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How to Get Grass Planks

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to obtain Grass Planks in Grounded. Grass Planks are a very useful resource for building your own base - this page will tell you where to find them and how to store them so they don’t despawn!

Use grass planks to make bases!

Where to Find Grass Planks

Grass Planks are a resource obtained from chopping Grass with an axe. The first axe you’ll likely make is a Pebblet Axe. When you chop down a blade of grass it’ll collapse into wood plank-like material. If you pick up grass planks, you’ll be required to hold them on your shoulder until you either drop them or use them. This will prevent you from being able to use any other tools.

Grass planks can be used to make all sorts of items for your base.

How to Store Grass Planks

Grass Planks are such a big resource when it comes to base building - you’ll need hundreds of them to make floors, walls, furniture and more. So, it also only feels natural to be able to collect loads of grass planks and store them for later use. Unfortunately, you can’t store them in chests like other resources and if you leave them on the ground they’ll despawn. Instead, you’ll need to build a Plank Pallet. You can then store up to 24 grass planks on it without them despawning.

The recipe for the Plank Pallet can be obtained from analyzing Dry Grass Chunks at the Resource Analyzer.

The Plank Pallet can store grass planks!

How to Build a Plank Pallet

Icon Material Quantity
CrudeRope.png Crude Rope x4
Pebblet.png Pebblet x5
DryGrassChunk.png Dry Grass Chunk x3

How to Make Crude Rope

Crude Ropes can be crafted by hand using x3 Plant Fiber per Crude Rope. Plant Fibers can be obtained from picking small, low-lying plants which can be found all over the ground. And before you can make Crude Rope, you’ll need to first analyze Plant Fiber at the Resource Analyzer to unlock the recipe.

(1 of 2) Crude Rope can be made using plant fiber

Crude Rope can be made using plant fiber (left), and plant fiber is obtained from small plants. (right)

How to Get Dry Grass Chunks

Dry Grass Chunks can be obtained by chopping down dead grass. It’s golden in color and can be found easily around the entire yard.

Chop down dry grass to get Dry Grass Chunks.

How to Get Pebblets

Pebblets are small pebbles that can be picked up from the ground. They are a very common resource all around the yard and can also be obtained from smashing up larger rocks using a hammer.

Pebblets are found on the ground.


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