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Chapter 2: Drama In Edonia

Rank Accuracy: Allowed Deaths: Completion Time: Enemies Killed:
A 70%> 2 70+
B 60-69% 5 90-110 Minutes 60-69
C 50-59% 7 110-120 Minutes 40-59
C 7+ >120 Minutes 0-39

After the cutscene, you will be in control of your character. Use the back of the nearby hummer for cover and head to the right side. You can peak around here to take out two J’avo. Remember to aim for the head, lest their arms mutate to form a shield. From the hummer, head left as there will be several pillars in the area for cover and the angle provides a great shot of any J’avo that have mutated. There is also a [ WOODEN CRATE ] here to smash. As you head further up, the J’avo will crash a truck in from the left that drops off three more enemies.

Up ahead is an elevated walkway above the road and a tower-like structure on the right. A mounted machine gun is set-up here. From the left pillar area, you can find an enclosed stone room with another [ WOODEN CRATE ]. It is very common for J’avo to run into the room, so be prepared to melee one if he runs in there. Be careful of any J’avo to your right as you head out the room’s door.

As you continue on, the APC and Hummer will advance. There is also a sniper in a window to the upper left (likely targeting the bunkered down BSAA members) and, as the vehicles approach, 5-6 additional J’avo will come out of the tower area and jump down to the walkway, getting into a firefight with your squad. One may even have a rocket launcher and stay up on the tower, so be sure to prioritize him. Advance up the street and take out any J’avo in the lower area. There will always be one standing up behind the sandbags, even though the BSAA vehicles are so close, allowing you to easily take him out. Our goal here is to get up to the walkway by taking the stairs to the left, but you will likely run into at least three J’avo rounding the corner at the top (a grenade here would be fantastic).

Ascend the stairs to see a [ RED HERB ] chilling near the wall. Grab it and head further up into a beaten-up room. Here you’ll deal with any J’avo that didn’t come down and survived from the tower earlier. Take them out (I can’t imagine you’ll deal with any more then two) and break the [ WOODEN BOX x2 ] and [ WOODEN CRATE ] in the back of the room before heading to the objective.

After interacting with the two-person checkpoint, you will see a FRICKIN’ HUMUNGOUS… THING called Ogroman. Wow… just wow. For now you are stuck up here on the walkway. The beast’s weak point is, of course, the large flesh- colored growth growing out of the back of its neck. Feel free to shoot at it here (I’d use the NINE-OH-NINE as it approaches, although it’s not necessary. At one point it will pick up a vehicle and chuck it at you. This vehicle won’t hit you (I literally TRIED to get hit by it), but will destroy part of the walkway behind you. This is good, because the beast will soon get near you, forcing Chris and Piers will jump away. You will now be stuck inside of a limited area with the unknown beast and will be forced to fight!

Boss Battle: Ogroman

Ogroman's Attacks

  1. STRIDING SWIPES: The beast just loves to do this one, but limits it to when you’re out on the road with it. It will walk along the road, swinging its massive arms one at a time as it walks. You CAN run by it or through its legs with good timing, but if you DO get hit, it will HURT, taking off two blocks of health (on normal). The beast will also damage/kill any J’avo it hits as well, though.

  2. STOMP: Another attack the beast will do if you like to play in the street with it. Its stomp will tear up the earth wherever its foot lands, doing minor damage while also making anyone caught nearby the impact stagger for a short amount of time.

  3. PICK-UP: If you stay too close to the beast, he will sometimes grab you and pick you up. During these times he will scream at you and squeeze you. You can escape in one of two ways: by either taking aim and shooting him in the face or by jamming like crazy on the left stick. I highly recommend shooting, as it is much faster.

  4. PUNCH: The beast will actually rear back and PUNCH at you if you are at his head-level. Sometimes, instead of a punch, it will be a lazy smack. Both are easy to avoid as he has quite the wind-up.

  5. BILE: Shooting at the beast’s crotch-region will cause bile to fall out. This is easy to avoid unless you plan to run under him, and even then it hurts only slightly.

