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Chapter 1: Big Trouble In Little China

Rank Accuracy: Allowed Deaths: Completion Time: Enemies Killed:
A 70%> 2 70+
B 60-69% 3 80-90 minutes 50-69
C 50-59% 5 90-100 minutes 40-49
D 5+ >100 minutes 0-39

Drop down from the chopper and hop off the landing site, then smash the [ WOODEN CRATE ] nearby; these contain items and ammunition. Move all the way downstairs and look for [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] in the back (behind the green covered container) before going through the doors.

Outside, simply continue to the far end of the street, then kick in the door to your left and head upstairs. There’s a [ WOODEN BOX] and [ WOODEN CRATE ] to your immediate left. Proceed to the next room.

$$$item 1643

There’s a [ WOODEN BOX ] nearby the door. Head outside and go through the next door. Make your way through the halls and move outside again. Go around the corner and kick in the door at the end. Kill your first J’avo, then make your way to the far end of the road. Move right around the corner after you’ve reached the chopper and break the [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] and [ WOODEN BOX ] here.

Head through the door, move towards the next, then enter the building and defeat the J’avo inside. One is hiding behind a pillar; not that it really matters. Try out some of Chris’ melee attacks on him, then move through the back alley into the next building. Search for [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] here and continue through the next door; kill the J’avo that dares to attack your team member! Look down the street and you’ll see another J’avo hiding behind a box. He pops his head out every now and then, so a headshot is quite tempting.

Continue making your way through the street and defeat several J’avo. Before going through the door, smash the [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] on both sides of it. Inside the building a scene plays, after which you’ll encounter the first J’avo Ruka-SRP, which has a mutated arm. Its mutated body part is resistant to damage, so aim for his head and follow up with melee attacks. Shoot the other J’avo, then go upstairs, through the door, and hop down. Smash the [ WOODEN CRATE ] here before kicking the door in.

Several J’avo enter the street. You can take cover behind any of the boxes; shooting them from these cover positions is rather easy. The storage room to your right contains [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ], and there’s another [ WOODEN CRATE ] on the far end of the road. Go through the door on the far left and search the room for a [ WOODEN BOX ] and a [ WOODEN CRATE ].

$$$item 1644

Go upstairs and enter the next building. Several J’avo are inside, so take care of them and go upstairs. A mutated J’avo smashes a BSAA soldier through a door, so avenge him by wasting the guy. Melee attacks work well, especially when you follow them up with a head smasher after you’ve grounded the Ruka-SRP. Don’t miss the [ WOODEN CRATE ] in the room before you continue. Another Ruka-SRP attacks from the other room, so take care of that guy as well. The room adjacent to where he came out of contains a [ WOODEN CRATE ]. Head through the double doors of the hall after collecting its contents.

Break the two [ WOODEN CRATES ] before going upstairs. You can throw the J’avo off the catwalk if you approach him silently; the other J’avo on top of the stairs will notice, so kill him with either melee or a headshot. When you reach the roof, several J’avo appear in the distance. You can dispatch them right away, although you might find it easier to move in to get a better aim for their heads or even perform melee attacks on them.

$$$item 1645

Climb up the small ladder and jump over to the next roof, where you’ll need to climb another small ladder to reach a walkway that brings you to the next building. Before going up the long ladder at the end, smash the three [ WOODEN CRATES ] first.

You’ll be attacked by several more J’avo standing on two higher platforms of this roof, one in the back and one nearby. Quickly aim for their heads and perform melee attacks if you manage to rush in. Your team members should take care of any stragglers. When all J’avo have been dispatched of, go to the far right end corner of the roof and inspect the pole to use it as a cableway. It’s a good idea to heal up before doing this, especially on the higher difficulties. Obviously the cableway was just a setup to fall down, and Chris will have to make his way to the next building by rapidly tapping the indicated button. In the meantime, Piers has his hands full with dispatching the J’avo on the balcony who aren’t about to let Chris climb the pole peacefully.

Piers Gameplay

Piers will have to make sure Chris can climb to safety, so take out your rifle and aim for the heads of the four J’avo that appear on the balcony. Should they mutate into flying J’avo, dispatch those quickly as well. When Chris approaches the building he’s climbing towards, two J’avo appear there so you’ll need to take care of those as well.

Chris Gameplay

As Chris reaches the building after climbing the pole to the far end, take out any remaining J’avo and climb the long ladder. Immediately look to your left to spot [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ]. It’s possible to shoot some J’avo in the distance, and as you hop off the platform you might be able to dispatch a J’avo standing behind the nearby fence. Climb the ladder leading to the next platform and drop down on the left to find [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ]. Kill the J’avo that approach you and proceed by jumping to the next roof, as usual indicated by the red plates. Move on to the next ladder, climb up and drop down on the other side.

