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All Citadel Relic Record Locations

Matt Chard

When traversing through the maps in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, you may come across old messages hidden throughout them. These are called Relic Records, and each one contains a piece of lore for that area. Once you’ve found one, you can check them in your Hunter’s Notes. This page will help you find all the Relic Records in the Citadel map.

Relic Records are recorded in your notebook.

Relic Record 1

The first Relic Record can be found in area 3. Make your way over there, and go into the ruins in the southern part of the area. When you get there, you’ll need to look for a well. This can be found directly under the number 3 on the map. Drop into the well by using the vines, and slowly go down until you can find a hole in the wall about one quarter of the way down. Go through the hole, and follow the path down the tunnel to an area outside, and the Relic Record will be sitting under the gazebo. Note, if you go back up the tunnel, you can use a barrel bomb to blow up the red door in there to receive some account items.

Relic Record 2

The second Record can be found in the eastern part of area 4. When you get into area 4, there’ll be an “Abandoned Tower”. This is situated a little northwest of the number 4 on the map. From there, climb over the dilapidated wall to the northeast then climb up the fallen tower next to it. Now, look over to the northeast, and make your way over to the dilapidated houses and climb on top of the house with the blue mushroom on it, and look up to the northwest. Use your wirebugs to the wall on the cliff face then jump to your right. Finally, climb the house to the east, and up the wall to a ledge above it. The Record will be hidden amongst the shrubbery.

Relic Record 3

This record will require a barrel bomb so make sure you bring one. Head over to area 2, and follow the main road until you can go across the large bridge heading towards area 4. Go across the bridge until you reach the Jewel Lilies/Great Wirebug on your right, and drop into the river below. If you follow the river downstream while looking to your right, you’ll see a red wooden gate in the rocks. Use your barrel bomb to blow the gate up, and the Record will be inside.

Relic Record 4

One of the easier Records to get, although it will still require some wirebug jumps. Head north towards area 6 via the eastern path. When you get to the area with the Remoras, climb the northwestern wall where a Jewel Lily/Great Wirebug will be. Take the Wirebug north, and when you land turn to your east. Make your way along the ledge towards the mining point, and you should see an icy ledge in the distance. Use two wirebug jumps to land on the icy edge, and the Record will be at the tip of it.

Relic Record 5

This Record is one of the tougher ones to find as it is really well hidden. Make your way to area 10, and follow the main path all the way north until you reach an archway. Turn to your west, and climb the wall up. Now run up the two walls to your north, and turn west. If you look up, you should see an Aurotle on the ledge. Use a wirebug jump or two to reach it then run up the wall to your north where the damaged cannon lays.

Go through the tunnel, and wait at the edge. This is the tricky part. Aim your reticle to look at the edge of the roof, and use a wirebug jump out of the tunnel. Now hang in midair, turn the camera towards the way you just came, and make another wirebug jump towards the wall on the cliff face to your north. Follow the wall up, and you’ll end climbing up a block into a hole. If you run out of stamina while you do this, keep wirebug jumping back into the wall to continue the climb. The record will be on top of the block, inside the hole.

Relic Record 6

This Record is quite well hidden. Make your way to area 5 via the area 10 path. About three quarters of the way up the path, there’ll be a small cave in the wall to your right. Go into the small cave, and drop to where the bones are. Immediately you’ll have two ways to go, the left path leads to the Stately Storage account item, and a dead end. Get that if you want then take the right path. Follow the tunnel all the way until you reach a lantern, then turn to your left (northwest). The record will be sitting at the back, but you’ll need to wirebug jump over to it as there is a gap between you.

Relic Record 7

This Record can be found atop a bell tower in area 12. From the main camp, take the path west into area 13. When you get to the swampy area, turn north, and climb the wall next to the broken tree trunk. Climb up the next wall to your north, and you’ll see the bell tower. Finally, climb the tower to the top where the Record will be waiting for you.

Relic Record 8

This is a nice easy Record to find. Go to area 13, where the swamp is. To your south there is a broken tree trunk on top of the wall. Climb the wall, and use your wirebug jumps to jump into the tree trunk. The Record will be at the bottom of the tree trunk on the ledge below.

Relic Record 9

This Record will be in area 14. Make your way over there, and head into the large ruin. When you go through the large archway. Stop, and turn the camera behind you facing to the southwest. You’ll want to climb this pillar/wall almost all the way to the top. This’ll require a lot of stamina, and smart usage of your wirebugs to reach it. Using a dash juice, and/or the dango wall runner buff will make this easier. The Record is sitting on the ledge next to the broken circular shape at the top.

Relic Record 10

Finally, the last one. This can be found in the far northeast of the map in area 4. Head to area 4, and use the Great Wirebug nestled in-between the ruins to lift you up to the higher part of area 4. The Jewel Lily/Great Wirebug is in the ruins, northeast of the number 4 on the map. When you reach the higher platform. Run north, past the raised platform with the Jewel Lily/Great Wirebug, and take the eastern path when you hit the wall. Keep going east until you reach a bonepile, and go through the small gap to the north. This will unlock the northeastern sub-camp for Citadel. From there, go through the somewhat hidden hole in the northwest, and slide down the tunnel where the Record will be sitting amongst three red Spiribirds.

Citadel Relic Record Rewards

Icon Name
LunagaronStatueIconsMonsterHunterRise.png Lunagaron Statue
GarangolmStatueIconsMonsterHunterRise.png Garangolm Statue


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