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Chapter 4: Revelation At Sea

Rank Accuracy: Allowed Deaths: Completion Time: Enemies Killed:
A 70%> 2 15+
B 60-69% 3 50-65 Minutes 10-14
C 50-59% 5 65-85 Minutes 5-9
C 5+ >85 Minutes

After the scenes we’ll be tasked with searching the ship. There is a J’avo right in front of you that you can insta-kill with a melee attack. Grab the [ WOODEN CRATE ] to the left and take the right door. Up ahead you can stealth kill a guard around the corner with good timing, and another guard after that if you wait until there backs are turned. Up ahead the door we need will want three different passcodes to open. Sound familiar?

It should… this is the same area that Chris and Piers go through… we’re just doing it backwards. The first passcode is easily gotten as a guard shows up nearby that you can stealth kill. Ada takes a copy of it gaining [ PASSCODE A ] but leaves it on the ground for Chris later. However, once you have it a Rasklapanje shows up. Just great… As before, refer to the detailed map below (which has been modified for Ada) to get around smartly.

This area is essentially the same as it was in Chris’s chapter… so you already know how to get around. There are some important changes though: J’avo now patrol the area and will even ambush you at certain times. Some items have also been switched around. To start out, go stealth kill the J’avo patrolling the north and west hallways. From there you can sweep the kitchen and dining room for the [ WOODEN BOXES x4 ] if you wish, just beware of the J’avo in the dining room.

Also, be sure to visit the luxury rooms. The bottom one has a suitcase with [ 2000 SKILL POINTS ] and a [ WOODEN BOX ] in the bathroom, but before you grab it get ready for a J’avo ambush. Three of them will come in and try to kill you, so have a pipe arrow or grenade ready for them. The next luxury room to the left has a new weapon for you: the [ BEAR COMMANDER ] assault rifle! It also has a suitcase with [ 5000 SKILL POINTS ], a [ FIRST AID SPRAY ] in the bathroom, and [ WOODEN BOXES x2 ] (one in the bathroom, one in the room. Once you grab the weapon and/or skill points, another J’avo ambush will occur, so be ready. Again, a pipe arrow or grenade will help even the odds.

Head towards the second passcode now. In that room you will be unable to reach the back part of the room (as you have no partner to help open the door), but we thankfully don’t need to go back there. Kill the J’avo in the room to make him drop the passcode. Try to grab it though and a Rasklapanje will enter the room and grab it before you!

Blow the creature to hell (temporarily) and retrieve [ PASSCODE B ]. Beware of any J’avo reinforcements that may come and head for the flooded section. As you pass the flooded section, a quick-time event will happen with another Rasklapanje. Hit the action button quickly and blow the creature into the fire with your shotgun to instantly (and again, temporarily) kill it.

Head up to the norther crew quarters area where you will have to fight off six J’avo, who are coming out of the doors. As you fight, be mindful of any reviving Rasklapanje sneaking up behind you… don’t be caught unaware! Once you have killed them all off you can check the norther rooms for [ WOODEN BOXES x2 ] and an [ INCENDIARY GRENADE ] as noted below and the southern rooms for a [ WOODEN BOX ] and another [ INCENDIARY GRENADE ] as noted below. Go for the next passcode as well and kill the guard to obtain [ PASSCODE C ].

Be sure to consult the in-depth map below for some quick orientation. You start in the lower right room with the locked door.

After collecting all passcodes and any items of your interest (most notably the skill points), head back to the locked door and head through the room. Another Rasklapanje spawns once you open the door, so waste it (or flee) and break the [ WOODEN CRATE ] up ahead. Grapple yourself up to the left and you’ll hear you doppelganger over the speaker. Take the elevator to continue.

Grapple upwards and when Chris appear run through the next door (slide!) to get away. Grab the [ GREEN HERB ] to your right and head upstairs. You will notice all the soldiers to the left. Don’t want to fight them! Head to the right instead and go outside.

After the scene we will have to avoid the spotlight (or else face the guards and RPG’s). Immediately run to the right and head to the end of the walkway and grapple up. Emblem time:

$$$item 1695

Nab the emblem and grab the [ WOODEN CRATE ] next to it. Head inside and make your way to a duct system. As you crawl through, Chris and Piers will take out the J’avo down below! Ha! Keep going and once you are out look for a room to the left with a J’avo with his back turned to you, allowing you an instant kill. Do so and nab the [ WOODEN CRATES x4 ] in the room. Head through the command area and avoid the Gnezdo and hit the button to open the door (the Gnezdo will wander about, letting you avoid it). Jump outside the ship and down the hatch to encounter more searchlights. This part is annoying due to the camera, but stick CLOSE to the inside of the boat (vice jumping over the boxes near the outside) and hit the action button to start to crawl. Here, wait for the light to pass, then crawl past the open area to the covered area. Wait once more for the light to pass and crawl the rest of the way, the run all the way to the end of the walkway and zipline yourself further up.

