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Chapter 4: The Simmons Investigation

Rank Accuracy: Allowed Deaths: Completion Time: Enemies Killed:
A 70%> 2 7+
B 60-69% 5 75-90 minutes 5-6
C 50-59% 9 90-110 minutes 3-4
D 9+ >110 minutes

Trivia: During the scene, the TV’s display Chris pushing the cameraman away.

After watching the scene it become apparent you’ll have to fight a Lepotitsa.. that’s just great. Be sure to first collect the [ LIGHTNING HAWK ] magnum from the dead pilot, then search the area to find [ .50 ACTION-EXPRESS MAGNUM AMMO ] on both sides of the plane (somewhere near the devices on each wall). Emptying your magnum on the Lepotitsa will definitely do the job, just make sure you don’t miss a single precious bullet of it. You can run around the back to escape its dangerous grab, which instantly causes the dying status (unless its interrupted by your partner). [By the way, Leon, you’re going to investigate a bioterrorism attack, you’re expecting chaos, and still you don’t bring along your own magnum plus that little, tiny, precious box with 200 bullets for it? Oh boy. Not to mention that little tiny box of pills and herbs, containing several hundred of ’em? Ah, customs you say? Fair enough. Now I finally understand what those ‘herbs’ are all about.] After defeating the Lepotitsa, head downstairs.

$$$item 1635

Move through the passengers cabin and look for a [ GREEN HERB ] in the small office in the middle of the plane up ahead, then move through the next passengers cabin. The office up ahead contains another [ GREEN HERB ] on a table in the corner. Head downstairs and open up the metal suitcase right in front of you to find [ 5000 SKILL POINTS ]. The cabinet to your right can be smashed, revealing another [ GREEN HERB ] as well as ..

$$$item 1636

Open the next door by turning the valve. Inside the plane’s tail, look for a [ FIRST AID SPRAY ] on the far left side of the area, nearby one of the canisters. Turn the valve on the right side and the Lepotitsa appears again. Don’t bother wasting any ammunition on it; it’s invincible this time. Have your partner distract it while you smash the red box on the wall (across the valve), revealing the lever for opening up the back of the plane. Pull the lever and everyone is sucked out of the plane. You’ll have to climb your way back now. This is done by holding both trigger buttons, then releasing the left one and holding it again, releasing the right one then holding it again, releasing the left trigger and holding it again, etc, etc. Make sure to avoid the cargo box as well and you should be fine.

Head back upstairs and prepare to (naturally) fight the people who were all turned into zombies by breathing in the gas. Leon and Helena also breathed in the gas, but they are lead characters so that doesn’t count. Before removing the debris out of the way with your partner (somewhere in the middle of the plane), look for [ 9MM AMMO ] on the table next to the dead lady. In any case, head back to the cockpit, it’s flying time!

Leon Gameplay

Look up and input the correct button prompt twice. The look to your right and quickly pull the lever by repeatedly pressing the button. Do this fast. Lastly, steer up by once again pressing the button repeatedly.

A series of scenes plays, then a boss fight commences.

Boss Battle: Ustanak

Ustanak's Attacks

  • KICK: Ustanak’s kick is a short range attack and isn’t very dangerous. You’ll want to avoid getting too close to Ustanak to prevent him from hitting you with it.
  • FOOT CRUSH: If you get close to Ustanak he’ll crush you with his foot, temporarily trapping you. He follows this up with a kick.
  • ENCAPSULATE: Ustanak can detain a character in the capsule on his back. Rescue your friends by smashing Ustanak (using the partner button), otherwise they remain imprisoned (indefinitely).
  • GRENADE BLAST: Ustanak can shoot at you and your friends after he’s switched to his grenade launcher. Avoid standing still and you should be fine.. mostly.
  • GRAB/THROW: Ustanak grabs you (or one of your partners) and throws you/them at someone else. Both people are hurt by this, and he’ll keep this attack through all stages.
  • CLAW GRAPPLE/EXTENDED CLAW GRAPPLE: Two versions of the same thing, Ustanak will grab you or one of your partners with his claw arm and detain them for a short amount of time, until they either break loose or are rescued by someone else.

After the fight (naturally) the teams split up again by force. Move through the walkway and smash the [ WOODEN CRATE x5 ] before proceeding.

The Market

Follow the path and head around the corner. Here you can kill a chicken if you wish, only useful for filling out your kill list. Indeed there is trouble up ahead, in fact you’ll soon find out it’s one of the most hideous creatures in the series and this time I’m not kidding. Head down the street and head right (inside the building) to inspect a body.

$$$item 1637

Move to the far back of the building to loot [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ], and also take note of the (locked) door near the body (it’s a shortcut).

Head down the street and you’ll soon reach a locked door with three separate locks. It is at this time that you’ll run into a Rasklapanje (a name derived from a Serbian word that means ‘dismantling’). These guys continue to live after being shot into two separate parts, they can drop their hands as separate enemies, and they regenerate their body parts and themselves continuously. In other words, they cannot be killed for good. There is a way to at least temporarily rid yourself of these nuisances though, and that is to get some inspiration from John Carpenter’s The Thing. And that, to say the same with different words, means to blast this thing in half and drop a well-thrown incendiary grenade on it. This should prevent it from regenerating for a small 2 minutes; better than nothing.

You’ll mostly want to run from these bastards though; should they get a hold of you, they’ll impregnate you in the tightest and most painful sense of the word. Yes, Sherry got impregnated by her father via the mouth (it’s a long story; go play Resident Evil 2), but these creatures are quite something else.

Trivia: If you pick up any of Rasklapanje’s dismembered hands nearby an oven, your character will throw it in, burning it to ashes.

