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Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Nathan Garvin
Editor(s): Nathan Garvin
First Published: 25-03-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:30 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 26-08-2019 / 10:08 GMT

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Legendary Weapons

Sword Missions (Nurn)

Bane of Shadow

Location: Nurn, Cab-Gwanath Bluff

Reward: 400 XP, 550 Mirian (+50 Mirian)

Objective: Kill the 3 Elite Guards

Bonus Objecive: Kill 25 Uruks

"No stronghold was safe from his onslaught. He charged headlong into Executioner’s Watch to cut down the warriors manning the Dark Lord’s war machines."

A wonderfully simple mission that tasks you with killing three "Elite Guards", with bonus points for killing 25 Uruks in general. The Stronghold areas to the north are all alerted, so expect a ton of Uruks to hamper you. That being the case, you may be better off starting out with a stealthy approach, eliminating the odd isolated Uruk to make progress towards the bonus objective, and killing the Elite Guards as you find them. No need to fight through an endless horde of Uruks if you don’t need to. Also, any Captains that would be located here normally will show up during the mission, possibly complicating matters. If you want to ensure as easy of a mission as possible, eliminate them, first. As for the Elite Guards… they’re nothing special, just marked Uruks of various types hanging around different spots-two can be found in the Maw of Hope area, and one lurks in the Executioner’s Watch. The eastern and northern most ones are the easist to kill, but the south-western one is in the middle of the fort, and likes to hide under a tower, so save him for last.

Power of the One

Combat Brand Uruks and turn them on their allies (left) then dispose of your enslaved Uruks (right).

Location: Nurn, Fort Morn

Reward: 400 XP, 500 Mirian (+50 Mirian)

Objective: Make 10 Uruks kill each other by branding them

Bonus Objecive: Combat Drain 5 Uruks

"His power struck such terror and awe into the hearts of his enemies that The Dark Lord’s forces turned against each other."

Simple enough, just head over to the arena, pick a fight, build up a Hit Streak, and hit (X + Circle) to Combat Drain (aka, Combat Brand) an Uruk. Do this to five Uruks to satisfy a bonus objective, and to complete the main objective, let your Branded Uruks kill ten other Uruks. Once the main objective is complete press the (Down) button on the D-Pad to kill all your Branded Uruks and complete the mission.

The Dark Rider

Make a Caragor yours (left) and feed five Uruks to your new pet (right).

Location: Nurn, Celon Poros

Reward: 400 XP, 450 Mirian (+50 Mirian)

Objective: Kill the Uruks to stop the executions

Bonus Objecive: Kill 5 Uruks with Caragor Bite Attacks

"As the servants of the Dark Lord prepared to execute their prisoners, the Dark Rider was upon them without mercy."

Haven’t we done this before? Whatever, you know the drill-mount the Caragor, which is provided for you, then ride around and kill three groups of Uruks within the time limit. Bonus Mirian for killing five Uruks with bite attacks. Just try to kill the more troublesome Uruks with ranged attacks before biting the remaining Uruks with your Caragor, to reduce wear and tear on your steed.

The Red Tide

Kill five groups of Uruk Guards (left). While doing so, perform Combat Finishers on two Uruk Defenders to complete a bonus objective (right).

Location: Nurn, Nurnen Peninsula

Reward: 400 XP, 500 Mirian (+50 Mirian)

Objective: Clear the docks of the Uruk Guards

Bonus Objecive: Melee Execute 2 Defenders

"He went deep behind enemy lines to strike the docks at the Sea of Nurnen. The waters ran red with the blood of the defenders."

A gloriously simple mission-there are five groups of Uruks you have to dispatch, each with five members. In each group is one Uruk Defender, two of which should be executed to satisfy a bonus objective. Don’t make the mistake of assuming these are the only Uruks you can encounter, though. Once you’re done killing, you’ll be tasked with fleeing the area, oddly enough.

They Shall Not Pass

The easiest way to stop Torchbearers is to shoot them in the head (left). Chuck some Uruks off the bridge to complete a bonus objective (right).

Location: Nurn, Tol Crossing

Reward: 400 XP, 550 Mirian (+50 Mirian)

Objective: Let no Uruk Torchbearers cross the bridge

Bonus Objecive: Throw 3 Uruks over ledges

"Holding the bridge on his own, no enemy could cross. As the battle raged, bodies filled the span and tumbled into the darkness below."

A horde of Uruks will try to cross the bridge, including Defenders, Warriors, and Hunters. At generous intervals, a Hunter "Torchbearer" will show up and, unlike the rest of the Uruks, try to run across the bridge. They are marked as objectives on your minimap and glow yellow in Wraith Vision. Honestly, the best way to kill them is to shoot them with your bow. You won’t get much help in the Elf-Shot department, so Combat Drain and certain Runes will come in handy, here. The bonus objective is to throw three Uruks off the edge of the bridge, which you should do as the opportunity presents itself. All in all, it’s not a hard mission, especially if you have a way to replenish your Focus and Elf-Shot regularly.

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