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Where to Find the KAO Letters in The Dark Forest

Jarrod Garripoli

One of the collectibles in Kao the Kangaroo is the letters that form the word, KAO. You will find these hidden throughout the majority of the stages, with this page focusing on the locations in The Dark Forest.

Where to Find the K Letter in The Dark Forest

The K Letter is found at the end of the walkway in the first area with Frogsters

Proceed along the normal path of the level, until you reach the little village area where you are introduced to the Frogster enemy (it will show its name in a little cutscene). Take out the Frogsters, then look along the one side for some platforms. These will take you to the roof of the one hut, where there will be a little triangular trampoline. Step on this trampoline to launch yourself over to the other side of the area, which will have one more Frogster waiting for it. Defeat the enemy, then go to the end of the path to find the K Letter.

Where to Find the A Letter in The Dark Forest

(1 of 2) Jump on this little trampoline here

Jump on this little trampoline here (left), To be launched to the A Letter (right)

When you get to the little area where you find some Frogsters playing music, which is where you are also introduced to the Range Frogster, check the one side of the arena to find a small, blue trampoline. Stepping on this will launch you to another trampoline, which will then put you right next to the A Letter.

Where to Find the O Letter in The Dark Forest

(1 of 3) The first button for the latch will need you to jump and hit it

The O Letter will be hidden underneath a trap door/latch, once you make it out of the small cave with the water inside it. In order to open up this trap door, you will need to hit two buttons in quick succession, as hitting the first one will cause a hidden timer to start counting down. The first button is on the ceiling right next to the trap door, while the second one is up some platforms nearby, although you need to move fast not just because of the timer, but also the plethora of bear traps. So, hit the first button (there will be a ticking timer noise now), then move quickly to hit the second one. If you do it right, then the latch will open and you will be able to go inside to grab the O Letter.


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