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Walt's Dojo Walkthrough

Jarrod Garripoli

This page will give a walkthrough for the Walt’s Dojo stage for Kao the Kangaroo.

Kao is trying to be prepared before setting out on his adventure

Runes Crystals Scrolls
0 3 1

Walt’s Dojo is the first actual stage in Kao the Kangaroo and acts like a tutorial. Despite being the tutorial, though, it does have some of the collectibles that are a part of the game, all of which can be gotten on your first playthrough, so definitely keep a lookout for them (their numbers are listed above). There will be crabs throughout this stage, holding up signs, who will act as your tutorials. Simply hit the Triangle DualSense-ButtonTriangle/Y Xbox-ButtonY (Xbox)/ X Joy-Con-ButtonX (Switch) button to bring up the tutorial window, showing you how to do the things it mentions.

Upon starting the stage, run forward and jump over the log in the middle of the path, then continue a little more past that. You will see a gold coin here, which is called a Ducat in this game, acting as the currency. It’s a great idea to collect them whenever you see them, as there is a shop in the main hub, where you will be able to purchase some things. Also, whenever you pick up the Ducat, you will notice something at the top of your screen, called the Kaopedia. This is just a chronicle of things you have collected, as well as the characters/enemies you’ve met. Note that you will also find your moveset listed here, in case you need a fresh reminder how to do a maneuver.

(1 of 2) The crabs with the boards will offer you some brief tutorials

The crabs with the boards will offer you some brief tutorials (left), The shallow water will not harm you, but will slow you down a little bit (right)

Keep going and look at the blue water here. This is shallow water and you are able to jump in it without having to take damage or lose a life (yes, this game has a lives system). Jump in it, then hop up and grab the next ledge to continue with your learning experience. Once you reach a broken bridge, you will learn about the Double Jump, which is done by simply pressing the jump button again while in the air. Upon crossing the bridge, look to your right to see some Ducats stacked vertically. If you move your camera upwards, you will notice a ledge above you, but you won’t be able to quite reach it from this spot, so continue on just a little bit more to see a side path.

Path to the K Letter

As the tutorial crab mentions, it’s in your best interests to explore any side paths you come across in your adventure, as you never know what treasures will be present. Jump up to the little island in the middle of the shallow water, then to the next ledge, where a treasure chest will be seen. Smacking it with your fists will open it, rewarding you with a lot of Ducats (the chests will usually also contain a health refill, in case you need it). There’s another ledge near the chest, which will bring you to your first collectible of the game, the K Letter. In the majority of the levels, there are three letters that spell out the name of the protagonist, KAO. You will need to collect all of these, if you wish to unlock the KAO! Achievement/Trophy.

(1 of 3) Head down this side path by the one tutorial crab

Jump back down to the main path and continue past where you took the side one. You will come to a wooden gate, as well as another tutorial crab, with this one teaching you about rolling. This is done by pressing the Circle /B (Xbox)/A (Switch) button, and it allows you to roll under objects too low for you to walk through normally. Do this to get under the gate, then stop at the edge. If you look down into the little pond right below you, there should be some blue object in the water. This is another of the collectibles, a Crystal, of which there will be a specific number in each level. Collect Crystal #1, then roll under the next gate.

There will be a bell just ahead, which are this game’s checkpoints. Simply walking by one will trigger the checkpoint, but there is something the game doesn’t tell you about them. Striking them will cause some Ducats to spill out, as well as a health refill, so keep that in mind for whenever you are running low. Also, as the crab mentions, the green water is deeper water and falling in will remove a heart of health and reset you back at the checkpoint (all collectibles will respawn, but you keep any Ducats collected). As you move past the checkpoint, there will be another side path, with a thin piece of wood and some Ducats. It will lead to a box with a question mark (?) on it, which are destructibles you can bust open for more Ducats.