Grab the [ WOODEN CRATEX x2 ] on the right and note the enemies in the room nearby! There’s three of them in the room and one guarding the door and ladder to the left. All you need to do is crawl under the windows to the corner and snipe the guard by the ladder with a (normal) arrow. Aim for the head and finish him quickly. Now keep crawling under the windows and take the ladder up.

Grab the [ ARROWS (NORMAL) ] on the right shelf and head into the duct work. Here you will have to kill (or can choose to kill) up to three spider J’avo before continuing to the right. Drop down and head up to the cabin to see a scene. Continue on and drop down into the ship. You can stealth-kill the soldier here but once you do it’s emblem time:

$$$item 1696

Nice! There’s a [ WOODEN CRATE ] on the right wall as well. Take the elevator down and listen to the update, the grab the [ 5.56MM NATO AMMO x2 ] from the boxes. Head towards the body for a scene.

After the scene bust open the [ WOODEN CRATE ] and BEFORE jumping down lets get another emblem:

$$$item 1697

Jump down the hatch and you’ll see that the ship is being taken over by mutated flesh! Arg! Quickly run forward and to the right (staying still too long will kill you) and head down the stairs, through the door that you find.

In here you’ll meet an Ada Clone… you can kill these things and they’ll drop items, so stun it and then melee it to death. To attack, “she” slowly moves around and tries to spit acid at you. Not much of a threat. Take her out and destroy the growths on the door to continue.

There’s two more Ada Clones in the next hallway and a door on the right. Head through it and quickly take the right path so you can grab a [ GREEN HERB ] from the table. This room will soon be filled with Ada Clones, so hurry to the hallway on the far right. In here the right wall has arms reaching out for you. Either get caught on purpose (lower difficulties) and wriggle out or wait for them to stop grabbing. At the end of the hall there’s some hands on the left where the same applies. Break through the door (an Ada Clone is forming near it) and quickly interact with the door on the left. Turn the handle quickly as another Ada Clone is forming behind you and get through it ASAP! Nice Ada, who are you holding the door open for? How about you shut it!?

In here let’s first and foremost find a tricky Serpent Emblem:

$$$item 1698

Well, THAT was a tricky one, huh!? OK, break the [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] to the right but before proceeding notice the face thing to the upper left of the door. This thing will come down to bite you if you try to continue, so we need to shoot at it in bursts with the Bear Commander. You can get the [ WOODEN CRATE ] by it too if you shoot it and collect it as you walk by. In the next room there is another face to be careful of and beyond that you’ll see a door. There is a face by it as well, but also two blue tanks. Shoot the tanks to freeze the face, the quickly pick up the [ ARROWS (PIPEBOMB) ] on the left, then open the door and get through!

Head downwards and break the [ WOODEN BOX ]. Continue until you see a scene. Dash down the hall and the right wall will grab you. Quickly escape and stick to the left side (your left) and jump a barricade. Keep dashing and you’ll zipline a distance before the game enters slow-motion. Here, shoot the blue tanks to save your hide.

Once you’re safe you can shoot the three growths on the right wall for items if you wish. Continue on through the bulkhead door and into the next room. Here you will have to fight “Mutated Carla”. Big? Yes. Hard? Not really. Mutated Carla really only has ONE attack: shooting projectiles at you with her eyes. She also spawns Ada Clones into the arena, but they are so slow that I recommend ignoring them.

Our tactic for this fight is fairly simple: blow her to bits. Literally. What you want to do is equip your crossbow and fire pipebomb arrows at the same general area of the face. Each arrow will chip away at her and four arrows or so in you will be able to see the tanks on the other side. Once that happens, quickly equip a fast firing weapon like your Bear Commander and blow up the tanks!

If you are struggling or have no pipebomb ammo (you really should, we picked some up not long ago… perhaps you’re just now joining us?) you can kill the growths in the area for supplies and use your other weapons (the shotgun is decent) to chip away at the face. Just avoid getting hit otherwise your work will likely go to waste as she heals herself.

Once you’ve destroyed her, head up the elevator to end the chapter.

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