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Chapter 1: Submarine Secrets

Rank Accuracy: Allowed Deaths: Completion Time: Enemies Killed:
A 70%> 2 45+
B 60-69% 3 50-90 Minutes 40-44
C 50-59% 5 90-110 Minutes 30-39
C 5+ >110 Minutes 0-29

Head through the door and go to the far end of the walway. Stealthily take out the guard from behind, the continue and crawl underneath the opening around the corner. There’s a second guard up ahead that you can kill stealthily by taking cover behind the wall of the corner and performing a melee attack on him as he approaches.

Go into the room nearby the forcefield and crawl to the adjacent room, then stealthily take out the Neo-Umbrella J’avo guard. There’s another guard in the hall. Take cover against the door and take not of his approaching shadow. As soon as he starts moving away from you, move in for the stealth kill. Wait for the guard behind the next laserfield to walk away, then go into the next room and kill the guard. He’ll transform so use a normal arrow to spike him against the wall, then use a melee attack to waste him.

Crawl through the vent and look through the grating to spot the guard above you. Shoot an arrow at him (through the grate), then exit the vent shaft and look around for a [ WOODEN BOX ]. Drop down the ladder at the end of the walkway.

There’s a [ WOODEN BOX ] here. Use the grapple hook to reach the next walkway and peek around the corner. Another guard walks up and down the walkway; he can be stealthily taken out with a melee attack from behind. Take cover against the wall near the corner, wait for the second guard to turn around, then take him out.

Move up the small steps but don’t go around the corner. Instead, push the crate with canisters out of the way to reveal a vent shaft. Move to the other end to get past the three guards. Up ahead are more guards. Take cover behind the boxes and proceed when the one closest to you turns around to move back to the middle.

You’ll want to duck at the ‘window’ opening up ahead, and shoot the guard inside the room when he’s look away (shoot him with a regular arrow). Break the [ WOODEN BOX ], then hop inside the room. There’s another [ WOODEN BOX ] in the corner, but be sure the guard in the walkway doesn’t spot you!

Now for the tricky part, to kill the guard stealthily you’ll want to keep track of where he is. You can do this by standing near the wall and positioning the camera so that you can see him. When he’s coming towards you, immediately head into the walkway and perform a melee attack on him, then hop through the window so the second guard doesn’t spot you. If the second guard notices that his buddy is gone, quickly take him out. You can also take him out from behind when he walks away from you. Continue on afterward, but note the upcoming Serpent Emblem:

$$$item 1683

Move down the walkway and loot the [ WOODEN BOX ] at the very end before dropping down. At the end of the vent shaft you’ll reach a luxurious room with a puzzle.

Inspect the door to conclude that it’s locked. The adjacent room has a hole through which you can look, but the view is blocked. Move back to the other side and press the button on the pedestal to move away the animal’s horns. View through the hole to reveal a whole different layer of paint behind the painting, including a sketch above the figure in the middle. Memorize the sketch (which is either a snake, a fish, a bird, or a human) and use the four devices in the room to match their sides with the picture so it depicts the sketch.

Head through the door and a cutscene will ‘introduce’ turret camera’s. Go around the corner, take cover against the next corner wall and shoot the guard up ahead (twice) with your bow. Stepping on the circular plate will activate the camera, although it’s easily bypassed. Move around the corner and enter the room. Inside you’ll find a [ RED HERB ] and [ INCENDIARY GRENADES x2 ] next to the beamer, along with a [ GREEN HERB ] (perfect for mixing) on the desk.

After watching the film, the alarm sounds. Waste the three guards, head through the hall, turn right and waste three more. There are also [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] here. Climb the boxes and move through the vent shaft. Drop down and activate the two camera’s (by walking over the round buttons on the floor); they’ll target the enemies, making this part a lot easier. Be sure to look around for [ WOODEN CRATES x3 ] and [ 9MM AMMO ].

