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All Smoothies & What They Do in Grounded

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to make all smoothies in Grounded. You’ll also find information on all the required ingredients as well as the smoothies’ effects and buffs!

What Are Smoothies?

Smoothies are a consumable made at the Smoothie Station. Different Smoothies, as you will see on this page, have different required ingredients and will give you different buffs and effects! There are certain set recipes but you’ll also have the ability to freestyle a smoothie with any 3 ingredients and if you make a smoothie with random ingredients you’ll make Questionable Slop, which will heal you but not give any extra bonuses.

Smoothie Bases

All Smoothies also require a base ingredient, with some bases giving you stronger or longer lasting smoothies. See the table below for the different base ingredients and their effects.

Icon Material Effect
Grub Sludge "Grub Sludge" iconGrub Sludge Basic Smoothie: This is your bog standard smoothie. There are no added effects. The Smoothie’s buffs will last 120 seconds.
Muscle Sprout "Muscle Sprout" iconMuscle Sprout Beefy Smoothie: Smoothies heal double the amount. The Smoothie’s buffs last 120 seconds.
Gum Nugget "Gum Nugget" iconGum Nugget Sticky Smoothie: The Smoothie’s buffs last double the amount at 240 seconds. Questionable Slop made with "Gum Nugget" iconGum Nuggets will also give you regenerate.

How to Make Smoothies

Before you can make smoothies, you’ll first have to have access to a Smoothie Station. You can find out more on our page How to Make a Smoothie Station.

The Smoothie Station.

All Smoothie Recipes

All Smoothies heal in addition to unique effects and buffs.

Icon Smoothie Recipe (minus base ingredient) Unique Effects
Boost Juice "Boost Juice" iconBoost Juice x1 "Raw Aphid Meat" iconRaw Aphid Meat, x1 "Mushroom" iconMushroom, x1 "Acorn Bits" iconAcorn Bits + Max Stamina
Fuzz on the Rocks "Fuzz on the Rocks" iconFuzz on the Rocks x1 "Clay" iconClay, x1 "Mite Fuzz" iconMite Fuzz, x1 "Pebblet" iconPebblet + Max Health
Gastro Goo "Gastro Goo" iconGastro Goo x1 "Stinkbug Gas Sack" iconStinkbug Gas Sack, x1 "Fungal Growth" iconFungal Growth, x1 "Aphid Honeydew" iconAphid Honeydew + Gas Guard
Hedge Lord "Hedge Lord" iconHedge Lord x1 "Berry Chunk" iconBerry Chunk, x1 "Aphid Honeydew" iconAphid Honeydew, x1 "Acorn Bits" iconAcorn Bits + Fuller, + Moist
Green Machine "Green Machine" iconGreen Machine x1 "Algae" iconAlgae, x1 "Sprig" iconSprig, x1 "Clover Leaf" iconClover Leaf + Hyperstamina
ICOSmoothieWater.png Fluid Flippers x1 "Water Boatman Fin" iconWater Boatman Fin, x1 "Eelgrass Strand" iconEelgrass Strand, x1 "Lilypad Wax" iconLilypad Wax + Swim Speed
ICOSmoothieLiquidGills.png Liquid Gills x1 "Water Flea Meat" iconWater Flea Meat, x1 "Eelgrass Strand" iconEelgrass Strand, x1 "Raw Tadpole Meat" iconRaw Tadpole Meat + Veteran Diver
ICOSmoothieAttack.png Liquid Rage x1 "Larva Spike" iconLarva Spike, x1 "Spider Fang" iconSpider Fang, x1 "Red Ant Mandibles" iconRed Ant Mandibles + Attack
ICOSmoothieHumanFood.png Human Food x1 "Fresh Apple Bits" iconFresh Apple Bits, x1 "Fresh Cookie Sandwich Bits" iconFresh Cookie Sandwich Bits, x1 "Fresh Billy Hog Bite" iconFresh Billy Hog Bite + Damage Resist
ICOSmoothieSlop.png Questionable Slop Any 3 Items + Regenerate ("Gum Nugget" iconGum Nugget base only)


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