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Chapter 3: The Catacombs

Rank Accuracy: Allowed Deaths: Completion Time: Enemies Killed:
A 70%> 2 70+
B 60-69% 5 55-80 minutes 60-69
C 50-59% 9 80-100 minutes 40-59
D 9+ >100 minutes 0-39

The Catacombs

Head into the circular chamber up ahead.

$$$item 1631

Pull both levers with the help of your partner. In the next corridor, look around for [ LARGE VASES x2 ] and a [ SMALL VASE ]. The closed coffin to your left contains [ 2000 SKILL POINTS ], the one on the right contains a snake (which you may want to kill nonetheless, to add it to your in-game kill list). The snake attacks as soon as you open the coffin, so dodge out of the way immediately.

Follow the path and keep an eye out for another coffin to your left that contains the [ ASSAULT RIFLE RN ]. There’s also a [ LARGE VASE ] closeby. As you proceed, large and sharp rotating blades extend from the walls. You’ll have to crawl under them; a dashing slide can cover some distance, but if you deem that too dangerous you can also fall down on the floor and crawl underneath them. Two zombies and a Bloodshot spawn on the other side, so shoot them while still remaining in your crouching position.

A little further down the road you’ll encounter a zombie staring into a large fire (isn’t it pretty?), allowing an instant kill. Boost Helena up near the broken ladder to the right; she’ll quench the fire allowing you to cross the overpass. Be careful of any zombies coming up behind you as well.

Helena Gameplay

Simply crawl through the hole and drop down on the other side. Waste the zombie turning the crank to quench the fire.

There’s a [ LARGE VASE ] and [ SMALL VASE ] in the corner nearby the crank.

When you inspect the door, zombies will attack you. Turning the crank can destroy the first wave of them, but the second spawns near you, so be extremely careful and kill them as quickly as possible. If you get the chance to turn the crank for the third wave, do so immediately (but be sure to dodge any acid spits from afar) since this can save you quite some trouble with Bloodshots and armored zombies. When the door unlocks, head through (together with your partner) to escape the area.

Wade through the water, move past the waterfall, continue down the path and keep your eye out for a passageway to your right at some point (where several coffins start appearing). You can find a [ LARGE VASE ] and a [ SMALL VASE ] here, in addition to a closed coffin that can be opened.

$$$item 1632

Leon Gameplay

Nearby the next gate with the red light, boost Helena to the top. As Leon, be on the lookout for two (invisible) zombies who’ll munch at your feet. After Helena opens the gate, provide some cover for her as she’s attacked by zombies and a Bloodshot. A few rifle shots can help significantly.

As she opens up the next gate for you, kill the zombie and collect the [ 7.62MM NATO AMMO ] and loot from the [ LARGE VASE x2 ], then continue and slide/crawl under the rotating blades. Break another [ LARGE VASE ] here and shoot the zombie on the left side of the bridge who is turning a crank. Killing him will stop the spears from ejecting.

The crank for the next gate is missing, you’ll have to backtrack a little. Kill all enemies (including Bloodshots) and one of them will leave the crank. Helena can help shooting them from afar. After collecting the [ OLD CRANK ], open the gate for Helena, after which she can open the final gate for Leon; just be sure to keep the zombie away from her as she does this.

Helena Gameplay

Simply crawl through the hole and waste the zombie halfway. Turn the crank to open the gate for Leon and you’ll be separated again. Quickly waste the zombies and Bloodshot, then turn the crank to open the next gate for Leon. Wait for him to open the gate, then proceed and open the coffin to your left to find [ 5000 SKILL POINTS ]. The one on your right contains a snake.

Proceed after the spikes stop ejecting and look around for a [ LARGE VASE ]. Climb the crate to help Leon in the distance, then head to the gate up ahead and turn the crank. The nearby zombie comes alive, so take care of him first, then continue turning the crank to open the gate for Leon.

Flip both levers together with your partner to trigger a scene. In the next area, make your way over to the next platform and look around for a [ LARGE VASE ]. Several zombies spawn here; kill them and drop down to the next platform. A zombie (with lantern) joins the fun, so let him have it. Leap over to the next platform, kill another zombie-with-lantern and look for a [ LARGE VASE ] on the next. The crank here will lower the bridge; move over and prepare to defend yourself against another batch of zombies and a Shrieker. After killing the Shrieker and several zombies, you might just want to continue.

