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How to Defeat Terror

Jarrod Garripoli

This page will give a guide on how to defeat the first boss of the game, Terror, in the level Terror’s Lair.

Terror will be the first boss of the game

Where to Find Terror’s Lair

If you have just finished The Dark Forest, then the exit from there will put you right in front of Terror’s Lair. If you are not coming from here, locate the area with the tables outside on Hopalloo Island, where there should be a big building right next to them. Look for the stump next to the building, and use that to reach the ledge above it. From there, you should see some handholds on the wall, which you can use to climb to the area with the entrance to Terror’s Lair.

How to Defeat Terror

(1 of 2) Terror will spin around the arena in straight lines

Terror will spin around the arena in straight lines (left), After tiring himself out, you can wallop him with your fists (right)

As the first boss of the game, Terror is fairly easy, although you will have to go through three phases in order to finally take him down. The first phase is simple enough, too, as he only has a single attack he will use. He will transform into a cyclone and spin around the arena, in straight lines and always aiming at you. Note that the trails he spins along will stay behind as flames, so your movement will be limited a bit here. You can, however, roll through the flames, if the need arises. After a few ricochets off the walls, Terror will eventually become dizzy and stop spinning, which is your cue to get some hits on him. You can usually get around 3 hits on the boss before he’ll start moving again.

Once Terror’s health reaches the first line on his health bar, the second phase will begin. A chandelier will appear in the middle of the arena, with Terror standing underneath it. The boss will send whirlwinds out in all directions, which kind of move a little bit back and forth, so you can’t just stand still in place to dodge them. After a few seconds of this, you should see the screen shake, which indicates that some objects will be falling to the ground. You will need to quickly pick one of these items up, then aim your camera at the chandelier and toss the item at it. Do this three times to move onto the third phase.

(1 of 5) The whirlwinds will oscillate back and forth

The third, and final, phase of the bout with Terror will have him doing the same attack as in the second phase. There’s nothing different with these whirlwinds, so continue dodging them in the same manner as before. However, to damage Terror, you will need to wait until some platforms appear out of nowhere, which will happen after a set amount of time. These platforms will lead you to one of the dark crystals you encountered in The Dark Forest. Simply hit the dark crystal with any attack to cause damage to the boss, with three hits finally putting Terror down for the count.

With Terror gone, you have your next course of action, to get to the jungle where he found that crystal. Of course, you will need some kind of transportation to get there, with the game showing you where to go. Head on over there to get things started, although Gadget mentions that he needs his Special Wrench, which seems to be in The Lava Caves, your next area.


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