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How to Enable Creative Mode

Scott Peers

This page details how to enable the creative gameplay modes in Grounded. Aside from the default Mild, Medium, and Whoa! difficulty modes, there’s also a Creative mode without bugs, and a Creative With Bugs mode. In addition, you’ll find that there’s a Custom mode which will allow you to tweak almost any setting without having to commit to a specific default mode.

How to Enable the All Recipes Unlocked and Free Option

If you’ve already started a game without one of the Creative modes enabled, you’ll find that you won’t be able to select and enable the “All Recipes Unlocked and Free” option. This is because you can only enable this option after you’ve selected either the Creative or Creative With Bugs mode. The only way to enable this option is to start a new game and select one of these modes from the beginning, on the same screen where you select your character.

The creative modes are great for anyone who wants to get stuck into building incredible tiny structures in the yard with all of the building pieces that the game has to offer. However, they can take away from some of the most fun parts of the game such as fighting (and being terrified by!) various bugs, having to balance resource management with your own thirst and hunger, and the general feeling of a yard that can be both beautiful and horrifying as you explore it. We highly recommend playing through the game without creative modes at least once!

You should also keep in mind that you won’t be able to unlock achievements while creative game modes are enabled, since you’re effectively bypassing some of the most basic progression and gameplay mechanics.

Grounded Difficulty Modes

Difficulty / Mode Description
Mild The yard is a hostile environment, but stats are more forgiving and friendly fire is off. Recommended for first time visits to the yard.
Medium Moderate stress level. Manage thirst, hunger, health, and stamina while you fight to survive.
Whoa! The most punishing way to live the tiny life. Bugs are tougher, vitals are harder to keep filled, and everything breaks faster.
Creative Zero stress! Craft and explore with no resource management or existential threats.
Creative With Bugs Zero stress! Craft and explore with no resource management or existential threats. Insects will be present but not aggressive towards players.
Custom Play it your way and customize the settings to your liking. Tweak all the settings shown in the table below.

How to Enable Quests with Creative Modes

Another thing to keep in mind with the various game settings is that quests won’t be enabled by default in the creative modes, and once you’ve started a game save with one of the creative modes, you won’t be able to change this. If you want to enable quests while using creative mode, you’ll need to select the Custom setting at the very beginning of a new save.

(1 of 2) You can select a predefined mode at the beginning of a game, or choose custom to make your own mode.

You can select a predefined mode at the beginning of a game, or choose custom to make your own mode. (left), God mode can be enabled alongside all recipes unlocked while retaining quests if you choose custom mode. (right)

All Game Settings Options

In this way you don’t need to adhere to the default settings of each mode, and you can effectively create your own mode instead. This includes turning on or off any of the following options:

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