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Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Nathan Garvin
Editor(s): Nathan Garvin
First Published: 25-03-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:30 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 24-08-2019 / 07:36 GMT

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Questing Udun

The Outcasts

The Outcasts

There's no love lost between the Outcasts and the Uruks, as this grisly trophy shows (left). Follow Hirgon and collect the herbs you'll need to poison the Uruk's Grog (right).

"Hirgon has a plan to draw the Black Captain’s attention to Udun, but he is going to need more men to accomplish it. Infiltrate the Uruk stronghold and free the Outcasts."

It’s time to return to Hirgon and help him and the Outcasts. You’ll find his hideout in the northern part of the Barrows of Udun, in a cave hidden behind a rock. Hirgon will gloat over a trophy, but Talion is less impressed. The unfortunate Uruk, however, revealed the location of some blasting powder, which the Outcasts seem terribly interested in. Hirgon hooks Talion by telling him he’ll take him to the Black Hand… which of course means we’re going to be helping Hirgon advance his schemes. Follow Hirgon and he’ll reveal more to you. He needs to free his men to get the blasting powder. The blasting powder will (hopefully) draw out the Black Hand. Talion is only too eager to kill some Uruks, but Hirgon suggests a more nuanced approach-hit the Uruks where it really hurts. Spike their grog. He’ll also babble on about his wife, which appears to be his real motivation for this expedition, but first, we’ll need to acquire some poison.

Hirgon will eventually lead you to a camp, where you’ll be tasked with finding three poisonous herbs. Use Wraith Vision to see them glowing yellow in and around the camp. Don’t be afraid to bleed a few Uruks. Once the herbs are collected follow Hirgon again and he’ll lead you to The Black Road, where you’ll be tasked with finding two more herbs at another Uruk camp. Dispatch anything hostile nearby, then harvest the herbs before continuing on. Hirgon will continue to talk, discussing dubious Outcast strategies, and questioning Talion about his reaction to Hirgon’s desertion. Eventually you’ll reach a site in Southern Udun Pass where you’ll be charged with pickup up three more herbs.

Follow Hirgon again for a short distance. Your immediate goal is to reach the Uruk’s Hollow, to the north. Once there you’ll be tasked with sneakily poisoning five Grog Barrels, which are marked on your map. Along the way, stealth kill 5 Uruks to satisfy a bonus objective. If you get detected, you’ll fail the mission, so be sneaky isn’t really an option here-it’s mandatory. The first two (eastern-most) Grog Barrels are near a wooden bridge with stone supports. These supports have cracks in them you can slip through, which should make it pretty easy to poison the Grog Barrels nearby. Be wary when you poison a Grog Barrel, as this will attract nearby Uruks to come have a drink. Vacate the premises quickly, wait for the Uruks to fight it out, then kill any stragglers. After those two are spiked, you can find two more Grog Barrels along the southern ledge of this area, and the final one is to the north… somewhat in the open, but after systematically poisoning the previous Grog Barrels, most of the Uruks should be gone.

The effects of the poison we used is quite heinous (left) but out of all the carnage, a happy reunion was secured (right).

When they’re all poisoned Talion tries to rescue Eryn-Hirgon’s wife. She reacts poorly, but Hirgon shows up for the happy reunion, and Talion walks off into the night. Alone.

Completing this mission will automatically earn you the Poison Ability. If you perform a "Feast" Power Struggle, poison the Grog, and have a Captain drink it, you’ll get the Trophy/Achievement "Black Celebration".

Reward Bonus Objective
600 XP 50 Mirian

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