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Where to Find All Scrolls in Hopalloo Island

Jarrod Garripoli

There are a number of collectibles to gather in Kao the Kangaroo, with Scrolls being one of them. Scrolls will give you some lore to read about the game’s world, such as the characters and enemies you come across. This page will detail the Scroll you find in Hopalloo Island.

Scroll #1 Location

The first Scroll will be off to the side by where Walt's Dojo's entrance is located

Upon finishing up Walt’s Dojo, there will a cutscene that introduces you to Hopalloo Island and your current goal. Once you regain control, if you look to your right, in the initial area, you should see the Scroll right out in the open.

Scroll #2 Location

(1 of 2) Look for the gong by Walt's Dojo's entrance

Look for the gong by Walt's Dojo's entrance (left), then look inside the one building to find the second Scroll (right)

After collecting the previous Scroll, go back to the entrance to Walt’s Dojo and you should see two buildings there (they are just behind you when you first regain control after finishing Walt’s Dojo). The Scroll will be in one of those buildings (along with a Crystal in the corner).

Scroll #3 Location

(1 of 2) Once you see the bridge with the paint on it

Once you see the bridge with the paint on it (left), go into the house on the hill to find the third Scroll (right)

Locate the bridge with the paint on it, which is down the stairs from the exit leading to Walt’s Dojo, towards the side with the windmill on top of a hill. Cross that bridge now and head up the hill/steps, to the house there. Inside that house will be the Scroll.

Scroll #4 Location

(1 of 2) Your house is the large one on the beach

Your house is the large one on the beach (left), Inside your house is the fourth Scroll (right)

Head to the beach portion of the island and look for the large house, which is actually your place (your mother, Marlene, will be standing out in front). Go inside your house and the Scroll will be right there, in the open.

Scroll #5 Location

(1 of 2) If you can see the little pond with rocks around it

If you can see the little pond with rocks around it (left), you will find the fifth Scroll on a small platform near it (right)

From the entrance of your house, described above, look for the small wooden ramp that leads towards the grassy areas. Go up the ramp, past the farmer’s house, and up the next little ramp. If done right, you should see a small pond here, with a bunch of rocks surrounding it. Just beyond that little pond will be a small waterfall, with a platform in front of it, which is where you’ll find the Scroll.

Scroll #6 Location

(1 of 3) Double jump and tail spin to reach the ledge above this stump

Return to the farmer’s house described above and cross the little wooden bridge, where you should see some tables ahead. Just beyond those tables is a red house, but your destination lies behind it. Get on the cliffside behind that house and look for the little ledges you can grab onto on the wall, right in between the little waterfalls. Scale the cliffside using those ledges, until you see the entrance to Terror’s Lair. The Scroll will be right in front of the entrance to that stage.


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