Now follow your APC as it takes down the gate ahead. It will slowly turn the next corner, but here you should be ready as you’ll have to deal with J’avo from both sides of the narrow street.

To the right is a covered area with J’avo staggered throughout. I would highly recommend taking them out quickly with either some quick-shot action followed up by melee or by Chris’s knife-swipes followed up by melee, if needed. To the left, up out of reach will be more J’avo who fire down at you. There will also be a J’avo in a window at the end of the street. With the ground threat out of the way, you are free to find some good angles on the higher up threats and take them out. Be sure to grab the [ WOODEN CRATE ] in the room to the right as well.

Continue on through another gate and you’ll hit a checkpoint. At the next turn you’ll face another ambush, with even more enemies. You will likely see a J’avo above the APC, so take him out, but two more will drop down right in front of you near the right corner. Help your squad take them out as well.

From here you can handle the area a number of ways. On the right side of the street, inside the building area, are two enemy snipers as well as [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ]. In the street, on the right AND left hand sides are entrenched J’avo. Most of them will choose to stay entrenched, but one or two may advance on you, using the APC as cover. On the left side of the street you have your tactical options. A stairway over there allows you to get higher and take out the snipers easier, and even has a small ledge close to the street overlooking the first J’avo entrenched position. Feel free to use it, but only jump over to the small area if you’ve taken out at least one of the snipers and be sure to take out the second snipers shortly afterwards.

After securing that position, you can either advance up the street, being careful of any J’avo on the left-hand side or sneak up on them by using the wall near the staircase, which is blown open underneath and will let you crawl under it. Either way, the biggest thing to watch out for is a truck full of J’avo (four of them) that screeches in from the left when you get near the end of the street. Have a hand grenade ready for it and mop up whoever survives. Continue on to have Finn blow up a nearby fence. Jump down into the train-yard and Finn will start working on blowing the train car out of the way. It will take him some time, (about two minutes), but we won’t just be sitting here waiting for him! Instead, we’ll be fighting for our lives (what else is new, right!?). J’avo will come at you from the right and some of them even have rocket launchers. One Rocket Launcher J’avo will be nearby on top of the middle train car, so take HIM out ASAP! The other rocket launcher J’avo will be entrenched behind some sandbags at the far end of the lot, but will constantly be firing off rockets.

To the immediate left you can climb up a ladder and onto a train car for a [ WOODEN CRATE ] and [ WOODEN BOX ] with supplies and a superb sniping position. This is truly the place to go if you wish to snipe (Piers!). On the ground level you can also hop into a cut-out train car and find another [ WOODEN CRATE ] to the left. To the right, you can (and should, as a serpent emblem is at stake) fight your way into the J’avo’s position. As you head right, you can use the center train car for cover, but be wary of any J’avo coming at you. There is also a room/cut-out train car to the left with multiple exits that is NOT easily defendable. The middle train car additionally can be jumped into if you wish. There are [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] inside.

I would recommend staying behind the middle car and killing off/thinning out the ground units. If your sniper hasn’t stopped the rocket J’avo, you can get in the car and approach the rear for a clear shot at the nest easily enough, but beware of being flanked. The J’avo will stop spawning after a few minutes, so it is possible to wipe them all out. Just be sure to take out the rocket J’avo first.

$$$item 1647

Once you’re ready to continue, approach Finn and the train car will blow, triggering a short cutscene. Afterwards, go downstairs and look to your right to spot a [ GREEN HERB ] standing on some barrels. There are also [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] down here. Move to the destroyed catwalk up ahead and give Piers a boost.

Chris Gameplay

Move over the bridge, and when it collapses, quickly crawl over to Finn; he’s on the far left side. Proceed over the bridge and take cover behind the truck up ahead. Watch out for the turret on the right side; take the J’avo out as soon as you can. When you get close enough to the tank, Piers is able to destroy it by shooting a tank behind it.

