking off, the train will hit a car on the tracks and make it explode.

(1 of 2) Watch out for the car the train hits before the first tunnel

Watch out for the car the train hits before the first tunnel (left), You also have to be mindful of the incoming second train near the first tunnel (right)

Right before the first tunnel you go through, a train will be on the other set of tracks and coming straight towards you. Right after exiting the first tunnel, Smoke to yell at you to take the high road on the right, so look for the dirt path there and follow it. If you follow it all the way, you will end up on the left side of the train and eventually reach a second tunnel. There will be no more obstacles the rest of the way, but not too long after exiting the second tunnel, the train will reach a bridge. Should it reach it without you killing all of the Vagos, then you fail. If at any point you do kill them all, you simply need to drive Smoke back to his house to finish the mission.

Alternate Strategies

So, there’s a few alternate ways that you can complete this mission, with one such way being to get on top of the train. There are two spots that allow you to get on top of the train, one near the beginning and the other being in between the two tunnels. For the first opportunity, you will want to speed ahead of the train as soon as possible. As you round the bend, you will reach a railroad crossing and it is here that there is a ramp on the western side of the tracks. This ramp allows you to reach the top of a nearby building a little to the north, which grants you easy access to jump onto the train.

(1 of 2) Go up the little ramp shown in the picture to get on top of a building

Go up the little ramp shown in the picture to get on top of a building (left), You can jump onto the train with the Vagos from the previously mentioned building (right)

The other opportunity to jumping on the train happens after passing through the first tunnel. Smoke will tell you to go to the right, where there is a dirt path. As you drive along this dirt path, you will pass over a little “bridge” of sorts. This will put you on the left side of the train, meaning the train will pass right underneath it, so simply get on top and jump on the train as it passes underneath you. While on top of the train, you can use your forward shooting while on the bike to quickly kill the Vagos.


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