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Chapter 1: Escape From Ustanak

Rank Accuracy: Allowed Deaths: Completion Time: Enemies Killed:
A 70%> 2 40+
B 60-69% 5 60-85 Minutes 30-39
C 50-59% 7 85-105 Minutes 20-29
C 7+ >105 Minutes 0-19

Head upstairs, climb the ladder and make your way outside by kicking in the door at the far end of the hall. Head down the road and go around the corner.

$$$item 1663

Ignore the J’avo on the other side and head through a second building, hopping out of the window in the back. Follow the path and quickly drop down at the end (give the J’avo a kick, but stay on the run). Hide behind the shack for an instant, then dash over the other (upper left from this position) side of the area and go inside the house when you get the chance. You’ll fall down; collect the [ 9MM AMMO ] from the chair and hop out the window. Climb the steps, take a right turn, hop down and kick in the door with your partner.

After the scene, smash the [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ], then go outside and grab the [ GREEN HERB ] near the ledge. If you fall, quickly wiggle the left analog stick to hoist yourself up (or your partner can come to the rescue, of course). You can kill the J’avo up ahead stealthily by performing a melee attack on him while he’s standing with his back towards you. The second J’avo is best shot in the head; he’ll most likely fall down if you do this.

There are more J’avo up ahead, and they can mutate body parts depending on where they’re hit. Some of them here will mutate into a flying type of J’avo. Head inside the building up ahead and waste the J’avo inside. Move around the corner and hop over the gap by making use of the pole. Note that only Jake can do this: Sherry will have to be helped, so give her a hand just a little to the right by the broken ladder.

Smash the [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ], then head down the walkway, which collapses after you’ve crossed it. Climb the nearby ladder.

$$$item 1664

Kick down the ladder on the other side of the walkway, allowing your partner to pass as well. Drop down and continue down the next walkway; you’ll slip, so do the wiggle trick (or once again your partner comes to the rescue). Kick in the door and go around the corner. There are several J’avo here, and they can mutate an armed torso this time around. Quickly move in for the kill, then take cover behind the metal plate and kill any remaining J’avo. Be especially careful of the J’avo up above with the machine gun.

Sherry Gameplay

Once the enemies are dead, have Jake boost you up to the upper ledge. Up here you’ll need to kick down a pole so Jake can continue. After that continue on down the hallway but note that there will be two J’avo coming up. They will likely be hiding around the corner.

Take the out and gather the [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] in the area. More J’avo will come down if you stay here, so you may as well take them out with your stun rod for the ammo and items. Jake is able to re-unite with you up here as well.

Boost Sherry up near the broken ladder and she’ll kick a pole down that you can use to jump over the gap. Quickly make your way over the walkway as it’s about to break down. Dash over the rest of the catwalk and wiggle your way out to safety. When you meet with Sherry, head upstairs and backtrack to find a [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] nearby the burning barrel. There may also be J’avo if Sherry didn’t kill them. Kick in the door up ahead and take a left turn. Sherry’s plan really is best here; run to the far end of the area and head through the gate together.

After the cutscene, immediately run away by holding A and the left analog stick down. When you reach the corner the camera angle changes; make sure you hold the analog stick up now and hold A. Jake and Sherry will automatically go for the jump, but when playing as Jake you’ll have to save Sherry by leaping towards her by pressing the B/Circle button when the prompt comes up (when you’re on the far left). When playing as Sherry, wait for Jake to save you.

Introducing The Ustanak

Inside the building, ignore Ustanak since you can’t inflict damage while he’s in front of the open window (an opening that he - let’s face it - could easily smash open, but nevermind). Move down the hall and head into the toilets to the left. There’s a J’avo hiding here, so knock him to his death. You can find a [ GREEN HERB ] in the corner of the toilet area, which is also the spot where Jake can give Sherry a boost through a large hole in the ceiling to reach an upper area that contains some items.