There’s a sniper up ahead; see if you can shoot him from a distance, otherwise rush towards the ladder at the end of the bridge and climb up. This vantage point should allow you to take out the sniper easily. Make your way to the upper bridge and collect the contents of the [ WOODEN BOX ] and [ WOODEN CRATE ] along the way. At the top of the bridge, lower the ladder for Piers on the other side and loot the [ WOODEN CRATE ] nearby. Drop down to find [ WOODEN CRATES x3 ] and a [ WOODEN BOX ].

And, for Piers…

Piers Gameplay

Have Chris throw you over the gap and follow the soldier into the building. There are two bunkers down here; the first has three J’avo in it and the second has two. If you have any grenades, this is an excellent time to use them as they are grouped up together. Take out the J’avo and destroy the [ WOODEN CRATE ] down here, then head further up.

Up here you have a much better view of the bridge. Destroy the [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] up here and then it’s time for a Serpent Emblem:

$$$item 1648

With this vantage point you can use your sniper rifle to help Chris out by taking out the turrets. Chris will be facing a tank here as well, but once he moves forward and draws it out, you will see a tanker behind the tank. Shoot it to blow the tank to hell.

Once that is done, the nearby BSAA troop will open the path forward. Head up the stairs taking out the J’avo as you go and at the top break the [ WOODEN BOX ] and [ WOODEN CRATE ]. Head out onto the bridge and through the train car, killing the J’avo you find. On the other side, head to the red and white striped area and jump down. Kill the J’avo and break the [ WOODEN BOX ] and [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] and then wait for Chris to lower the ladder so you two can re-unite.

Go back and make your way to the other side of the upper bridge and push the large container out of the way. At this point, various J’avo will parachute onto the bridge. Hold out until Finn reaches your position, then cover Finn as he sets the explosives.

Easy Ogroman Kill Strategy

For an easy way to kill this annoyance, immediately turn around and run towards the ladder on the building at the end of the street (it’s on the left), note the electrical wire above the street. From here, smash the [WOODEN CRATES x 2] and then switch to your shotgun (or a similar weapon).

Once the boss gets a shock, fire rounds into the red part on his head now and it should drop almost immediately. Press the trigger beside it and hammer at the A/X button until you impale it’s own spike into the exposed red part .

Run straight back to the ladder, climb up it and simply repeat this twice more for a super quick and easy kill worth 4,000 Skill Points! Watch our video below for this super strategy in action.

After the scenes you’re teaming up with Jake and Sherry temporarily. Head into the building to your right and go upstairs to find the first gun turret. In the nearby room you can find [ WOODEN BOXES x2 ]. There are also [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] next to the stairs, and another [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] in the room with the destroyed wall in the back. You’ll need to distract the giant Ogroman although you can also just kill it. Doing this is easier than it appears at first. Shoot him repeatedly in his face and growth on his back while you’re standing in the building. He’ll stagger after a short while, allowing you to hop on his back and pull out a spike that you then stick in his growth. Do this twice to fell the creature. He’s worth 4000 skill points. After Finn sets the explosives, move away from the turret and head outside.

Otherwise try to stay away from Ogroman and you should be fine. Go down the street and turn around the corner, then head through the door of the building in the middle of the area (which should now be on your left hand). Finn blasts it open. Take cover on the right side of the room and kill the J’avo, then loot the [ WOODEN CRATE ] and go upstairs. Here, defend Finn until he has prepared the explosive charges, then move away and go back downstairs; only one turret left to go.

Drop down the hole on the ground floor of the building and move through the passage. You’ll come across a [ WOODEN BOX ] and a [ GREEN HERB ] on the left and right side of the hall respectively. Dispatch any J’avo around here and proceed; at the intersection loot the [ WOODEN BOX ] and [ WOODEN CRATE ] on your right side, then inspect the other passage to find another [ WOODEN BOX ] and [ WOODEN CRATE ]. Endure the terrible Uruk-hai music a little longer and proceed around the next corner to find a [ RED HERB ], [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] and [ WOODEN BOX ]. Continue until you reach a hole in the wall. There’s a [ WOODEN CRATE ] at the end of the corridor, but be careful of as Ogroman kicks out the grating of the ceiling. After this he’ll try to grab you every now and then.

