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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - The Definitive Edition


Jarrod Garripoli

After completing The Green Sabre, you will be deposited in the countryside, in Angel Pine. This is a very small town and is the perfect place to actually do the Paramedic vehicle mission, should you choose to find an Ambulance. You will have no weapons at all, so it is advised to go to the nearby Ammu-Nation to get some of the cheaper ones (a Micro SMG is ideal for the upcoming mission, in case), depending on how much money you happen to have. You are able to return to Los Santos, but it’s important to note that some things have changed. Gang Warfare is no longer present, and you will find a lot of Ballas and Vagos around the city.

In addition, the money pickup in front of your house on Grove Street is no longer there, although you can purchase/use any safehouses you already have there. You will also be able to enter San Fierro without getting any wanted level, although you won’t be able to purchase any safehouses there until a certain mission is completed. Anything else related to Los Santos still works, so you are free to return to do some things, at your own discretion.

Mission Walkthrough

Tenpenny has some problems with a former partner of his, as he took the first opportunity to squeal to Internal Affairs. Tenpenny wants you to kill and bring back proof, with Pulaski handing over a camera for you to use to take a picture of the dead body. Of course, the witness is going to be protected by some law enforcement, but first, you have to get to him. After starting the mission from the red marker, grab a Sanchez, if you can, since they are good for the dirt paths you will be taking. Head to the blip on your map, which will put you at the base of Mount Chiliad.

Look for the path here that heads up the mountain, which will be a dirt path on your map. Be careful up here, as the path is a little on the narrow side and it can be easy to fall off, which will likely lead to you taking heavy damage. After the first hairpin turn, follow the path until it splits, where you want to take the southern of the two paths. This will eventually lead to an area with a lot of trees, which is where the cabin will be with the witness. As you get close enough, you will see a little scene that shows he’s protected by some feds, who are patrolling the grounds outside the cabin. You will have an opportunity to do one of two things here, either go in guns blazing or take a more delicate, stealthy approach.

If you go in with guns blazing, the witness will be alerted to your presence and take off in a nearby car. Give chase by using the nearby Sanchez, making sure to aim straight ahead with your weapon. You will want to shoot his vehicle enough so it catches fire, forcing him to leave it, but you don’t want it to explode while he’s inside. Once he leaves the vehicle, you can shoot to kill him, then take a photograph of his body. Take the camera back to the drop off, which is where you accepted the mission, to finish.

Should you want to take things a little differently, upon approaching the cabin, take a little gander at the patrolling routes of the feds. When there is a gap in their patrol routes, sneak into the cabin to get a jump on the witness. This should prevent him from running out and getting into the car, thus eliminating the chase. Note that whether you silently kill the witness or shoot him with a gun, the feds will attack you after the fact. Get rid of them, then photograph the witness’ body and bring back the camera to the drop off point to finish the mission.

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