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Where to Find All Crystals in Walt's Dojo

Jarrod Garripoli

There are a number of collectibles to find in Kao the Kangaroo, with one of them being Crystals. Each level in the game will have these blue Crystals hidden throughout them, all of which will contribute to 100%. This page will give details on the locations of the Crystals in Walt’s Dojo.

Crystal #1 Location

(1 of 2) After you go under the wooden barrier with the Roll tutorial

After you go under the wooden barrier with the Roll tutorial (left), look in the little pond to find the first Crystal (right)

The first Crystal of Walt’s Dojo is in a spot where you might just run by it without thinking. As there are a number of tutorials in this level, you will want to follow the normal path until you get to the first one about rolling. You will be forced to roll underneath a wooden barrier in order to continue the level, so do just that. As soon as you come out on the other side, there will be a little pond below you and if you look closely, you should be able to see a blue crystal slightly submerged in it. That is the Crystal you need to collect.

Crystal #2 Location

(1 of 2) Use these platformers to reach the wooden walkway by the buildings

Use these platformers to reach the wooden walkway by the buildings (left), The second Crystal will be sitting above the little bridge there (right)

The second Crystal will not come until later in the level, after you get your new gloves and meet up with Walt. After the cutscene with him finishes, you will have to to punch a mushroom-like button on the wall to open a gate. Continue on from there and there will be another button to punch, with this one making a platform rise out of the water. Keep going through the level, past the colored huts and on the other side of them. There will be some platforms here to climb, leading to another locked gate.

Off to the side, there is another button to press, opening that locked gate. If you look opposite the button, there are more platforms you can use to reach the walkway around the huts. Jump over to the walkway and follow it to the little bridge connecting to the red hut. The Crystal will be in the air above that little bridge.

Crystal #3 Location

The third Crystal will be in the area with the stones you throw, right before the drawbridge

At some point late into the level, not too far from the end, you will be given a tutorial on picking up objects and throwing them. Defeating all of the crabs you have to throw rocks at here will drop a drawbridge. Before crossing that drawbridge, if you look towards the water to the right of the bridge, you should see a platform you can jump down to with the Crystal.


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