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Artificer - Grub Goggles

Scott Peers

This page covers everything you need to know about how to complete the Artificer - "Grub Goggles" iconGrub Goggles quest, which can be acquired from an ASL Terminal after speaking with the robot named BURG.L in the Oak Lab. This is a repeatable quest, so you may acquire it more than once as you play through the game. The Artificer quests often provide a generous amount of Raw Science for relatively little effort, especially if you get them later in the game when you’re likely to have chests full of materials for different items in your base.

Objective Reward
Craft "Grub Goggles" iconGrub Goggles 500 Raw Science

How to Craft Grub Goggles

Materials for Workbench

You will need to craft a Workbench in order to craft the "Grub" iconGrub Goggles, so be sure to have one of these ready before you go out looking for the materials below. A Workbench requires 3 "Grass Plank" iconGrass Plank, 4 "Sprig" iconSprig, and 2 "Sap" iconSap to craft. You can use it to craft a number of items such as armor pieces, advanced weapons, building structures and more.

Icon Material Quantity
ICOGrassPlank.png "Grass Plank" iconGrass Plank x3
Sprig.png "Sprig" iconSprig x4
Sap.png "Sap" iconSap x2

Materials for Grub Goggles

To craft the Grub Goggles armor piece, you’ll need 3 "Grub Hide" iconGrub Hide and 1 "Raw Weevil Meat" iconRaw Weevil Meat.

Icon Material Quantity
Grub Hide "Grub Hide" iconGrub Hide x3
Raw Weevil Meat "Raw Weevil Meat" iconRaw Weevil Meat x1

Where to Find Grub Hides

The Grub Hides can only be acquired once you have an "Acorn Shovel" iconAcorn Shovel, which you’ll need 2 Sprig, 1 "Crude Rope" iconCrude Rope and 1 "Acorn Shell" iconAcorn Shell to craft. You can then wander through the garden, especially in areas with mud present, and look for movements under the soil like those shown in the gif below. This indicates the presence of a Grub, which you can dig up using the Acorn Shovel and then kill in whatever way you prefer. The Grub should drop at least one Grub Hide, but they often drop two.

Materials for Acorn Shovel

Icon Material Quantity
Sprig "Sprig" iconSprig x2
Crude Rope "Crude Rope" iconCrude Rope x1
Acorn Shell "Acorn Shell" iconAcorn Shell x1

Where to Find Weevil Meat

The Raw "Weevil" iconWeevil Meat is generally easier to find than Grub Hides. Weevils can be found throughout the yard, but especially in grassy areas southeast of the oak tree. They are neutral insects which don’t put up any fight, so you can kill them easily with pretty much anything. However, do keep in mind that they are preyed upon by other insects including ants, spiders, stinkbugs, and bombardier beetles, so you’ll need to be careful that you don’t attract their interest when hunting Weevils. You should only need to kill one to acquire enough meat to craft the goggles.

(1 of 2) The Weevils can be difficult to spot in low light, but you should be able to see them scuttling beneath the grass.

The Weevils can be difficult to spot in low light, but you should be able to see them scuttling beneath the grass. (left), The recipe for Grub Goggles. (right)

The Weevils can be difficult to spot in low light, but you should be able to see them scuttling beneath the grass. They have long snouts which distinguish them from most other beetles in the area.

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