Sherry Gameplay

In the upper area you can find [ WOODEN BOX x2 ], a [ RED HERB ], and you can open up the treasure chest to find [ 2000 SKILL POINTS ].

$$$item 1665

Continue down the hall and head right to find a [ WOODEN BOX ] in the cabinet. Open the nearby red door to find another [ WOODEN BOX ] and a ladder leading down to a second storage room. Inside is a J’avo, [ WOODEN BOX x3 ] and a [ 9MM AMMO ]. Head back to the hall and open the other door with the help of your partner.

You’re now inside a large, mostly collapsed area in which you can find various items. Jump down at the end of the walkway and look for a [ WOODEN BOX ] nearby. There’s a cabinet in the other corner of this room that contains a briefcase with a [ REMOTE BOMB ] and [ FLASH GRENADE x2 ] inside. Kick out the door with your partner to enter the large area. As you proceed, a batch of J’avo drop down from above. Dispatch of them using mostly melee attacks or alternatively by taking cover against pillars or walls (press LT/L2 nearby a wall) and aim for their heads. Don’t blow up any of the explosive barrels just yet. Remember that you’re still being chased by Ustanak, and rest assured that Capcom wouldn’t introduce random explosive barrels all over the place just because it’d make J’avo easier to kill. Good.

Your destination is the green double doors at the far end of the area, but you’ll want to wait with opening them for now. Search the area for items first. The toilet area nearby these green doors contains [ WOODEN BOX x2 ], and if you run towards the far side opposite of these green doors, you can find another [ WOODEN BOX ] lying on top of some barrels. Take note of the container in the middle of this small room here, which you can circle around.

Go up the stairs in the middle of the area and leap over the gap. Leap over the second gap and kick down the ladder. This might be useful to you later. Continue and dispatch various J’avo in the room to your right. Look for the [ ELEPHANT KILLER ] magnum in the cabinet. Since your character has the tendency to immediately equip this gun, switch back to your regular pistol as you’ll want to save the scarce ammo of your magnum for when you really need it. There’s also a [ WOODEN CRATE ] in this room. If you wait around a little while, up to three J’avo will drop down from above nearby the explosive barrel (one at a time). Continue and leap over the gap to find another [ WOODEN CRATE ]. Now that you’ve collected everything in the area, run to the end of the walkway, kick down the ladder, and drop back down. If you head to the right you’ll notice another J’avo drop down from a rope (one at a time). It’s an easy way to collect some ammunition and skill points since you can just kill them with melee attacks.

After collecting everything in this area, attempt to open the green doors.

Boss Battle: Ustanak

Ustanak's Attacks

  1. DASH RAM: Ustanak’s most powerful attack. Whenever you’re fairly far away from him yet in clear sight, Ustanak will quickly dash towards you with the intention of ramming you into a wall. This almost certainly hurls you into dying status, so avoid it by running towards the side, or more generally to stay away from Ustanak altogether, which isn’t a bad idea in any situation.

  2. SURGERY GRAPPLE: Easily Ustanak’s most painful looking attack. There are two ways he can initiate this, both short and long range. You know he’s preparing this attack when his arm device opens up. If you’re closeby, he’ll try to grab you with that arm, which you can prevent by moving towards the side of Ustanak or by ducking. His long range variant drags you in his grip from a long distance. In either case, you’ll have to suffer through some damage, after which you can wiggle the left analog stick to the left and the right to wrestle yourself loose. Alternatively your party member can move in and perform a melee attack on Ustanak to free you.

  3. KICK: Ustanak’s kick is a short range attack and isn’t very dangerous. You’ll want to avoid getting too close to Ustanak to prevent him from hitting you with it.

  4. PUNCH: His one-arm punch is a close range attack that’s fairly easy to dodge. Otherwise the earlier advice applies to stay the hell away from Ustanak, something you’d do in real life too.

  5. SMASH: A powerful short range attack, Ustanak lifts both of his arms and smashes them into the floor. It’s preferable that you’re not in the space between his fists and the ground at that time, but you’ve probably guessed that already.

