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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - The Definitive Edition

Reuniting the Families

Jarrod Garripoli

It’s time to reunite the Families

It’s time to reunite the Families, as Sweet points out that the Ballas are having their time, while they argue amongst themselves. The leaders of the various Families’ factions are meeting up at a motel, so Sweet offers to join the negotiations. Get in the vehicle and drive to the meeting place, with Sweet entering the place and you having to stay outside. Not very long after that, the police raid the meeting, with Ryder and Smoke driving away, leaving you alone to go inside to rescue your brother.

As you gain control, you will see a bunch of police outside, but you don’t need to bother with them. In fact, it’s probably for the best that you don’t, as you might lose precious armor and health this way. You will be able to replenish health inside the motel, and there is one armor pickup, too. So, it’s in your best interests to just bolt for the door to go inside the motel, as soon as you gain control. There will be a vending machine right inside, if you do need to replenish health. The lobby has nothing there, besides the vending machine, so head up the stairs and approach the hallway, only for an enemy to pop out.

(1 of 2) You can recover health with the soda machine in the lobby

You can recover health with the soda machine in the lobby (left), as well as with the prostitutes in the side rooms you can find (right)

Going down the hallway, you will find more cops will appear, so be wary of this and don’t go too quickly. If you need some health, you can enter the first room on the left side to get a boost from the prostitute inside (she might take away some health if you’re full, so don’t do it in that case). You can safely ignore all of the other open rooms, as they will have nothing. At the end of the hallway, some police will drop in through the skylight, so be prepared for that. Turn the corner and you will find more police down the next hallway, including one poking his head through a vent in the ceiling.

Continue down this hallway, killing any more cops that show their heads, some of which will roll out of a nearby room. At the end of this hallway, you will find some more cops waiting for you, some of which are on the level above, so be sure to look there. You will find one final hallway here, filled with some more police, with Sweet off to the side in the one room. Approach him for a scene, with both of you escaping to the roof. Up on top, you will have to deal with a helicopter, with some police on the sides of it. Kill them first, then keep firing on the chopper until it goes down. With the chopper down, follow Sweet down the stairs and onto the street, where Ryder and Smoke will finally come back.

(1 of 3) Keep firing on the chopper until it finally goes down

The next section will be similar to the chase that happened during Just Business, where you will have unlimited ammo (AK-47 this time) and have to shoot the police coming after you. The car’s health will be shown on the screen and if it empties, then it will explode, causing you to have to start over. Since the AK-47 is pretty powerful, it’s best to just concentrate on shooting the cars until they explode, as trying to aim for specific targets can prove difficult. After a period of time during the chase, two cops on motorcycles will join. They will separate and come at you one at a time, with the cop jumping to your car to punch you.

Quickly shoot the cop off and continue firing at the cars coming at you. Eventually, the second motorcycle cop will appear, doing the same thing as the first, so knock him off. Not long after that, your gun will jam and the rest of the mission will play out in a cutscene, and end after it is over.

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