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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

How to Start Sunbreak and Unlock Master Rank

Matt Chard

This page will tell you everything you need to know about starting the Sunbreak content in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. You may be wondering why even after you’ve purchased the expansion, you still can’t access any of its content. Well, the reason for this is that Sunbreak has some requirements to fulfill before you can head to the harbor port of Elgado.

Sunbreak Requirements

  • Reach HR7 (Hunter Rank)
  • Complete the 7★ Urgent Quest “Serpent Goddess of Thunder”.
  • Talk to Rondine standing on the bridge at the entrance to Kamura Village.
  • Complete the Gathering Hub 7★ Urgent Quest “Uninvited Guest” and defeat the Daimyo Hermitaur..
  • Talk to Fiorayne who is standing next to the smithing hut, and choose the option to “Travel to Elgado Outpost”.

Rondine can be found waiting for you on the bridge in Kamura Village providing you have done the prerequisites.

How to unlock Master Rank

Now that you have reached Elgado, head over to the burly man standing in the Central Plaza who goes by the name of Galleus Arlow. After introducing himself, Master Utsushi will ‘drop’ into the conversation. He’ll tell you that he has some new skills to teach you, and that you should head back to Kamura’s arena as Elgado couldn’t afford one, cheapskates!

When you arrive in Elgado, talk to Galleus Arlow to begin Master Rank.

Talk to Master Arlow (Galleus) again which will initiate the quest. Now you’ll be back in Kamura, at the arena. Master Utsushi will teach you the fundamentals of the Switch Skill Swap, and the Switch Skill Evade technique. When you’ve played around with it a bit, jump into the arena, and battle the Arzuros there. You’ve probably fought these a million times by now, so defeat it when you’re ready while maybe trying out the new Switch Skills you’ve just learned, and the Switch Skill Swap. When you return to Elgado, Master Rank will unlock.

Master Utsushi will give you some new switch skills to play with.

What it Master Rank

In previous games of the series, the expansions would add a “G” Rank with the “G” standing for Great, so Great Rank. This is the term they used in Japan so that term stuck over to the west. Master Rank is the exact same thing as G-Rank, just a different name for it in the west. So what is the Master Rank you ask? Well Master Rank increases the difficulty across the board, the monsters that you hunt will have more health, higher attack, and defense. Some monsters will even gain new attacks!

If your gear isn’t up to scratch, you could find yourself getting carted in one or two hits, so now would be a good time to upgrade your gear if you haven’t already. Along with the difficulty increase, Master Rank will offer a slew of new quests, requests, and other new mechanics as you progress through it.

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