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Rank Accuracy Allowed Deaths Completion Time Enemies Killed
A 70%> 2 80+
B 60-69% 5 85-110 Minutes 60-79
C 50-59% 7 110-130 Minutes 40-59
C 7+ >130 Minutes 0-39

Ivy University

With President Evil out of the way - yes, that joke was long coming - Helena ought to ask what hair conditioner Leon is using. But since they have other ‘priorities’ right now, that’ll have to wait for now, so move into the hall. The door on your right leads to an office you can inspect, although there are no items to be found. Head down the hall into the lobby and go through the doors on the left, leading you into a large dining room. At this point you can aim with your gun, although you cannot shoot with it yet. Move downstairs and you’ll spot someone in the far back. Run after it and move to the back of the kitchen. Open the red door at the end of the hall together with your partner to trigger a cutscene.

$$$item 1623

As you follow the father, go through the kitchen and you’ll spot some rats. It’s possible to shoot these, but you’re better off sparing your scare ammo since they don’t drop anything. Shooting one will add it to your ‘enemies killed list’ however, so for completion purposes it’s not a bad idea. Make your way through the dimly lit dining room and head through the doors nearby the stairs. In the next room, wait for the man to unlock the doors. In the mean time, head upstairs and hear a comment from Leon about the corpses and grab a [ FIRST AID SPRAY ] by the corpse at the end of the walkway. Go through the door that the man opened and follow him through the next door.

In this hall, moving towards the exit sign gives you a taster of what you’ll be up against at some point; you’ll hear some barking coming from the streets. In any case, follow the man to the far end of the hall and head through the door (which has ‘help’ written on it with blood, as well as two fine hand prints of blood). Inside this piano room is indeed the man’s daughter, Liz, but she’s in bad shape. As an expert on this kind of situation, the very first question that should pop up in Leon’s head ought to be to ask the girl if and when she was bitten.. but instead, we’ll just head back down the hall. Move the beams out of the way together with your partner and head for .. what!? We’re going into the elevator with that infected girl? Is that a smart move, Leon? Really? After Raccoon City and the Ganados incident, you really think that’s wise? Alright then, let’s party, but don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!

Well, now would be the time to say I told you so Leon, but it looks like you’re too busy wiggling the left analog stick to the left and the right as fast as you can, and then helping out Helena as she is attacked, by shooting the girl. If you’re playing as Helena, you’ll first need to shoot the girl off Leon and then wiggle the left analog stick to escape from her grabbing you. The scene soon ends as some old friends knock on the elevator doors and abruptly prompt you to abuse the melee button (RT/R2) various times, allowing you to quickly exit into the parking garage.

There are more zombies here, but there’s plenty of room to use melee attacks, saving your precious ammunition. A man collapses nearby a car in the middle of the area; as soon as you can inspect him he’s already dead and doesn’t mind that you grab the [ HANDGUN AMMO ] nearby him. You can either fool around with the zombies or make your way to a monitor room at the far right end of the parking lot to progress.

Before you head upstairs, grab the [ 9MM AMMO ] nearby the light next to some boxes. Head upstairs and make your way through the hall. You can destroy any of the windows and plants here and have a look at the dark city, but other than that, there’s not much to do in this hall.

When you enter the lecture room, move right and go downstairs. You’ll wake two zombies, so now’s an excellent time to practice headshots (or otherwise killing them with melee attacks, which is generally a good idea if there aren’t a lot of enemies around). As you head down, a zombie professor rises from behind the desk, so beware of that. Be sure to spot the [ GREEN HERB ] at the top of the leftmost stairs, then exit the room on the right.

In this hall, take a look from the windows, then move around the corner. As you open the double doors, prepare to immediately perform a melee attack against the zombie leaping at you. The female zombie behind the lecturer also comes alive, but a few melee moves will do her in. And yes, the zombie sitting next to one of the chairs in the classroom might also surprise you. With those out of the way, look around to find [ 9MM AMMO ] and a [ GREEN HERB ]. Don’t mix any herbs just yet; you’ll find some red herbs soon, which grant a better mixture.

Move through the next hall and ignore the harmless body. Enter the lecture theatre area and go downstairs. There’s a zombie standing with his back towards you here, allowing for an instant death melee move, but beware of the second zombie lying on the floor that comes alive when you approach him from nearby. Immediately perform a quick shot on him to repel any danger and finish him off with a melee attack. Your reward are the [ 9MM AMMO ] and the [ GREEN HERB ] he was guarding.