Return to the main path, jump up to the next ledge and roll under the gate. Ahead will be another tutorial crab, with this one teaching you about extra lives, called Kao Lives. There will be one floating in the air, so jump and collect it, then stop to take in the scenery. If you look to the one side, there is a waterfall and like any good design, there is obviously going to be treasure behind it. So, hop into the water and go through the waterfall to find the A Letter. A little further along the main path, you will find a crater and approaching it will trigger a cutscene. Kao will find his father’s gloves and you will finally meet Walt, who takes care of some enemies.

(1 of 3) The first Crystal is in the water right after the rolling tutorial

The Training Continues

Despite being able to punch before, you now have some gloves and they seem to pack a bigger bite? The game focuses on the gate in front of you, which can be opened by punching the mushroom-looking button to the right of it. Pass through the gate and you will now be outside, on a beach. The next tutorial crab will mention that you can punch destructibles in the world to gain some Ducats; the punching bags right next to the crab will count as destructibles, meaning you can get some free Ducats from them. There will be another button just beyond those bags, so hit it to cause a platform to rise out of the water.

A crab with a bucket on it will appear on the platform, acting like some sort of test dummy. This isn’t an actual enemy, so you can completely ignore it if you want. However, there is another collectible in the area, and it is kind of well hidden. If you look at the giant rocks on the one end, with the wooden boards behind them, you should notice that one of the boards appears to have a gap underneath it. Jump down into the water and roll underneath the wooden barrier, where you should find a small platform with another tutorial crab, and the collectible, which is a Scroll.

(1 of 3) You can roll under this wooden fence here

Get back on the main path now and jump across the platforms, learning about the various attacks and combos you have in your arsenal. There is a side platform with some Ducats for you to collect, if you want, but keep going to learn some more things. When you reach the button on the ground, you will have to perform a Ground Slam attack, which is done by jumping, then hitting Circle DualSense-ButtonCircle/B Xbox-ButtonB (XBOX)/A Joy-Con-ButtonA (Switch) while in the air. This attack can also be used to hit multiple enemies at once. In the next little area, you will learn about enemies possibly dropping Scrolls that contain some lore about them.

Roll underneath the wooden blockade and the next tutorial crab will teach you about the Tail Attack. Basically, just jump and while in the air, press the attack button to have Kao perform a spin attack with his tail. This can be used to hit flying enemies, as well as objects not on the ground. Head up the ramp to another locked gate, so hop on the platforms to the side to find the button to open it in the air. Use the Tail Attack to hit the button, but don’t pass through the gate just yet. You should see some other platforms in the area, so jump over to them to reach the walkway by the huts.

There are wooden doors on these huts that can be busted open, allowing you to go inside them. The blue hut just has a breakable for some Ducats, and as you make your way to the red hut, you will find Crystal #2 suspended in the air on the little bridge. Make your way to the red hut and inside it will be the O Letter, completing that set of collectibles in this level. Double back and pass through that gate that opened, where you learn that the roll can help you dodge incoming damage. Squeeze by the contraptions trying to harm you and when you reach the checkpoint on the other side, look to the left of it to spot a chest that contains some Ducats.

To the right of the checkpoint will be another quick tutorial session. There are some rocks on the ground and you can approach them to see they are grabbable with the Triangle DualSense-ButtonTriangle/Y Xbox-ButtonY (Xbox)/ X Joy-Con-ButtonX (Switch) button. While holding the rock (or whatever you grab), look for the target reticule and throw the item with R2 DualSense-R2/RT Xbox-TriggerRight/ZR Joy-Con-ZR. Toss the rocks to defeat the three crabs sitting still, then a little further along, there will be another crab you can snipe with more rocks. Doing this will cause the drawbridge to fall down, allowing you to cross.

(1 of 4) Use these platformers to reach the wooden walkway by the buildings

Before doing that, however, you will want to look to the side to spy Crystal #3 on a platform off the edge. Jump down to grab it, then hop back up to the main path and cross the drawbridge. Right past the checkpoint, you will face off against a real enemy, some kind of frog. This is nothing, so simply strike it with your gloves to finish it off. Cross the final bridge and go up the stairs, then approach the door, holding the button shown to finish the stage and head back to Hopalloo Island.


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