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Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Nathan Garvin
Editor(s): Nathan Garvin
First Published: 25-03-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:30 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 26-08-2019 / 10:05 GMT

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Exploring Udun

Udun Crossing Forge Tower

Udun Crossing

Herbs Artifacts Ithildin
Lothrond Pickaxe Erio o thelaith gurth
Blue Milk Basket Fragment

To get to our next objective-the Udun Crossing Forge Tower, we’ll have to either run west through the Southern Black Road, or the West Garrison areas, the latter of which is a stronghold. Or… we could just fast travel back to the Udun Crossing Forge Tower and head south-west. Either way, Iet’s assume you can set a waypoint and follow it to the destination well enough on your own. Reforge the tower to reveal more of the map-we’ll have three more legendary weapon missions unveiled (two of which we can actually complete now), three Ithildin to find, and four Artifacts.

Starting with the Udun Crossing area head south-west to find a cave, outside of which is the "Nameless Things" Sword Mission. We’ll need to advance the story and obtain the "Wraith Flash" ability before we can start this mission, so ignore it for now and head inside the cave, where you’ll find Uruks running a mining operation. They’re assuming the relatively enviable position as overseers, of course, and using human slaves for labor. There are also some Lothrond and Blue Milk herbs down here, in case you need more for a Survival Challenge. There’s no reason you shouldn’t have acquired the herbs required to reach Survival Challenge 6 , since the last few areas all had the herbs we were looking for. To complete the sixth Survival Challenge you’ll need to find three Elgaran (orange cross) and three Earthbread (green arrow)… which are also pretty common.

Shoot the vulnerable wall (left) to smash it, which will allow you to claim the Pickaxe Artifact (right).

Anywho, clear the Uruks out of the cave and head down a passage to the left to find a compromised wall that can conveniently be destroyed with Elf-Shot. And why not? If you can cause an explosion by shooting a campfire, you can obviously destroy a boulder with ghost arrows. Beyond this rock you’ll find the Pickaxe Artifact. If you’re following this guide to the letter, you’ll also earn the "Paths of the Dead" Trophy/Achievement here.


The next two objects of interest are close to each other, both near a bridge that connects this area to the plateau upon which the Udun Foothills Forge Tower is located. First up is the Ithildin "Erio o thelaith gurth" , which is in some ruins just south of the bridge. You’ll find this rune above an intact arch, below a square window. The next item of interest is the Basket Fragment Artifact, which lies under the bridge. More specficially, it’s in some bushes under the southern-most support arch.

Southern Black Road

Blue Milk

The next area, the Southern Black Road, is somewhat less interesting. It lies east of Udun Crossing, and contains only one significant objective-the Bow Mission "The Storm of War" , which is really just a mounted archery tutorial. If you have the "Ride Caragors" ability, you might as well give it a go to earn some easy Mirian and get yourself some mounted experience.

West Garrison

Herbs Artifacts Ithildin
Blue Milk Musty Tome Tri laich
Lothrond Horned Helmet Nathadhir edwegennin

More Artifacts lie in the West Garrison, including the Musty Tome (left) and the Horned Helmet (right). Unfortunately for our own safety, Talion is too cool to bother with helmets.

From the Southern Black Road head… well, south, to reach the Western Garrison. This is the smallest, yet busiest area revealed by the Udun Crossing Forge Tower. There are two Artifacts, two Ithildin runes, and the Dagger Misison "The Wraith" . You’ll find two Ithildin and an Artifact pretty much lined up in a row along the eastern part of the West Garrison. The nothern-most one, the Ithildin "Tri laich" can be found on a worked stone wall under a short wooden bridge. From this Ithildin continue south and head underneath a wooden structure to find the Musty Tome Artifact. Keep going south the reach a wall and climb some wooden scaffolding to find a second Ithildin rune "Nathadhir edwegennin" .

Follow the southern edge of this area east, climb some slave cage to reach elevated ground, then continue east and climb a tower to find another Artifact, a Horned Helmet . Now follow the western edge of this area north to find "The Wraith" Dagger Mission, which is another source of easy Mirian, and a fine test of your "Strike From Above" Ability.

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