Head down the next hall and (optionally) enter the classroom to your left. You can find a [ RED HERB ] in the corner to your upper right as you enter, and there are also [ INCENDIARY GRENADE x2 ] and [ 9MM AMMO ] lying on the desk up ahead, although those are guarded by two zombies who come alive when you approach them. One possible strategy is to run past the zombie on the floor, noting the fire extinguisher nearby him, running to the corner on the left, turn around, and shoot the fire extinguisher next to him. The other zombie might also get hit; if not, simply shoot him or use melee attacks.

There are several zombies around the corner of the hall, which you might want to try and shoot from a distance, preferably in those bruised heads of theirs. With only one or two of them left, melee attacks can save you some precious ammunition.

Ivy Campus Garden Area

The double doors can be opened together with your partner and leads to the garden reception area, obviously roaming with several zombies. While your goal is to reach the gate as Hunnigan tells you, there are a few items you can look for while you’re here. The zombie straight ahead can be set up for a contextual melee move with a bottle of wine, as is also the case with the zombie catering lady to your left (move around the small gate first). Hopping over the table staggers her temporarily, allowing you to unleash several deadly kicks. You can find [ 9MM AMMO x2 ] nearby the vending machines.

There are a few more zombies in the area (one in the center, two on the red carpet, and one near the catering table left from the gate you’re moving towards), but none of them are a real threat; they can all be downed using melee attacks. You can find a [ RED HERB ] and [ GREEN HERB ] on the tables left of the gate (which you’ll find closed), guarded by another zombie catering lady.

You’ll need to go through the double doors on the left side of the garden (viewed from your original point of entrance) to fetch the key for the gate. Fair enough. After going through those double doors you’ll reach a short hall with several bodies and two sports fields on both sides. It’s no use killing the zombies outside (regardless of what happens soon), so don’t bother. Do take note of the two fire extinguishers in the hall, and collect the [ 9MM AMMO x2 ] and [ GREEN HERB ] before attempting to open the door.

The expected happens, and zombies will be flooding the room within seconds. You’ll have to hold out for 90 seconds while conserving as much ammo as you can. A good way to do this is to immediately run toward the back of the hall and shoot the fire extinguisher(s) as soon as there are several zombies inside. Use melee attacks to finish off any survivors and use one health pill once your stamina meter has been drained; this will completely replenish it, allowing you to kill a few more zombies. If you can manage to throw an incendiary grenade at a group of zombies then that works fine as well. Once the door opens, Leon and Helena automatically rush towards it. Simply shoot the zombies blocking the door and continue.

You’re now in an area with a Sephiroth-esque tune remixed in the background. That could be worse. Inspect the desk on the left side of the door on the other side to find [ 9MM AMMO ], then go through the door. There’s nothing of interest in this library room, but the desk in the next holds [ 9MM AMMO ] on its left side and..

$$$item 1624

The desk also contains a serpent emblem. Simply open up the drawer on the right side of it as you enter, then shoot it.

Kick in the door and collect the campus key from the corner with the red light. Do be warned; the zombie closeby to you immediately comes alive when you grab it, so dodge the grab or counter with a melee attack. The girl in the chair in the other room also comes alive, although the body in the library doesn’t. The zombie lying on the ground in the first room is a jumper, so be extremely careful; the sitting zombie is - fortunately - easily killed with melee attacks. And yes, two of the zombies in the hall come alive as well.

Once you enter the garden, several zombies drop down. Melee attacks ought to be enough to finish them off, and the same applies for any other zombies in the garden. Open the gate with the keycard and move through the metal detection device, which naturally goes off. Don’t bother shooting any of the zombies behind the gate; simply move to the other side, killing the three zombies you may encounter and go through the door.

You’re almost off the campus! Go right around the corner of the street and quickly make your way to the car at the far end, mostly ignoring the zombies but attacking any who get in your way. Although it’s possible to kill all zombies in this area, this isn’t worth it and takes way too much ammunition.

In the car you actually have infinite time to press the command, which is good to know. Check the lower right, then upper right of the car and drive away from the campus. Hey Leon, remember Raccoon City? Now that you’re away from those zombies, why don’t you stop the car immediately and check if there are any other zombies aboard or on top of the vehic… Never mind. Looks like you have no other options than to enter the sewers. The only thing you can do here is watch the zombie hoard approach (though they can never actually reach you, it’s still possible to waste ammo on them). Enter the sewers, then!

The Sewers & Subway

Head down the sewers until you reach a [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] and [ WOODEN BOX ]. Yeah, the sewers are such a good place to store your wares, huh? Go through the door and turn left at the subway tunnel; the other way is blocked because of electricity wires hanging in a pool of water.

