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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

New Dango Flavors in Sunbreak

Matt Chard

With a new expansion comes new Dango flavors! Not only are there new Dango added to the already extravagant list of Dango flavors, but a new system was also added called “Hopping Skewers”. Read below to find out everything about Sunbreak’s Dangos.

Hopping Skewers

First things first, let’s talk about Hopping Skewers. This new system allows you to power up your Dango’s at the cost of the activation chance. For example, this will turn the popular Mint-iature Dango’s skill effects from “Temporarily increases attack and defense after consumption, once.” And change it to “Attack and Defense are greatly increased for a short period of time after eating.”

(1 of 2) As you can see here. When using the Dango Booster in the top slot with Hopping Skewer activated. Its skill effect increases to Level 4, but activation chance drops to 50%.

As you can see here. When using the Dango Booster in the top slot with Hopping Skewer activated. Its skill effect increases to Level 4, but activation chance drops to 50%. (left), Without Hopping Skewers activated, the skill effect stays at Level 2, but it has a higher activation chance at 70%. (right)

With Hopping Skewers, the position on where you place them matters too. If you place a Dango in the top spot of the skewer, you’ll get a chance at the Level 4 skill effect, but your activation chance will be greatly reduced by 20%. The middle Dango will get the chance of a Level 3 skill effect, but once again the activation chance will be reduced by 10%, so not as high as the top Dango. Finally, the bottom Dango will only offer a level 1 skill effect, but your activation chance of receiving said effect will be increased by 10%. It’s worth noting that if you use a Dango ticket, you will get 100% across all Dango’s, so Hopping Skewers are worth using all the time when you have a ticket activated.

The level 4 Skill effect will change it from slightly at Level 1 to Greatly at Level 4, so you want to make use of these whenever youre using a Dango Ticket as that will negate the activation chance.

New Dango Flavors

Icon Dango Category Skill Effects Activation Chance
AmbleRambleDangoMonsterHunterRiseSunbreak.png Amble Ramble Determined Flavors Dango Guard: Slightly reduces damage taken during sheathed dashes and wall runs. 80%
CarelessCaramelDangoMonsterHunterRiseSunbreak.png Careless Caramel Determined Flavors Dango Driver: Slightly increases the amount of recoverable damage when taking damage. 50%
SelfKelpDangoMonsterHunterRiseSunbreak.png Self Kelp Determined Flavors Dango Defender: Whenever you take a set amount of damage, damage from the next hit is slightly reduced. 80%
EasyBreezyDangoMonsterHunterRiseSunbreak.png Easy-Breezy Unusual Flavors Dango Shifter: Performing a Switch Skill Swap slightly recovers health. 50%
HideandSeekDangoMonsterHunterRiseSunbreak.png Hide-and-Seek Unusual Flavors Super Recovery Dango: Gradually recovers health over time when discovered by a large monster. 60%
GooeyChewyDangoMonsterHunterRiseSunbreak.png Gooey Chewy Unusual Flavors Dango Flyer: Extends hanging time during a midair stop. 70%

How to Unlock New Dango Flavors

Self Kelp

Client Quest Quest Details Prerequisites
Azuki the Cook Supply Line Shell Game Defeat 2 Daimyo Hermitaurs Complete M1★ Urgent Quest “Tetranadon Blockade”.

Complete M1★ Urgent Quest Tetranadon Blockade to access this quest.

Careless Caramel

Client Quest Quest Details Prerequisites
Azuki the Cook Pinecone Pelting Panic Defeat 2 Blood Orange Bishatens Complete M1★ Urgent Quest “The Assault of the Scarlet Tengu”.

Complete M1★ Urgent Quest The Assault of the Scarlet Tengu to access this quest.


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