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Explorer - Stepping Stone Summit

Scott Peers

This page details everything you need to know about how to complete the Explorer - Stepping Stone Summit quest, which can be acquired from an ASL Terminal after speaking with the robot named BURG.L in the Oak Lab. We’ll cover where you can find the trail marker and what materials you need to construct it.

Trail Marker Reward
Stepping Stone Summit 200 TUIScienceMainChunk.png (Raw Science)

Where to Find the Trail Marker at Stepping Stone Summit

The Stepping Stone Summit is located in the northwest part of the yard, north of the Haze Lab or southwest of the Garden Gnome, as shown on the map below. The trail marker itself is located on the edge of one of the stepping stones, and you should see it as a blue structure which is yet to be built, in the same way that you see placed items which are awaiting construction in your base.

(1 of 2) The location of the Stepping Stone Summit trail marker, in the northwest of the yard.

The location of the Stepping Stone Summit trail marker, in the northwest of the yard. (left), You'll need 2 Sprigs, 2 Plant Fiber and 1 Clover Leaf to construct the trail marker. (right)

You can find your way up to the summit of the stepping stones by jumping up most of them, but if you’re having trouble you should look for falling leaves in the area, which often serve as bridges across some stones, or which can be used as ramps to climb higher. Just keep heading for the point shown on the map above and you should find the trail marker fairly quickly.

How to Construct the Stepping Stone Summit Trail Marker

You’ll need 2 Sprig, 2 Plant Fiber and 1 Clover Leaf to construct the trail marker, so it’s a good idea to collect these on your way to it. If you’re already there and you don’t have enough materials, don’t worry. There’s plenty of clover plants, scattered sprigs, and other vegetation from which you can acquire plant fiber in the area around the stepping stones. You can always place your own marker on the site of the trail marker from the map to quickly find your way back.

Trail Marker Materials

Icon Material Quantity
Sprig.png Sprig x2
Plant Fiber Plant Fiber x2
Clover Leaf Clover Leaf x1

Once you have all of the materials to construct the trail marker, all you need to do is interact with it and press the key to build. You can then customize the icon and its color if you wish. This icon will be visible on your HUD as you wander through the yard, which basically means that you’ll be able to see it in the distance when you’re facing in the right direction, as shown in the screenshot below.

How to Disable Trail Markers

With the trail marker constructed, you should have earned 200 Raw Science. You can always disable the trail marker from the map so that it doesn’t display on your HUD if you have no use for it, but it shouldn’t be too intrusive to leave on and they are very useful orienting icons.

Copying Trail Markers

You’ll notice that when you interact with the constructed trail marker, you have an option to copy it. You can do this to create another trail marker nearby, which you can also customize with its own icon and color. This can be useful to mark the location of specific Field Stations on your HUD, or to mark the location of a particularly good farming spot for materials / bugs. You can even just mark a site that you think is pretty, or place the marker at the top of one of your bases, for example.

(1 of 4) You can disable the trail marker on the HUD from your map if you wish.


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