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Chapter 5: Clearing One's Name

Rank Accuracy: Allowed Deaths: Completion Time: Enemies Killed:
A 70%> 2 15+
B 60-69% 3 50-65 Minutes 10-14
C 50-59% 5 65-85 Minutes 5-9
C 5+ >85 Minutes

After the cutscenes you’ll be flying a chopper and helping out Leon and Helena down below survive the zombie attack. The controls feel a little goofy, but here they are:

Action Xbox 360 Playstation 3
Steer Left Stick Left Stick
Aim Right Stick Right Stick
Ready Weapon LT L1
Fire Rt R1
Missle A R

Protecting Leon is all well and good, but be sure to aim for this emblem first and foremost!

$$$item 1699

With that in hand, resume your zombie-killing spree. I highly recommend saving your missiles here: your guns are all you need for zombies. Soon Leon and Helena will be safe. From here you’ll be headed down the streets, but you won’t be alone for very long. More helicopters will soon join you, flying in front of you. Shoot them down while avoiding as much fire as possible. After the first two you’ll be attacked by two at once. Use a missile to help even the odds and beware of any RPG attacks.

After they are beaten, you’ll see a scene (I call this the “Nice Model” scene), and here we can get another Serpent Emblem:

$$$item 1700

After making sure you got the emblem, use the right and left edges of the building to keep you safe from the chopper’s missiles. Keep on the move to avoid machine gun fire and swing up from cover while spraying your own machine guns to damage the chopper. It’s fairly easy to destroy with those tactics and you can even save your missiles if you wish (or use them… your choice). Once you destroy it, it’s off to the tower for us!

After the scenes you will of course be fighting Derek, Form Two with Leon and Helena. This fight is much easier with a helicopter! He only has a few attacks that work on you: one is the jumping tail lash, however this is very easily avoided by keeping on the move the entire fight. Just constantly circle either clockwise or counter-clockwise while firing away at Derek. The next weak attack is when he picks up a car and tries to throw it at you. You have plenty of warning before this happens though, and you can put the giant obelisk in between the two of you to remain safe.

His back is his weak point: you can destroy some of the plates back there and injure him badly. Keep firing and having fun with him. You’ll go through all of the scenes that Leon went through and it’ll feel like this part is taking forever, but put him down enough times (and keep shooting even when he’s in “human” form) and you’ll get past this section.

Watch the scenes and in the next section you can help out some poor survivors. Kill off all the zombies and protect them as best as you can and soon you’ll be helping a second group of survivors. As mean as it may sound, forget about them for now and look for the below emblem:

$$$item 1701

With that in hand, destroy the dynamite stick zombie to send the lightning spire tumbling below. Proceed to help out the survivors like normal until you move on and fight some BSAA zombies and a Whopper for a landing spot. Take them all out (you may as well use up your remaining missiles) and watch the scene. Gather up any items you can and instead of heading to the mission objective, head down the stairs nearby.

Down here you can find [ WOODEN CRATES x9 ], [ WOODEN BOXES x2 ] and a case with a [ FIRST AID SPRAY ] and [ ARROWS (PIPE BOMB) ] in it. Head for the objective now and zip your way up to the crane. Final Emblem Time!

$$$item 1702

Congrats, if you’ve been following this guide you should have all of the Serpent Emblems now and will have gotten the trophy or achievement for them.

Continue onwards and drop down when you can. Grab the [ GREEN HERB ] you find and enter the door to see a scene.

We’ll now be in the last part of the Simmons’ battle. Endure on top of the elevator and soon you’ll be on a walkway with Simmons. Here, I highly recommend using pipebomb arrows until a scene triggers. Be careful of the zombies walking around. Simmons’ charge is brutal, but you should be able to avoid it by either dodging to the left or right as he passed. He also shoots his claw at you that you can either dodge or counter.

After enough damage the walkway will collapse and Ada will shoot off to the final walkway. Leon and Helena are, of course, about to be chased by Simmons up the building. Take care of any zombies in the area and get out your sniper rifle so you can cover them. Make sure they climb up safely and another scene will take over.

It is now you and Leon with Simmons on the walkway. Keep laying into him and, when he becomes “human”, pummeling him. Use everything you have here, as the campaign is winding to a close. With enough punishment you’ll have him beat. Just remember to run over to him when he’s by the ledge!

Watch the scene and afterwards head through the room. Interact with the console and (optionally) watch the scenes. Continue on into the room and watch the final scenes.

Congrats on beating Ada Wong’s campaign!

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