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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - The Definitive Edition

Home Invasion

Jarrod Garripoli

Ryder got a scoop on an army guy that has a lot better weapons than Emmet. He suggests waiting until it’s night, so the old man is in bed. Once you have control and can start driving, you will see a timer appear on your screen. This is the amount of time before daylight breaks, so you have eight minutes to drive to the army guy’s place and do the job. Upon finally arriving there, you will be able to enter the army guy’s house. You will need to remain silent during this mission, as a bar appears on your screen that shows how much noise you are making. If the bar completely fills up, then you will wake up the army veteran and have to contend with a two-star wanted level.

(1 of 2) Crouching allows you to move at full speed and not worry about noise

Crouching allows you to move at full speed and not worry about noise (left), You cannot crouch while holding a crate (right)

Your goal during the mission is to steal three crates of weapons, of which there are six in total inside the house. There is absolutely no reward for stealing all six, so the only reason to do so is because you want to do it. Crouching is the best way to move around inside the house, as it reduces the noise you make. You will also want to avoid tilting the left analog all the way when moving, as this adds to the noise you make. This will especially hold true whenever you grab a crate of weapons, as you won’t be able to crouch while carrying one. You will also want to avoid bumping into objects during your sneaking around, as this can also cause unwanted noise.

Whenever you grab a crate, you will need to bring it outside, but as previously mentioned, you cannot crouch while carrying one. Thus, you will want to lightly tilt the left analog stick to move very slowly. Once you reach the outside, you can move normally, where you have to place the crate in the back of the Boxville truck. There is a total of six crates in the house, all of which will be marked by an arrow when you get close enough. They are in the following locations:

  • Behind the cannon in the first room upon entering
  • In the room to the right of the cannon downstairs
  • At the top of the stairs
  • At the end of the hallway upstairs
  • Two crates found in the army guy’s bedroom (at the end of the hall)

(1 of 6) This crate is located in the owner’s bedroom

As already mentioned, you only need three crates in order to pass the mission, but you are free to get all of them, if you want. Just know that there’s no reward for getting more than three here. If you get all six, CJ will automatically get in the van, while you need to manually enter the van otherwise. Whenever you’re done with at least three crates, the timer will disappear and you will need to drive the truck to a lockup to the south of the house. Park it inside of the garage to finish the mission.

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