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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Part 3

Claire Farnworth

A Voice From Below

Difficulty 1*
Availability From Day 3
Quest Item(s) Needed Monster Mince x 10
Gil Obtained 200
Item(s) Obtained Thrilling Party Hat, Love-struck Party Hat
HP +10
Strength +2

Monster Mince is found off Hanuman and Vali who frequent Rocky Crag and Jagd Woods once certain monsters are extinct.

Two Together

Difficulty 1*
Availability Complete “Sun Flower” and “Moon Flower” Canvas quests.
Quest Item(s) Needed Dayring Blossom x 8, Moonsoul Bloom x 6
Gil Obtained 750
Item(s) Obtained White Flower, Pink Flower
HP +10
Magic +2

You should try and collect both types of flowers whenever you see them during your travels around the Wildlands. Make a point of this to save you a lot of trouble later on.

Dumpling Cook-off

Difficulty 2*
Availability Complete “Echoes of a Drum” and “A Voice From Below” Canvas quests.
Quest Item(s) Needed Monster Mince x 15, Green Leather x 15
Gil Obtained 600
Item(s) Obtained Silvered Insignia, Bronze Medal
HP +20
Strength +2
Magic +1

You will probably naturally collect this amount during your travels around the Wildlands. There is no need to go out of your way to collect it really, as long as you diligently fight each monster you see.

A Secret Wish

Difficulty 2*
Availability Complete “Forget Me Not” and “A Word of Thanks” Canvas quests.
Quest Item(s) Needed Vibrant Ooze x 20, Wonder Gel x 10
Gil Obtained 700
Item(s) Obtained Summery Parasol, Pink Tattoo
HP +20
Strength +2
Magic +1

During your trip to the Temple of the Goddess, you will probably encounter enough Ectopuddings to obtain the Wonder Gel. Vibrant Ooze is easy to come by because Miniflans appear in quite large numbers around the Grasslands.

Sylkis Secrets

Difficulty 1*
Availability Complete “Chocobo Cheer” side quest.
Quest Item(s) Needed Gysahl Greens x 3, Tantal Greens x 2, Sylkis Greens x 1
Gil Obtained 900
Item(s) Obtained Dusk Feather Pin, Dragon Hide Backpack
HP +10
Magic +2

You must complete “A Father’s Request” and “The Old Man and the Field” side quests to gain access to the Gysahl and Tantal Green plots. Sylkis Greens can be grown in Moogle Village by speaking with Mogella after completing “Peace and Quiet, Kupo”. You will need Vegetable Seeds to plant in all the plots.

Hunting The Hunter

Difficulty 3*
Availability Complete “Hunter’s Challenge” Canvas quest.
Quest Item(s) Needed Green Monster Moss x 8
Gil Obtained 1300
Item(s) Obtained Red Chocobo Chick, Blue Chocobo Chick
HP +30
Strength +4
Magic +2

You will need to kill a lot of Chocobo Eaters to get 8 Green Monster Moss. You can find a lot in Eremite Plains but also on the highways linking the Wildlands to Dead Dunes and Luxerion from Day 9. Day 6 is a good day to hunt them because by Day 7, they receive quite a substantial stat boost though Lightning can cope regardless.

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