You can find [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] here, and you’ll most likely be attacked by a J’avo at this point. There are more J’avo up ahead, so run to the far end of the roof to exterminate any leftover ones. Be sure to spot [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] in the far right corner of the roof at this point, the climb the ladder to find another [ WOODEN CRATE ]. Move over the walkway and kill any remaining J’avo, then drop down on the roof to reunite with Piers.

When you’re all done, kick down the red door together with your partner and follow the path to a short ladder. Climb up and continue down the walkway until a blast hurls you onto the next roof. There are [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] in the corner, but you’ll want to dispatch the two J’avo on top of the building in the distance first. The same essentially applies to any J’avo that rush towards you; down them with melee attacks as much as possible. Proceed to the next roof and climb the ladder, make your way over the walkway (note the explosive barrel at the end), then drop down and smash the [ WOODEN CRATE ] before kicking down the red door with your partner.

Move over the next roof and head down the stairs to reach the Ace of Spades. You’ll have to hold out against a horde of J’avo until Bravo team reaches the area, which takes a few minutes. There are [ WOODEN CRATE x3 ] on this last rooftop, as well as [ FLASH GRENADE x3 ] on a low platform to the right, which can help in stunning (flying) J’avo. You can also shoot the explosive barrels to destroy tightly packed groups of enemies. When Bravo Team reaches the area, dispatch the last few J’avo and enter through the green doors to access the Ace of Spades.

Inside the building, kick in the next door and proceed through the hallways with caution. Various J’avo are inside the building; you can either take cover against walls or rush in and take out a few with melee attacks. Move to the far upper left hall and smash the [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ], then open the door and go downstairs. Head to the first door and smash the [ WOODEN BOX ] on the table, then make your way through the rooms until you reach a small hall. There are J’avo here, and you can search the place for a [ WOODEN BOX ] and [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ], plus another [ WOODEN CRATES x3 ] at the far end.

Open the door near the corner and have a grenade or flash grenade ready to pop inside, since three J’avo spiders (called Noga-Trchanje) will be keeping you company for the moment. Move through the next few rooms and search the small room at the end before opening the door to find [ WOODEN CRATES x3 ]. The hostages are being taken away by Noga-Trchanjes, so quickly follow them. You’ll encounter several Noga-Trchanjes as you make your way back through the rooms, so keep your eyes open. Upstairs are several Noga-Trchanjes as well, and it’s where the next hostage is. You’ve already searched the area for items, so focus on the enemies. After defeating the spider (a flash grenade helps you anticipate when it’s coming around corners; follow the marker), head downstairs.

Loot the [ WOODEN BOXES x2 ] on either side of the huge hole in the floor, and before hopping down (* VERY *) important, since we have that Serpent Emblem to grab still), search the area for one loose [ WOODEN CRATE ] in the back, as well as [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] and [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] in two of the smaller chambers.

$$$item 1646

In any case, after searching the place, move to the back and inspect the double doors to ride the elevator down the first floor. Boost Piers up, then have him hoist you up. After the scene, waste the J’avo and loot the [ WOODEN BOX ] and [ WOODEN CRATE ], then inspect the doors with the partner command. Take cover and waste the three J’avo before proceeding.

Various J’avo spawn the area, Take cover behind walls and systematically dispose of them one by one. Use melee when possible, preferably in small walkways, not in the open. After defeating all of them, search the area for items. The room immediately to the right of the elevator you came out of houses [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ]. There are [ WOODEN CRATES x3 ] (one single, two together) to be found on the far right side of the area, and [ WOODEN BOXES x2 ] in the far left corner. Move through the door on the far left side and head downstairs.

Look for a [ WOODEN BOX ] and [ WOODEN CRATE ] around the corner, and another [ WOODEN BOX ] and [ WOODEN CRATE ] on the other side of the area. More importantly, search the small suitcase here (it’s against the wall in the far back, below a Chinese commercial with a cook) to find [ 5000 SKILL POINTS ]. Hop in the middle section of the area to find [ WOODEN BOXES x2 ]. Drop down and quickly eliminate the hostiles. When one of the J’avo drops down, gameplay slows down; immediately shoot him before he can kill the woman. With all of them wasted, head through the door.

After the scene, move to the back of the area and climb the ladder. Rush through the area and head upstairs. Move around the gap (go right) and dash to the exit. Wiggle the analog stick to hoist yourself up and a scene will play, closing the first chapter.

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