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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

All Jungle Relic Record Locations

Matt Chard

When traversing through the maps in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, you may come across old messages hidden throughout them. These are called Relic Records, and each one contains a piece of lore for that area. Once you’ve found one, you can check them in your Hunter’s Notes. This page will help you find all the Relic Records in the Jungle map.

Relic Records are recorded in your notebook.

Relic Record 1

This one is relatively easy to find. From the Main Camp, head west, but before you go into area 11, look to your right for a small hole in the wall, and go through it. Follow the path north until you reach a pool of water, and the first Relic Record will be sitting in the middle of it.

Relic Record 2

The second Record can be found just below area 7 on the map. You’ll want to climb up to the top until you see a large hollow tree. The Record will be sitting inside of it.

Relic Record 3

From Record 2, next to the hollow tree will be a platform to your northwest. When you stand on the edge of it, you’ll see some floating platforms with Spiribugs on them. This can be tricky to reach if you do it the intended way as you’ll need to use your wirebugs to navigate across these platforms. Instead, drop to the area below, and walk north until you see a wall with water trickling down it. If you look carefully, you can see an alcove almost hidden. Now do a double wirebug jump towards it to find the Record sitting snugly inside of it.

Relic Record 4

From Relic Record 2, head north until you reach the hollowed out log, and climb up the small wall to the northwest of it. Climb the bent over tree, and when you get on to the highest point of it, you should see a small floating platform to your northeast. Use your wirebug to reach it, and the Record will be sitting in the middle.

Relic Record 5

This Record is a bit tougher to find. Make your way to area 4, and follow the coast to the top until you can go through a cave to your northeast. Go through the cave, and keep an eye to the north for an archway you can go through. Go through it, turn west, and follow the thin path until you reach a Gust Crab. Climb the wall to your south, and there will be a small alcove hosting the Record.

Relic Record 6

Another relatively easy to find Record. Make your way to area 10 in the far north. When you get there, climb the ruins, and head behind them to find the Record sitting on the edge of the wall.

Relic Record 7

From area 10, head south into area 3 heading towards the large cave in the center. As you get close to it, climb up to the left of it or use the nearby Gust Crab until you get to the next layer just above the opening. From there, head west through the small hole in the wall which is somewhat covered by shrubbery. When you get through, drop to the bottom, and turn back on yourself. Climb the vines back up on the left to find a small hidden alcove hiding the Record.

Relic Record 8

This Record is probably the most frustrating one to get. Head back to the bent over tree that you climbed in Record 4, and you’ll need to make your way to the top of the humongous tree to your east. If you look at the tree, you’ll see a large mushroom on the left side of it. From the highest point of the bent-over tree, make two wirebug jumps onto it. Once you’re on it, go to the edge, and look up to the southeast. Your next jump will be to the top of the tree with a Brewhare on it. To reach this, make another two wirebug jumps towards it, and you should climb up to it. If you miss, you’ll need to do the whole process again.

When you’ve reached this tree, turn to the west, and look up. This is the last jump, and probably the easiest one to make. Make one wirebug jump, and use a normal jump as you get close to it. This should allow you to climb up. You can make two wirebug jumps instead, but you’ll need to hang in the air to avoid over jumping it. Now that you’ve reached the top, the record will be sitting in the middle.

Relic Record 9

Found in the far northeast of the map in the north of area 2. When you get towards the top part of area 2, you’ll see another area sticking out to the northeast. Climb the wall, and head to the top of it, and you’ll see two shrubberies. This Record is neatly placed in the middle of the one nearest to the mining outcrop.

Relic Record 10

Finally, the last one. This is hidden outside the map on a small island to the far northwest. To reach this, you’ll need to bring a barrel bomb. With the barrel bomb in hand, head over to area 1, and climb the wall in-between area 1 and 2. When you reach the top, you’ll see a bunch of vines covering a hole. This is what the barrel bomb is for, place it next to the vines, and blow it up to gain access to the hole.

Drop into the hole to find some Jewel Lilies, and interact with them to create a great wirebug. Note, before you use it, you’ll need to make an extra two jumps by interacting with the great wirebugs in midair. The first one is almost as soon as you leave the hole while the second one is in area 3. When you take the last wirebug in area 3, you’ll end up on the small island with the Record on it.

Jungle Relic Record Rewards

Icon Name
Astalos_Statue_Icons_Monster_Hunter_Rise.png Astalos Statue
Daimyo_Hermitaur_Statue_Icons_Monster_Hunter_Rise.png Daimyo Hermitaur Statue
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