Head right and visit the butchery to find a [ WOODEN CRATE ]. Head around the corner, go down the street and look for a [ WOODEN BOX ] to your right, and another [ WOODEN BOX] to your left. Proceed and a body will drop down nearby a ladder. Unlock the nearby door first (don’t go through), then move to the end of the corridor (past the ladder) and collect the [ STORAGE KEY B ] from the body. Unfortunately, this spawns another Rasklapanje. We’re about to get another Serpent Emblem, so it’s a good idea to finish off all Rasklapanje down here. It’s worth it for the emblem (plus all the items they drop!).

Destroy the Rasklapanje and then climb the ladder. Up ahead you’ll be able to boost Helena over onto a further rooftop. After you do (or before… it really doesn’t matter…) it’s emblem time!

$$$item 1638

Drop down after you’ve nabbed the emblem.

Go back to the far end of the market (right turn from here), take a left turn and wait for Helena to unlock the door. Should the creature(s) attack you, avoid them or shoot them in half. If you have any incendiary grenades left, now’s definitely not a bad time to use them. While you’re ‘waiting’ in this place anyway, you could also check out the room in the back of the fish store in the corner. Here you can find a [ RED HERB ] and a suitcase that contains [ 2000 SKILL POINTS ].

Go through the unlocked door, head right, climb the ladder and move to the far left end of the roof to find a small metal suitcase with [ 5000 SKILL POINTS ] inside. Head back (you’ll probably need to shoot the creature(s) now), drop down and look for a [ GREEN HERB ] across the street (near the red light), as well as a [ WOODEN CRATE ] nearby. Unlock the red door here with your partner to find the [ STORAGE KEY C ]. If you have trouble finding it, simply use the LB/L2 button to get a clear display route where to go. This spawns another Rasklapanje.

Head back through the door that was opened by Helena just now and you should be back on the square with the fish store. As you’ve probably noticed, there’s an electrifying door here. Fortunately the lever to shut it off is closeby; it’s in the small room left of it. Kick down the door with your partner to find the [ STORAGE KEY A ]. You can find some [9MM AMMO] in the garbage, and there’s a [ WOODEN CRATE ] in the room with the hanging fish.

To summarize (and for players who are looking only for one specific key), these are thus the locations of all three keys (starting point being the door with three locks, standing with your nose in front of it):

A: Head left, go past the fish store around the corner and notice the electrifying door. The lever is in the small room next to it. Flip it, unlock the door together with your partner and grab the key from the body.

B: Go right, head around the corner and make your way to the end of the corridor. Walk past the ladder to your left and you’ll notice a body that has the key.

C: (From starting point): Go right, head around the corner and make your way to the end of the corridor. Climb the ladder , boost Helena to the other side and drop down. Turn right to move back to the door with three locks. Turn left, go past the fish store and wait for Helena to unlock the door in the far back. In the unlocked area, kick in the door (use your marker if you have trouble finding it) and find the key inside the small room.

With all keys in hand, return to the locked door. Unlocking it takes some time, and you must kick it in together with your partner. In the next room another Rasklapanje shows up and you’ll have to wiggle for your life - twice! Make sure you press the right trigger on time as well and you’ll be fine. Exit the market through the double doors at the end. A scene will play.

In the server room, head downstairs and go through the door to reach a laser room; this should look familiar if you’re a fan of the series. Dash to the elevator while sliding underneath the laser beams; there’s an opening in the middle or left/right sides of it that you can slide through (which makes you wonder.. why?).

When the door finally opens, proceed through the monitor room and destroy the grate in the back to crawl through the opening. Simply follow the walkway to the end now.

After the scene, head into the room to your right (at the end of the walkway) to find a [ FIRST AID SPRAY ]. Go downstairs and look around for [ WOODEN CRATES x8 ] in total. Head through the door in the back and make your way to the gate for another scene.

The Train

Head through the first two cabins; in the third, grab the [ 9MM AMMO x2 ] and [ 5.56MM NATO AMMO ] from the bench to your right. There’s also a [ RED HERB ] on the left side a little further down the cabin. Climb back on top when you’re ready.

After Simmons transforms, collect the [ 9MM AMMO ] and [ 5.56MM NATO AMMO ], then unload a few clips in him. Back in the cabin, move back and grab the [ 5.56MM NATO AMMO x2 ] and [ 12-GAUGE SHELLS ] as you run away. Emptying your machine gun on him is quite a good idea with all the ammo lying around. He’ll transform into his human form temporarily after you damage him enough. Shoot him until he kneels down. At this point, run up to him to perform a special melee attack on him.

The basic idea is to stay the hell away from him, but that basically applies for every dangerous foe. After hurting him he’ll climb on top of the cabin and runs to the other side. If you can manage to have a doorway between him and you, it’ll give you more time to unload bullets on him. There are [ 9MM AMMO ] and [ 12-GAUGE SHELLS ] further ahead, should you need them.

After you damage Simmons enough he’ll climb and stay on top of the train. Give Helena a boost and have her hoist you up, then empty your guns on Simmons. This triggers a scene, and Simmons grows bigger (dun, dun, Transformers time!).

Quickly dash to the back of the second train as Leon and leap back to the main train; then a final command needs to be inputted. Simmons is now running alongside the train, shooting .. things at you. Take cover and shoot whenever he stops doing so.

He has a claw attack as well, so don’t stay out in the open. Keep damaging him and he’ll rip parts of the train off, until he finally enters the train. A button input leads to the next sequence where he’ll run towards the train with great velocity. Quickly grab your rifle and shoot him, otherwise the train derails. If done successfully, a scene plays. After this, simply head up the stairs for the closing scene of the chapter.

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