As you continue you’ll run into several zombies. You can mostly ignore them, but be sure to step out of the way for the incoming subway train by pressing the two indicated buttons. A little further ahead you’ll encounter three zombified dogs, quite a dangerous pack, especially on the higher difficulties. Don’t forget that you can actually dodge sideward with the left analog stick, the aim button and A (xbox360) or X (PS3) respectively. Be sure to destroy the [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] and the [ WOODEN BOX ] near the burning barrel here.

The way ahead is straightforward. You’ll run into a few more zombies, and the subway train will pass another time, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble avoiding either. At the end of the road, electricity blocks your path once again. A few zombies will run through it; keep your distance and kill them by shooting and meleeing ’em to death.

Head through the door to your left by kicking it in with your partner, and head down the very dark stairs. You’ll notice a [ WOODEN CRATE ] in the corner down the second flight of stairs, but be very careful of the jumper lying against the wall closeby; a quick shot saves the day here. There are another [ WOODEN CRATE ] and [ WOODEN BOX ] in the next corner, so be sure to snatch their contents as well before heading through the next door.

$$$item 1625

As you drop down into the next subway tunnel, look to your right immediately. The emblem can be seen directly underneath the subway carriage; it’s on the lower right side.

As you continue, you’ll soon run into a group of zombies, including a few jumpers. Moving in quickly, then keep your distance. Any jumpers falling on the ground can be easily killed by quickly smashing their heads. The others are best killed by a combination of melee and shooting. Be careful of the train approaching on the other track, which may ride over some of the zombies as well.

Continue down the tunnel and you’ll reach the subway train. As you prepare to step on the platform adjacent to it, be careful of another zombie in the corner below the actual platform; neglecting his presence could cause him to get a nasty bite on you. Inspect the door of the train, then walk to the back and boost Helena up so she can open the door from the inside.

Make your way through the first and second carriage, then make your way through the third carriage, running to the far end. You’ll probably want to use a quick shot at this point on the zombie here, followed by a melee attack. Turn around and kill the other zombies in a similar way before proceeding.

Make your way through the final cabin and - before exiting - shoot the zombie lurking just outside of the train before hopping off. There’s another zombie in front of the train with his back towards you, granting you permission to do a free head smashy (just make sure you approach him from the back).

Climb the platform ahead and look around for [ WOODEN CRATES x3 ] to smash. At the far end, press the button of the shutter and .. Hmm, maybe you’ll need to calm that lady in the train first .. Oh, you can’t progress then. Well, open it up then.

A horde of zombies appears, which is best thinned out by an incendiary grenade, should you have one. You could also place a remote bomb and activate that from a distance. Be careful of the acid spitting attack of the zombies; remember that move from the earlier games? Well, somehow its distance has improved by a magnitude of x50. If you hang around some zombies will come at you from behind as well, so be careful.

The City

Head upstairs and kill the zombie stealthily, then smash the [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] around here. Open up the gate with your partner and head upstairs. You can kill the firefighter by shooting his tank, but do it from a distance. A car will smash into an electricity pole; the zombies attacking it can be killed easily with melee attacks. There’s a [ WOODEN BARREL ] near the container down the streets, and another [ WOODEN BARREL ] in the disposal waste area on the left side of the area. Help the man stuck under a car at the far end of the street, then continue and take a left at the far end of the road. While you could kill the zombies here (including an armored one with a machine gun), it might be a better idea to let them be.

Head down the corridor and climb the ladder at the end. As you make your way over the walkway, don’t even bother killing any of the zombies below you, they’re harmless. Leap over the gap and kill the zombie up ahead, then kick in the door with your partner. There are various zombies in this area, including several armored ones. One of them is standing nearby the flames; if you approach him from the back you get an instant kill as usual, which saves you some ammo. The other zombies in this area don’t need to be killed, but you can rack up some loot and skill points if you do (the armored zombies are worth 400 points). Be sure to aim for their heads and perform melee attacks on them to finish things quickly.

Continue down the alley and kill the zombie around the corner; this one’s also standing with his back towards you initially. There’s another zombie (with flashlight!) around the corner, so take care of him as well. Don’t miss the [ WOODEN BARRELS x2 ] near the fence before heading up the ladder. On the walkway there’s a zombie closeby whose head you can smash by approaching him from the back as well. After you move the container out of the way, quickly make your way over the bus and drop down on the other side. From here, head to the far right end of the area and go through the door of the pub.