After the scene, smash the [ WOODEN CRATE ] and [ WOODEN BOX ], then be on your way. Head into the next room and look around for another [ WOODEN CRATE ] and a [ GREEN HERB ] in the cabinet. There’s another [ WOODEN BOX ] down the hall, along with a [ RED HEB ] hidden behind it. Be sure to mix it with the green one you just found to replenish your pill stash. There’s also a metal box with [ 2000 SKILL POINTS ] inside near the ladder. Climb it to go back outside.

$$$item 1666

Defeat the two J’avo around the corner, then go through the gate.

Ogroman Trouble

After the scenes you’re teaming up with Chris and Piers temporarily. Head into the building to your right and go upstairs to find the first gun turret. In the nearby room you can find [ WOODEN BOXES x2 ]. There are also [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] next to the stairs, and another [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] in the room with the destroyed wall in the back. You’ll need to distract the giant Ogroman although you can also just kill it. Doing this is easier than it appears at first. Shoot him repeatedly in his face and growth on his back while you’re standing in the building. He’ll stagger after a short while, allowing you to hop on his back and pull out a spike that you then stick in his growth. Do this twice to fell the creature. He’s worth 4000 skill points. After Finn sets the explosives, move away from the turret and head outside.

Otherwise try to stay away from Ogroman and you should be fine. Go down the street and turn around the corner, then head through the door of the building in the middle of the area (which should now be on your left hand). Finn blasts it open. Take cover on the right side of the room and kill the J’avo, then loot the [ WOODEN CRATE ] and go upstairs. Here, defend Finn until he has prepared the explosive charges, then move away and go back downstairs; only one turret left to go.

Drop down the hole on the ground floor of the building and move through the passage. You’ll come across a [ WOODEN BOX ] and a [ GREEN HERB ] on the left and right side of the hall respectively. Dispatch any J’avo around here and proceed; at the intersection loot the [ WOODEN BOX ] and [ WOODEN CRATE ] on your right side, then inspect the other passage to find another [ WOODEN BOX ] and [ WOODEN CRATE ]. Proceed around the next corner to find a [ RED HERB ], [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] and [ WOODEN BOX ]. Continue until you reach a hole in the wall. There’s a [ WOODEN CRATE ] at the end of the corridor, but be careful of as Ogroman kicks out the grating of the ceiling. After this he’ll try to grab you every now and then.

Move into the hole and dispatch of any J’avo, then follow the linear tunnel to the end (ignore the first ladder). When you reach the turret, quickly shoot the gunner and search the area for a [ WOODEN BOX ] and [ WOODEN CRATE ], and kick down the ladder near the corner. Hop off the building on the other (left) side to locate the third anti-aircraft guns. Distract the Ogroman while Finn sets the charges and you’re done..

Well, not quite. They literally ask you to pull out that giant rod in the Ogromen’s spine. Easier said than done. In any case, in the area where the third anti-aircraft gun is located is a hole in the road that you can drop into. This leads to an unexplored section of the underground tunnel complex, including a [ WOODEN BOX ]. In any case, to kill the second Ogroman you’ll need to climb the building, hurt him (until he kneels) and hop on his back to pull out the rod from his spine. After that, a cutscene plays.


On the Chinook chopper, collect the [ 9MM AMMO x2 ] and [ FIRST AID SPRAY ] near the cockpit, then prepare yourself as Ustanak destroys parts of the wall trying to pull you out. Stay away as much as possible and repeatedly shoot him with your handgun. After a damaging him enough he’ll also start tossing grenades. Keep an eye on him all the time to see where he throws them and keep damaging him. Soon enough the Chinook catches fire and you’ll be forced to jump to the other one. Do so at the doorway near the BSAA operative. During the cutscene you’ll have to input some button commands, so be on the lookout for it.

In the second Chinook, move behind one of the turrets and destroy the three choppers chasing you. After that (as Ustanak enters the Chinook) shoot the canister near Ustanak below. Be sure to grab the parachute with A (XBOX) or X (PS3) as it falls out. (At least, that was the button in my game.)

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