After several more platforms you’ll encounter another Shrieker. Equip the shotgun. The walkway collapses; quickly hoist yourself up and blast the incoming zombies away. Continue over the next walkway and equip your rifle. The Shrieker should be standing on the next platform; blasting away its throat with a few well aimed rifle shots saves you some trouble.

And if that wasn’t enough, zombies with dynamite start appearing more frequently as well. It’s best to shoot these from afar. When you move over the walkway, a Whopper appears. Run back and hop to the previous platform. The Whopper can’t make the jump, so you’ll only have to defend against regular zombies here, giving you a clear shot at the Whopper with any weapon you desire.

Move over the rope bridge and look around for [ LARGE VASES x3 ]. The zombie on the next bridge can be killed instantly with a melee attack. There’s another Whopper at the far end of the next rope bridge. Since they are real bullet sponges I suggest you shoot him with a combination of handgun bullets, a remote bomb (right in front of the bridge) and rifle ammo. Move back as far as you’d like; there’s more than enough space. Hop down to the next platform and equip your rifle, then boost Helena onto the next platform.

Leon Gameplay

Unfortunately things go wrong. Kill the four zombies attacking Helena down below on the pillar, then provide cover by at least killing the Shrieker in the far distance. There are more enemies on her path including a Whopper and several zombies. Do your best to make it as easy as possible for your partner out there. Don’t overdo it though; there’s no way for you to collect the skill points the enemies leave behind. Be careful, extra careful, of the occasional zombie harassing Leon. Soon enough, Helena lowers the bridge so Leon can continue.

Helena Gameplayer

Crawl up the fallen pillar, then make your way across the platforms. There’s a [ LARGE VASE ] on the platform up ahead. You’ll be attacked by a horde of zombies, including several Bloodshots and a Whopper. You might want to make a run for it.

$$$item 1633

Push the large boulder out of the way and continue onwards. A few zombies (including a Bloodshot) spawn, so either kill them or try to escape. More Bloodshots spawn around this part, so remember that in order to kill them more quickly, aim for their heart when they’re weakened. Continue over the walkway and keep your eyes open for a [ SMALL VASE ] on a box near the lit torch.

Move to the far end of the walkway and use the cranks together with your partner. Be warned, zombies will (naturally) spawn again, and you’ll want to avoid their acid spit. After eventually lowering the bridge, a scene plays. You’ll now have to a-la Uncharted style make your way over collapsing parts of the walkway. Ignore the enemies and avoid getting hit. At the far end, push the block out of the way to trigger another scene.

Flooded Cave

Swim forward and look for an opening in the cave’s ceiling to get a breather. Dive back into the depths and follow the linear path of the stairs until the ceiling collapses. Move left and follow the course of the cave until you reach a chamber with corpses. Continue through the area with plants and (after probably being grabbed by a corpse) head up for a breather.

Continue by following the course of the cave and look for [ 500 SKILL POINTS ] nearby the fence on the left. Swim further to the right, through the roots, avoiding the bodies as much as possible, turning left and finally inspecting the grate, opening it up together with your partner. A scene plays in which you’ll have to press some buttons as well. Most likely it’s going to be:

  • [Action + Reload Button].
  • [Tap Action Button].
  • [Wiggle Left Analog Stick].
  • [Right Trigger].

Leon Gameplay

After the scene, swim towards the end of the area to reach a gate. Helena must raise it for you first (yes, even though there’s a huge hole in the middle). As you proceed, you’ll have to tap the action button fast while Helena shoots the shark (which is called Brzak) to save you. Oh yeah, there’s a zombie grabber too. Analog wiggle time!

There are [ LARGE VASES x2 ] here, and you can climb the ladder to reach Helena’s path, finding another [ LARGE VASE ] there. Cross two bridges and look around to find [ 5.56MM NATO AMMO ] on top of the boxes. Move over the next bridge and search the hall for [ LARGE VASES x2 ] and [ 5.56MM NATO AMMO ].

$$$item 1634

Kick out the door together with Helena (where the two player paths merge) and scene will play. Quickly grab the [ 9MM AMMO ] (from out of nowhere) and blast Brzak’s weak spot, it’s orange tongue. It’ll advance several times and you will have to dodge its bite at least once. After a short an explosive barrel flies overhead; immediately shoot it to end the chapter.

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