There’s a [ WOODEN BARREL ] next to the counter. Head through the backyard and open the door; beware of the zombie laying on the ground. There’s a [ WOODEN BARREL ] nearby the fence for you to smash; afterwards, head through the door closeby. Make your way through the living room (join watching television to hear more of the story’s background) and adjacent hall to find a closed door. Fortunately for you (well, at least it saves you time), this isn’t 1998 anymore and the key is found by backtracking .. a few meters, snatching it from one of the bodies in the living room. Will one of the bodies come alive? Of course. Nothing a quick shot and melee attacks can’t handle though.

Open the door at the end of the hall and prepare a quick shot for the zombie coming alive. Outside, grab the [ SHOTGUN ] from the dead soldier and smash the [ WOODEN BARRELS x2 ] nearby the fence. Don’t bother shooting any of the zombies behind it; go through the door to trigger a cutscene.

The new enemy - called a Shrieker - quickly runs away, and you can leave it be for now. Various zombies will climb over the fence; be on the lookout for one holding a fire extinguisher. Shooting it amidst a group of zombies is especially helpful here. As you continue, more zombies leap out of the cabins, and the Shrieker might be on its way back already. Its scream attack is difficult to avoid, so you’ll want to down it ASAP with your shotgun and perhaps a remote bomb. Looking things from the bright side, it is worth 1000 skill points.

With all enemies out of the way - or perhaps you’re running from them, which is fine as well, go through the door at the far end of the walkway and inspect the locked gate. Head upstairs and boost Helena to the other side. Naturally, several zombies flood the area, so prepare for some head popping and jaw dropping. Your position isn’t too bad, actually. There’s an explosive barrel on the left side of the fence that you can blow up, in case you wanted to. After killing the first (nearby) zombie, simply prevent any others coming upstairs and kill the one after the other. Helena will soon have the gate unlocked, allowing you to continue.

Head through the door to enter a bar. There’s a [ WOODEN BARREL] behind the counter.

$$$item 1626

As you walk around the bar counter, look to your left. The emblem is laying on the shelf on your left side, not too far from the ‘sprouls’ machine.

Go outside to meet up with several other survivors. Various enemies surround the area, including a Shrieker. You’ll want to kill him first (with your shotgun), although there’s plenty of room to kill zombies as well. When the gas starts to leak, quickly shoot it from a distance to trigger a scene. Be sure to collect items from the [ WOODEN BARREL x2 ] before you continue; they’re nearby the cars in the alley. Head through the gate when you’re ready.

Head down the street and enter the gun shop. The survivors are fighting off the zombies from here. Search the area to find [ 9MM AMMO x2 ], [ INCENDIARY GRENADES x3 ], and a [ FIRST AID SPRAY ], then help them keep the zombies away. After a few minutes a cutscene will play. At this point, a new horde of zombies will approach the room, including a new type of skinless zombie that is called Bloodshot. Their leap is lethal, so be sure to dodge it; grab your shotgun and dispose of them as fast as you can. After clearing the area, which takes a little while, the gun shop owner lets you come upstairs.

Look around for a [ RED HERB ], [ 9MM AMMO ], and also [ 12 GAUGE AMMO ] in the desk, then prepare to fight another horde of zombies. With the crowd thinned out, head into the next room and immediately search the desks for [ 12 GAUGE AMMO x2 ] and a [ GREEN HERB ]. An fat zombie (aptly named Whopper), along with several regular zombies soon enter the room. Place a remote bomb in the opening of the door and head inside the other room; trigger it when the fat zombie passes. Needless to say this greatly hurts him, as do incendiary grenades. Alternatively you can empty your shotgun on him.

With all the enemies killed, head into the next room and turn left before going upstairs. There are [ INCENDIARY GRENADES x2 ] in this small storage room. Go upstairs and grab a [ REMOTE BOMB ] left of the door before going outside. Here, a cutscene takes place after which you’ll be forced to fight a large group of zombies, including a Bloodshot and a Whopper. Some zombies have canisters on their backs that you can shoot. A remote bomb can also come in handy. As soon as you get the chance to escape the area, quickly drop down and enter the bus. Inside, equip your shotgun and start pumping lead into the head of the Whopper outside, but be sure not to get hit too often by other zombies, including acid attacks. Once you kill the Whopper, a cutscene plays and the chapter ends.

This gives you a chance to purchase skills. You’ll want to at least purchase a defensive upgrade, especially if you’re playing on higher difficulties. Other than that, damage upgrades (against zombies) are good to have as well at this point.

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