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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

What's New in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Matt Chard

This page is designed to let you know all about the new features getting added to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is the new expansion to Monster Hunter Rise.


When Monster Hunter Rise launched on the Nintendo Switch in March 2021 the consensus was that the latest installment of Monster Hunter was a good game. The only downside was that veterans of the series complained it was on the easier side compared to previous games. The expansion, Subreak claims to change all that with the added Master Rank (also known as G-Rank). Expect to fight a host of new monsters, whilst also fighting the Master Rank version of the current roster which will also have more powerful variants. Alongside the new Master Rank, there will be a lot more features to play with.

New Gameplay Systems

The new gameplay system is called “Switch Skill Swap”. Although it’s a bit of a mouthful to say. This system allows you to change your Switch Skills on the fly. You can even create loadouts for different switch skill sets!

(1 of 2) You can save loadouts of Switch Skills to each scroll, and change them mid-battle.

You can save loadouts of Switch Skills to each scroll, and change them mid-battle. (left), After switching skills, you can swap evade by pressing the roll button. This allows you to dodge midair in any direction. (right)

Another addition to this system is another evasion tool which is called “Swap Evade”. After you’ve used Switch skill Swap, use the roll button to perform a jumping dodge in any direction which allows you to keep your distance from the incoming monster.

Finally, another small, but very welcome addition is the improved wall-running. The change to this system allows you to dash, jump, or use a midair evade into the wall without having to use the wirebug gauge. This option can be turned off in the settings.

New Silkbinds

Each of the 14 weapon types will have a host of new silkbinds to discover. Silkbinds add new moves, and attacks to your arsenal. You can find out more about them here.

New Locations

There are two new locations that you can hunt in. The Citadel, which is a locale centered around the forlorn ruins of an old castle. This place has it all from lush forest-covered areas to frozen icescapes. The second locale is a fan-favorite from previous games called the Jungle. This area is known to have a warm climate with abundant rainfall. Expect to see expansive caverns, lush waterfalls, and relaxing waterside areas for when you need a break from hunting.

The Citadel (left) is set around a ruined castle, whilst the Jungle (right) is set on a lush Paradise Island.

New Monsters

This is the main reason you’ll want to play Sunbreak. The expansion brings at least 13 announced monsters. Some of these will be entirely new monsters to the series including the three lords, Elder Dragon Malzeno, Boulder-like Garangolm, and Ice wolf-like Lunagaron.

The Three Lords, Garangolm, Malzeno, and Lunagaron.

Then you’ll have several returning monsters from previous games which include: Astalos (Monster Hunter Generations), Gore Magala (Monster Hunter 4), Espinas (Monster Hunter: Frontier), Daimyo Hermitaur ( Monster Hunter 2), Seregios (Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate), and Shogun Ceanataur (Monster Hunter 2.

Finally, you’ll have numerous subspecies which include: Aurora Somnacanth, Magma Almudron, Blood Orange Bishaten, and Pyre Rakna-Kadaki.

New Characters

There are a host of new allies to be found in Sunbreak. As you make your journey to the headquarters in Elgado, you’ll meet up with the knights of the Royal Order.

All new allies of Elgado.

New Follower Collab Quests

This new system is a single-player only activity where you can go on quests with various characters that appear in the story. Doing these will earn you exclusive rewards. There are two types of Follower Collab quests which are:

  • Follower Quests - Followers are powerful allies who hunt with you during the quest. By completing their quests, you can deepen the bonds between you which will allow you to call for their support in Support Surveys.

  • Support Surveys - These allow you to call Followers who you have a deep bond with to be called upon in quests. Each follower can have different weapons, although they do have a preferred weapon.

New Weapons

Each of the 14 Weapon types will have a huge variety of new weapons to craft. Most of these will be crafted from the new monsters added in Sunbreak, but there will most likely be upgrades to the older weapons too.

New Armors

Just like with weapons, expect to see various new armor sets added due to all the new monsters coming with Sunbreak.

New Endemic Life

There’s a lot of new Endemic Life on its way to Sunbreak. The most interesting being the two new types of Morphed Wirebugs that can be found throughout the locales.

Icon Name Description
Ruby_Wirebug_Icons_Monster_Hunter_Sunbreak.png Ruby Wirebug Shining more brightly than the other red wirebugs. Picking one of these up will boost the amount of damage that Mounted Punishers will inflict.
Gold_Wirebug_Icons_Monster_Hunter_Sunbreak.png Gold Wirebug Once again it’ll shine more brightly than the other yellow wirebugs. Picking this one up will cause the opposing monster to drop more materials when it’s hit with mounted attacks.

You can also find various other new lifeforms throughout the locales including but not limited to:

Icon Name Description
Spearsquid_Icons_Monster_Hunter_Sunbreak.png Spearsquid Although these creatures have no instinct to fight, they will attack large monsters who go across their path.
Starburst_Bug_Icons_Monster_Hunter_Sunbreak.png Starburst Bug These beetles are formed in a star-shaped cluster and are found against walls. They remain stationary until they receive impact from monsters, and then they will release a dust that will explode and damage any creature caught within their radius.
Marionette_Spider_Icons_Monster_Hunter_Sunbreak.png Marionette Spiders Similar to the Puppet Spiders. These creatures can be used to send the monster in a different direction. If the monster is aimed towards an obstacle like a wall, it can damage the monster, and even topple it!
Slicercrab_Icons_Monster_Hunter_Sunbreak.png Slicercrab Often found in caves, these creatures are aggressive to anything of considerable size, and will attack them if they invade their space.
Thornytoad_Icons_Monster_Hunter_Sunbreak.png Thornytoad Mainly found in the Citadel’s forest. These small amphibians can devour wounded monsters, and when they’re attacked, they release a gastric acid that can make monsters flinch.
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