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Where to Find All Crystals in The Dark Forest

Jarrod Garripoli

There are a number of collectibles to find in Kao the Kangaroo, with one of them being Crystals. Each level in the game will have these blue Crystals hidden throughout them, all of which will contribute to 100%. This page will give details on the locations of the Crystals in The Dark Forest.

Crystal #1 Location

The first Crystal will be to your right at the beginning of the level

The first Crystal will be right at the beginning of the level, as soon as you start. Once you have control, look to your right and it will be on a slightly raised platform.

Crystal #2 Location

The second Crystal is also at the beginning, on your left

The second Crystal is in the same area as the first one. It’s on a ledge on the opposite side, and you will need to climb some ledges to reach it.

Crystal #3 Location

The third Crystal is above one of the bear traps near the start

A little further into the level, you will come across some bear traps, which will hurt you if you set them off and stand in the middle of their snap. When you reach the bear trap that has Ducats surrounding it, you can simply jump up and grab the Crystal hanging above it.

Crystal #4 Location

The fourth Crystal will be next to this hut with the Heart Piece

At some point in the level, you will reach a large gate and inside that area, you will be introduced to the Frogster enemy. Just outside that gate, there is a path that leads upwards, to a lone hut with a wooden door. A Heart Piece will be inside the hut, but if you look around to the side, you will find this Crystal.

Crystal #5 Location

The fifth Crystal is found with the moving Eternal World platforms

The fifth Crystal won’t come into the picture until you have gotten your “upgraded” gloves. There will be dark crystals you can hit that cause you to enter the Eternal World, where some platforms only appear for a short period of time. Not too long after you’re introduced to this, you will encounter a spot with a dark crystal that spawns three platforms that move from side to side. The Crystal will be on the one side with the middle platform here.

Crystal #6 Location

The sixth Crystal is plain sight, above a bear trap

This Crystal and the next are in the same area, pretty much right next to each other. After the series of dark crystals that spawn platforms, you will reach a checkpoint. The next little section will have you hopping across, complete with bear traps and a large swinging fish. The Crystal will be in the air above the first bear trap, right before the swinging fish.

Crystal #7 Location

The seventh Crystal is in the same area as the sixth, also above a bear trap

This is in the same area as Crystal #6, but it’s above a platform a few jumps down, past the swinging fish.

Crystal #8 Location

The eighth Crystal is on the platforms by the first Eternal Well

You will find the eighth Crystal in the same vicinity as the first Eternal Well. This will be at the end of a side path in the Frogster music area, where you have to navigate some small platforms and should meet your first spider enemy. From the Eternal Well, which is found at the very end, there are some more platforms leading upward, and the Crystal will be on one of them.

Crystal #9 Location

The ninth Crystal is hidden in the water inside the cave

At some point during The Dark Forest, you will hit a button on the ceiling and open a locked gate, which will allow you to enter a cave. There will be a pool of water inside this cave and in the one corner of that pool, you will find the Crystal. This is quite difficult to see and can be easily missed if you’re not paying attention. If you get to the fork, with one path leading to a Heart Piece, then you’ve gone too far.

Crystal #10 Location

(1 of 2) The solved puzzle with the slabs

The solved puzzle with the slabs (left), The last three Crystals are on the bridge that forms from the puzzle pieces (right)

The last three Crystals in The Dark Forest are all bunched together and can be found towards the end of the level. You will eventually come to a puzzle, where a large mural-like wall is in front of you. There will be two stones on the ground, and hitting them will cause them to join the puzzle. The goal of the puzzle is to make a path so the line connects to both large crystals on either end. You can do this by simply smacking each piece with one of your attacks to rotate them. Once you finish the puzzle, the mural will break up and form a bridge for you. As you cross this bridge, you will collect the final three Crystals.

Crystal #11 Location

See Crystal #10’s description.

Crystal #12 Location

See Crystal #10’s description.


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