Move into the hole and dispatch of any J’avo, then follow the linear tunnel to the end (ignore the first ladder). When you reach the turret, quickly shoot the gunner and search the area for a [ WOODEN BOX ] and [ WOODEN CRATE ], and kick down the ladder near the corner. Hop off the building on the other (left) side to locate the third anti-aircraft guns. Distract the Ogroman while Finn sets the charges and you’re done..

Well, not quite. They literally ask you to pull out that giant rod in the Ogromen’s spine. Easier said than done. In any case, in the area where the third anti-aircraft gun is located is a hole in the road that you can drop into. This leads to an unexplored section of the underground tunnel complex, including a [ WOODEN BOX ]. In any case, to kill the second Ogroman you’ll need to climb the building, hurt him (until he kneels) and hop on his back to pull out the rod from his spine. After that, a cutscene plays.

Video 984 couldn’t be loaded from database.

City Hall

Move into the city hall (a deformed version of the mansion hall) and search it. There’s a [ WOODEN CRATE ] on the main floor, near the counter.

$$$item 1649

Head upstairs and go through the door, then make your way through the hall. The room that the J’avo storms out contains a [ WOODEN CRATE ], [ WOODEN BOX ], an [ ASSAULT SHOTGUN ], [ 9MM AMMO ], and [ 12-GAUGE SHELLS x2 ]. Move on and inspect the restroom to find another [ WOODEN BOX ].

Drop down the next hall, where three Napad will hatch from the Chrysalid bodies. That’s bad. While the Napad aren’t fast, they are very strong and they’re real bullet sponges. You can find [ 12-GAUGE SHELLS ] on a bench in this room, and there’s also a [ WOODEN BOX ] and [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] to be found. A great way to blast the shell off the Napad is to drop a grenade in front of them. Do this when they’re standing still, after they’ve charged, to ensure success. Empty your shotgun on their weak part to fell them.

Head through the next door and open the [ WOODEN BOX x2 ] and [ WOODEN CRATE ], then continue around the corner into the adjacent room. There are more J’avo here (nope, it never ends, this is CHRIS’ campaign, full of awesome shooting yeah, bang, blam, boom, that’s fun guys, c’mon more shooting is the coolest, blam, **** atmospheric scenes, give me explosions, kaboom, pow pow yeah!).

Okay, so you’ll still actually want to get rid of them and move on with the game. Kill them off and in the room on the right you can find a [ RED HERB ], some [ 12-GAUGE SHELLS ] and a [ WOODEN CRATE ]. Grab them all move to the next room. In the next room a scene will play and you’ll meet up with .. Ada. Check the small adjacent room for a [ GREEN HERB ] and a Serpent Emblem:

$$$item 1650

After grabbing those items, follow her through the hall which contains a [ WOODEN CRATE ]. Head through the next door, then quickly head to the second floor, ignoring the Napads.

On the next walkway, Strelats spawn. These have a nasty long range attack where they shoot spikes at you, so take cover and move in quickly. There are [ WOODEN BOXES x2 ] here for you to loot. Use the shotgun for close encounters and your handgun and machinegun for distant shooting. After killing all three of them you ‘can’ finally advance. There’s a [ WOODEN BOX ] in the area behind the next door, drop down to reach a long hall.

Climb the nearby ladder to find a [ WOODEN CRATE ]. On the lower level you’ll run into a Napad and two Strelats. A Grenade and a shooting spree ought to fell the Napad. As for the Strelats, you can shoot or melee them to death. When they’re weakened you can perform a special melee attack on them which is RT/A/RT for Xbox 360 and R1/X/R1 for PS3.

Move through the area and try to find the door on the right side (near the red light) leading upstairs to find a [ WOODEN BOX ] and [ WOODEN CRATE ]. Make your way to the back of the area and search around for [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] before heading downstairs. A cutscene plays, ending the chapter.

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