There are [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] around the corner as well, but be sure to quickly take cover since there’s a guard behind a turret at the far end of the hall. He shoots in bursts, so whenever he’s not firing, rush over to the boxes up ahead and activate the camera behind him, killing the bastard.

Go through the door - and through the next - to reach some sort of generator room. There’s a [ WOODEN BOX ] here.

$$$item 1684

There’s another [ WOODEN BOX ] for you to smash open right before you drop down again. In the next room below, collect the [ ASSAULT SHOTGUN ] from the workbench and continue down the walkway. To the left is a [ WOODEN CRATE ], but it’s guarded by a crab guard. There are two more guards in the walkway up ahead, but they shouldn’t pose a major threat.

Climb the ladder at the end to reach a bigger area. Be sure to shoot the red canister to your left as you go around the corner (although you’ll want to let the guard mutate first) - instantly wasting the J’avo. There are [ WOODEN CRATES x3 ] in this area, and about twice as many J’avo that you’ll need to kill. After doing so, move towards the back of the area and shoot one of the J’avo to trigger a cutscene. Use the grapple hook to escape.

Go through the door afterwards and waste the guard in this control room. Be careful of his knife! There’s a [ WOODEN CRATE ] here as well. Turn right, head through the door and make your way over the broken catwalk and pipes in the next area. Follow the linear path until you reach an elevator. Upstairs, make your way through the walkway and defeat two more guards. There’s a [ WOODEN CRATE ] in the room right before the elevator.

Crawl to the end of the area, then use the grapple hook and make a run for it. Go up the ladder, leap over the gap and climb the next ladder (on the right). Leap over another gap and climb yet another ladder. Head through the tube to reach an intersection.

$$$item 1685

Climb the ladder and hop down. Quickly turn the valve to your right, then turn around and shoot the lock ahead of you to drop the chain fence. You can leap to the other side and continue straight ahead now. From here it’s a matter of quickly rushing up a series of ladders until you reach a room in which you’ll have to climb over a few boxes to your right. Make your way to the top of the room by rushing over the walkway and use the grapple hook at the end.

Move down the hall and hop through the opening. Ignore the Gnezdo (bee B.O.W.) here. We’re supposed to head behind us, but let’s make a quick side trip first by heading straight, hopping through another opening to find [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ], as well as …

$$$item 1686

Once you have it, continue going the way you’re supposed to go. Climb up two sets of ladders and jump down. Interact with the handprint machine to learn that you must restore power first. Jump down to the lower level and follow the path until you drop down.

In THIS area there are no less then five Gnezdo. Yikes! There are some [ WOODEN CRATES x3 ] to be found (1 to the north, 2 to the west) but I really don’t recommend going for them. Instead, quickly enter the west room and go right, then dive into the water (there should be a “Control Room” sign by this water entrance. Now swim north towards your objective.

You can also find a [ FIRST AID SPRAY ] in the water down here, although its position seems to move around. I found it under one of the pipes while swimming to the objective. Exit the water and go flip the lever to restore power. Now that that is done, return to the main area where you fell down at. This time, take the eastern path and go into the room on the left. Once you do, head left and dive again. Follow the path underwater to the left and exit. Kick the control panel to open the door and zipline your way upward. Crawl through the vent and soon you’ll be back into the power room.

Go interact with the controls to start a series of questions. This section is a little tricky, but shouldn’t be too bad if you skipped the Gnezdo earlier. Basically, Ada will ask you questions and you need to answer. You must be by the microphone / console though…

To make it interesting, you will constantly be attacked by J’avo. Fight them off and answer whenever you can. Feel free to move about when you are being asked the questions, but remember to go up to the console to answer! A couple of the J’avo will turn into Gnezdo, and there’s no way to avoid them for long, so take them out fast ( a hand grenade and melee works well). And as if things weren’t interesting enough, you are timed here, so be sure to give those answers fast before the counter reaches 2500.

Once the locks are disengaged, go stand by the console and use your grappling hook to escape. Enjoy the rest of the scenes.

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